Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Best Amazon Dupes for Nordstrom Sale Items

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Yes, I know everyone is sick and tired of hearing about the Nordstrom sale.  It’s in your face on social media constantly, it’s the only thing fashion bloggers have been covering on their blogs, and the craziness has been going on for several weeks now.  But hear me out.

Due to all of this hype, lots of the items sold out very quickly which means many people weren’t able to purchase what they wanted from the sale.  This year seemed to be the worst ever for quick sell-outs, so out of curiosity I turned to my trusty rusty Amazon to see if they offer anything similar to some of the most popular items from the sale.

Y'all!  I ended up finding so many great dupes – for way less money than the Nsale prices! – that I decided to devote an entire post to it... even though I'm just as sick as everyone else is of hearing about it.  Haha. 

This cami flew off the shelves within minutes, but the Amazon dupe looks pretty darn good for a fraction of the cost.

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $25.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $16.99

Free People Citrine Textured Cotton Blend Top

I cannot get over this find!!  The Amazon dupe looks almost identical to the real thing!  And the price point is insanely better considering the top is so basic.

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $44.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $18.99

This top sold out in black and white stripes almost immediately when the sale started so I didn’t have a chance to grab one.  However, this dupe from Amazon is yet another less-expensive find!

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $24.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $14.99

I have this top in black with white stripes, and I tried to snag it in white with black stripes, but sadly, it sold out before I could get to it.  I found this dupe on Amazon, and you actually get two tops for only $20.

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $15.90 for one
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $20.00 for two

I love the simplicity of this top, but I love the price on the Amazon dupe better.  I actually own the Amazon dupe, so I can tell you firsthand, that it’s awesome!

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $31.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $17.99

I actually snagged one of these in the sale, but I wasn’t able to get my true size.  If it doesn’t fit, I’ll be heading straight to Amazon to grab one of these to try.  I can’t vouch for the quality of the Amazon find yet, but it has good reviews!

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $31.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $26.99

This was another piece that was wildly popular, and is no longer available at Nordstrom, but I have to say, I think I actually prefer the print and the overall look of the Amazon dupe better!

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $45.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $28.99

This cardigan is not technically part of the NSale, but it’s so cute that it caught my eye.  It’s so pricey, though!  This Amazon dupe and this Amazon dupe are way less expensive and they are every bit as cute!

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $40.80
Amazon Price (buy it here and here) – $24.88 and $21.99

These camisoles are awesome because you can wear them one way like a v-neck, or you can turn them around to wear them with a scoop-neck.  Well, I found these camis on Amazon and they offer the same thing!  For less money!

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $20.90 for one
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $22.99 for two

This dress has been popular for years now, but it’s a bit pricey for what it is.  I actually found this dupe on Amazon earlier this year when I ordered it for our annual benefit ball, and I loved it so much.  The quality of the dupe is AMAZING and there’s no way I’d buy the original when there’s a dupe that exists that is this good.  I ended up not keeping my dupe because I ended up going with a totally different floor-length gown, but I can’t recommend the Amazon dupe version enough!

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $58.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $29.99

Ah, the ever-popular Zellas.  I love mine.  However, I do not love the price… even the sale price.  I found these dupes on Amazon a couple of years ago and I can tell you, these are every bit as good as the Zellas.  The only difference I noticed was that my Zellas are slightly higher on my torso than the dupes, but the dupes are just about as comfortable.  I do own two pairs of the Zellas, but I also own a pair of the dupes that I wear as well.  I figured that helps lower the average cost a little.  Haha.  So if you’ve always wanted a pair of Zellas, but don’t want to spend the money, these Amazon dupes are for you!

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $38.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $25.99

I love the color of these Zellas from the sale and guess what?  They have a similar shade in the dupes on Amazon as well!

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $42.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $24.99

These sold out almost immediately during the sale, and I was crushed because I had considered buying a pair.  Y’all know I love hearts!  I turned to my beloved Amazon and, although, I wasn’t able to find anything identical in color, I was able to find a pair of joggers with hearts on them and they are equally as cute!

Nordstrom Sale Price (buy it here) – $25.90
Amazon Price (buy it here) – $19.99

Finally, the famous Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Lite Circle Cardigan that sells out immediately every year… well ladies, I had hoped for my sake (and yours) that I could find a dupe on Amazon, but sadly, it doesn’t seem to exist.  The best part about this beloved cardigan, supposedly, is how cozy and wonderful it feels when you wear it, and I just couldn’t provide a dupe for this one since I’ve never experienced it first-hand.  As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even able to find anything that looked remotely like one of these.  Sorry for letting you down, friends! 

And duplicating fashion gods, if you’re reading this, please, please find a way to make a dupe of this one!  Haha!

So what do you ladies think of my finds?  Pretty great, right?

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  1. Ohhh I love the dupe for the Free People top! And I agree - I prefer the Amazon leopard cardigan, too! It sure would be nice if they could make a cardigan similar to the Barefoot Dreams one - you cannot beat the softness, but the price really is hard to swallow. Especially because I would love another style, but I feel like since I already have one, it's hard to justify another!

  2. This post is amazing! I love all the dupes you found!

    1. Thank you! I was shocked at how many items I was able to find that were almost identical to Nordstrom's!

  3. You did so good with these!! Some of them I even like better from Amazon, too. And I bet the shipping is quicker ;)

  4. Not gonna lie....I have always loved the Nsale but this year has been frustrating as hell. So many items gone before I even logged on at 2pm!! And my order from the first day is just now arriving today. That's crazy to me.

  5. Excellent job!!! Some of these look exactly the same! Amazon has everything these days haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. You are AHHMAZING!!! You did such fabulous homework my friend. Isn’t it amazing how close these are! I am Gaga over Amazon!

  7. When in doubt - head to Amazon LOL! BTW I have those amazon leggings and they are INCREDIBLE! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. You found some great dupes girl! I haven't given Amazon fashion a try yet, but I need too.

    1. Oh yes, you definitely do! I've been buying about 50% of my clothes on Amazon lately. They literally have everything. Except for a Barefoot Dreams cardigan dupe. Haha.

  9. I love a good dupe. Thanks for finding these!

  10. Im always down for some good dupe has been my new go to for clothes now.

    Please stop by at every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for linkup parties! 
    Hope to see you there!
    Grace Liang

  11. This is amazing! Visiting you today from the welcome wednesday link up.

  12. This is such a great idea for a post! The Nordstrom sale gets so much instagram and blog attention, but to me the deals really just bring the prices down to something I MIGHT consider paying. There are so many better deals at Amazon, Walmart, etc. Great finds! I have heard good things about the Amazon Daily Ritual brand!

  13. By the way, you should link this post to the Prime Purchases link up on Aug. 6th. :)

  14. Love all the dupes!! Thank you for sharing!


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