Friday, December 7, 2018

Five on Friday - Recent Happenings + Faves

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We’ve been so busy lately and there are so many things I’ve forgotten to recap here on the blog, so today’s post is just going to be a random mix of things that we’ve been up to plus some other favorites. 

O N E – Favorite Christmas Purchases for the Kids So Far

B and I have been shopping nonstop (mostly online) for Christmas gifts for the kiddos, and we’ve found some great stuff for even better prices.  In no particular order, here are a few faves.

Olivia has been asking for “real jewelry” lately, so I have been on the hunt for a dainty little chain with a ballet slippers charm.  And since she wants “real jewelry” she’s going to need a place to keep it, so I found this sweet little jewelry box to give to her as well.  I decided to splurge a little and get something nice that can grow with her and hopefully this will be a piece that she keeps for a long time.  It has a little ballerina who twirls to the Black Swan theme song when it’s open and I just know she’s going to love it.  I had one very similar when I was her age and it was one of my favorite things.  And I thought it was especially perfect for her right now since she is loving ballet so much.

Jacob played on his cousin’s scooter nonstop when we went to visit back in October, so Santa Clause is going to be bringing this one for him.  I like that it has a wider base, two front wheels, and a t-bar handle... so much safer than the other scooters!  And it has almost 1,000 reviews on Amazon and it has five full stars so I have no doubt we’ll love it!

Santa Clause is also bringing a PlasmaCar!  Have y’all ever seen these?!  My aunt and uncle have one and they are SO COOL.  Our kids fight over it every single time we go visit.  The coolest part is that they support adults and hold up to 220 lbs. so Momma can take it for a spin, too!  These have over 4 THOUSAND reviews on Amazon with a 4.5 star rating so you really can’t go wrong.

Olivia is going to go nuts for this ride-on unicorn!  What kid doesn't have a stick horse at some point their your lives?!  This one was less than $20 and it has sound, too.  :o)

And finally, these Foam Pogo Jumpers are awesome, and also highly rated.  I love that they have a flat base so we don’t have to worry about the kids flying off of a regular pogo stick.  That also makes them okay to use indoors.  Now the kids will be able to burn energy indoors on rainy days!  They’re so cheap we got each of them one so they won’t have to fight over them.  Oh, and they support up to 250 lbs, too, so I’ll be taking these for a spin as well!  Ha! 

T W O – Hair Cuts

The kids got hair cuts back at the end of October and I completely forgot to mention it here on the blog.  Hair cuts for Jacob aren’t typically a big deal anymore as he has to have his cut every 8-12 weeks, but Olivia has only had hers cut twice in her whole life and both were just trims.  Well, this time I had my hair stylist chop a good 4-5 inches off because it needed it terribly.  She loves it and so do I… so few tangles now!



T H R E E – Plant Lady Status: Gold

Y’all, I’m so proud of myself.  I bought this Golden Pothos back during the summer, and to my delight, I noticed at the end of October that it’s officially cascading!!  This is a big deal because I usually kill everything or just barely keep it surviving.  This one is THRIVING and I’m just so tickled.  I know Golden Pothos are pretty impossible to kill and yadda yadda, but still.  Just let me have my moment!  ;o)

Since I’ve been doing so well, my Aunt Becky rooted a new plant for me and it’s doing well in our kitchen.  It’s a Purple Wandering Jew and I love it because it’s so different.  Fingers crossed I don’t kill it!

F O U R – Ed Sheeran IG Post

Ed Sheeran always takes a picture with the crowd from each of his concerts and posts it on Instagram.  We saw him earlier in November and I thought it was cool to know that B and I are somewhere in that picture he posted.  I put a little arrow about where we should be.  Hahahaha.  And Brian’s totally rolling his eyes at this.

F I V E – Quick Pics

The kids were off for Veterans Day earlier in November and on the way out the door, I asked the kids to snap a couple of pictures just because.  These two that Jacob snapped of Olivia and me turned out to be some of my favorites ever!  So sweet! 

I asked Olivia to snap some of Jacob and me and this was the best we got... and it’s extremely cropped and edited.  Lol.  He’s not about participating in picture-taking most days… he’d rather be goofing off.  Haha.

S I X – Dance Visit

Olivia’s dance studio doesn’t allow parents to watch the practices as it can be distracting to the kids, so we have no clue what she’s been learning or how she’s been doing these last few months.  Well, her dance studio has one evening each year where parents can observe and we were thrilled to get the chance.  B got off of work early to come with us and we watched her practice for an hour. 

Overall she did wonderfully and B and I agree that skill-wise and remembering the steps-wise she’s definitely in the top half of the class.  I was in awe watching her.  I think she may have finally found the extracurricular activity that suits her.  Third time’s a charm, I guess!

S E V E N – Winterfest at Our Local University

Our local university here in town does a huge Winterfest event every year and we have never attended until this year.  The night it was held was FREEEEZING so it made it even more festive.  We watched the tree and clock tower lighting first followed by the fireworks, and then we took pictures with Elsa, took pictures in a giant snow globe, and we let the kids play in one of the many bouncy houses. 

They had a snow blower, so the kids played in the “snow,” and they also had characters like Mr. Incredible and Elf on the Shelf, so the kids grabbed pictures with them, too.  We wrapped up the evening by picking up some candy cane craft ornaments to make at home.  The kids enjoyed it and we did, too, so this may go on the permanent Christmas bucket list.

