Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Monday, everyone!  And a happy Monday, indeed, as we only have a two-day work week over here and then it’s BEACH TIME!!!!  (Although, it’s supposed to storm the whole time we’re there, so I probably need to take the excitement down a notch, or five.) 

This weekend was pretty great.  Friday night, I had yet another birthday celebration, this time with Brian’s Dad and his sister and her family.  We went to Red Robin for dinner where I got the biggest burger I could get my hands on (probably not the best idea since I’m going to (hopefully) be in a bikini later this week), and then we went back to his house for cookie cake (yes, more cookie cake) and to let all the kids play together.   

Saturday was one of those perfect days from the get-go… Just one of those days where everything comes together nicely, everybody is happy, everybody is well, and we all enjoy each other’s company.

It started out with both kids sleeping in until 7:30 which is quite a rarity these days… they each sleep in this late fairly often, but hardly ever at the same time.  This means that I usually get up with them on Saturdays so hubs can sleep in, and then hubs gets up with them on Sundays so I can sleep in.  And usually on my day to get up with them, I have to jump out of bed like there’s a fire drill since I’m trying to get to whoever’s awake before they start hollering and waking up those who are still sleeping.  Since they both slept late, Brian and I actually awoke at the same time, and then we piled the babies in our bed for some family snuggle time.  It was nice to wake up sloooow for once.  Olivia greeted us with her usual duck face, and Jacob joined in for kicks. 

Usually on Saturdays we hang around the house most of the day until church at 5:30, but we decided to go out and do some exploring around town since there was a break in the loooong week of rain that we had.  It wasn’t sunny, but at least it wasn’t raining!  We had breakfast at Panera, where Jacob ate a cinnamon roll the size of his head, and I had my beloved cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese.  If you haven’t tried it, you must!  Any day that starts out this way cannot be a bad day. 

Doesn't everybody duck face while they eat breakfast?!
After breakfast, we went downtown to our market where locals sell their produce, baked goods, handmade items, and art.  It’s absolutely fabulous!  Everyone lines the sidewalks with their booths and tons of people go to shop.  It’s so quaint, and such a neat way to find unique pieces for your home or for gifts. 

There also happened to be a Superhero 5k Race going on down there, so tons of people were dressed up like Superman, Batman, etc., and they even had The Bat Mobile down there.  Pure heaven for our superhero-loving little Jacob.  

After leaving the market, we walked down to the river to watch the white water rafters, and we even watched a couple of people zip line across the river.  SO.  COOL. (Although I don’t think I could ever do it.) 

After that, it was home for lunch, naps for the babies, and the usual DOALLTHETHINGS time for me. 

For dinner, we took the kids out for Mexican… Jacob loves chips and salsa!  Somehow during dinner, our wedding came up in the conversation, and I came up with the idea to show Jacob our wedding DVD.  When I asked him if he wanted to watch it, he replied with an emphatic, “YES!” and then asked if we could have popcorn while we watched.  Lol. 
Dinner duck face!
 So we all went home and piled on the couch (minus Olivia – she couldn’t care less about watching TV yet) and shared with Jacob our very favorite day.  It’s so wonderful that we have this to share with our children… I would love to be able to watch my parents’ wedding, and I hate that they don't have theirs on video.  I thought for sure that Jacob would get bored and start playing or at least stop paying attention at some point, but he loved it!  And then Sunday morning he asked to watch it again.  Lol. 

Sunday morning we had some scary weather, tornado sirens, and all.  Luckily, the worst of the weather hit south of us, and we had the all clear by the time it was time to leave for lunch at Brian’s Mom’s.  It pretty much monsooned all day so we had zero time outdoors, but we made the most of our indoor time.  The kids sure do love that ball pit!

While Jacob and Olivia napped, I worked on archiving our old photos and videos.  Holy moly, is that going to be the biggest job ever – I have upwards of 60,000 photos and tons of videos, too. 

We did our usual Sunday evening dinner at my parents’ house, and the sun finally decided to make an appearance around 7 PM.  Way to miss the boat, sun.  I’ll forgive you if you promise to be present at the beach later this week. 


  1. How sweet that your little guy loved watching your wedding video. :) Oh and Henry has those same pajamas. They're so cute! Miss. Olivia's duck face cracks...QUACKS me up!! LOL! Okay, sad attempt at being funny... LOL!

    1. Hahahaha, that totally sounds like something I would say! :o)


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