E I G H T – My Procedure

I had my endoscopy on Wednesday last week and all went well.  My body handled the anesthesia well and the entire procedure took less than 30 minutes.  Afterward, the doctor told me that my esophagus looked great and that there were no signs of reflux, but that my stomach lining was a little inflamed which could be a sign of reflux.  He put me on a daily reflux medication so we’ll see how that goes.  I spent the rest of the day snuggling on the couch with Maui and alternating between sleeping and watching Hallmark movies.  It was nice to have a lazy day since I so rarely take those for myself.

The nurse called me this week to say that my biopsy came back normal and that there were no signs of cancer or bacteria or infection or anything like that so I was given a clean bill of health!  That’s definitely a good thing, but it just makes the whole reflux/breathing issues a little more baffling.  The doc said that just because the esophagus isn’t showing signs of reflux, doesn’t mean that I don’t actually have it, and he still thinks that is likely what’s causing my problems.  I guess at this point only time will tell if the medication is working.

N I N E – Kissing Ks

One of Olivia’s teachers sent these pictures to me last week while she was at school.  Each child was asked to bring in a tube of lipstick so they could “kiss their Ks.”  Well, y’all, my little girlfriend LOVES her some lipstick and she is constantly asking to wear mine, so she was SO excited about this assignment.  She came home looking like The Joker played by Heath Ledger, but she sure did enjoy it.

T E N – Christmas Event at Brian’s Work

B’s work has a tree lighting event every year, and last year and this year they have had characters for the kids to meet.  This year they had the PJ Masks characters so we knew we had to go!  The kids got to visit with Anna and Elsa, Owlette and Gekko from PJ Masks, Black Panther and his sister, Shuri (I had to look that one up!  Haha), Mickey and Minnie Mouse (and I have to say, Minnie looked a little wacked out), and Superman.  After their character visits they got to grab cookies and stop by the candy bar to fill their little bags with goodies.

E L E V E N – SEC Championship Day at School

The kids’ school let them come dressed in Georgia or Alabama gear the day before the SEC Championship Game and they sure weren’t going to miss their opportunity to be out of uniform!  They enjoyed being able to represent at school… even if we did end up losing the big game on Saturday.  :o(

T W E L V E – An Old Picture

My aunt texted this picture to me the other day… I was probably five or six years old there and she was probably 19 or 20.  She was always like a big sister to me growing up (and she still is) and I love seeing old photos like this!  Check out my jelly shoes… I sure have always loved fashion!  ;o)  Oh, and how much do I look like Olivia here?! 

Yowza, that was a lot of catching up!  Enjoy the weekend!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Christmas Bucket List 2018

We have a lot of Christmas traditions in our family so our Christmas Bucket List looks very similar from year to year.  I know it may seem redundant to you readers who have been following along for a while, but I still like to post these each year so the kids can look back on them one day and see how our traditions changed or stayed the same throughout the years.  We do always try to add in a few new activities each year to spice it up, though, so there will always be something different!

Our 2018 Christmas bucket list looks like this… 

O N E – Transition from Dark Red and Gold Decorations to Red and White Decorations

I have decorated our house the same exact way pretty much every year since we moved in nine years ago.  The primary colors I have always used are dark red and gold.  Over the last few years, I have started changing out the dark red for true red and the gold for white, and this year I want to complete the transition. 

T W O – Ramp Up Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Last year, the kids begged for more outdoor lights (at the time, we only put them around the front door) so we obliged and added some icicle lights across the front porch.  Well, this year they have been talking non-stop about wanting more lights and one of those big blow-up lawn decorations and in the words of Olivia, “If we don’t get a blow-up, we’ll just die!”  Dramatic much?  Lol.  Well, this year is the year we’re going to cave… more lights and a 9-foot Santa it is!  Just give us a few more years and we’ll totally be on Clark Griswold’s level.  ;o) 

T H R E E – Give Back

Our church always puts up a Christmas tree in the commons area with requests from local families in need.  We always like to pull a boy and a girl from the tree and shower them with gifts.

F O U R – 2nd Annual North Pole Breakfast

We held our first North Pole Breakfast last year and it was such a hit that we decided to make it a regular tradition.

F I V E – Winterfest at our Local University

Our local university puts on a huge winter celebration each year and we’ve never attended.  This year is our year to check it out and try something new!

S I X – Christmas Tree Lighting for Brian’s Company

We have attended this for years and years so it’s a staple on our Christmas Bucket list.  I told y’all you’d see a lot of the same things.  ;o)

S E V E N – Celebrate 11 Years Married

We don’t usually do anything major for our anniversary, but we do try to have a day o’ fun together while the kids are at school.

E I G H T – Breakfast with Santa

Our church and school family put on a great Breakfast with Santa event each year and this will be on our list as long as the kids want to keep going!

N I N E – Watch Georgia Play in the SEC Championship Game

Once again, our Dawgs made it to the SEC Championship game.  Unfortunately as I’m posting this we already know the outcome (and it wasn’t what we wanted) but for the sake of the bucket list, it’s going to remain because we are proud to have made it to the championship once again!

T E N – Christmas Tree Lighting Downtown

Our city puts on a great Christmas kickoff celebration each year, and we will be in attendance again this year.  Fun fact, Brian and I have been attending this event since way before our kids were even born.  This will probably be our tenth or eleventh year going?  Maybe even more?

E L E V E N – Show Home Alone 2 to the Kids for the First Time

We have seen lots and lots of Christmas movies in our household, but I realized earlier this year that we had never shown Home Alone 2 to the kids.  It was always a favorite of mine growing up, so our kids must see it as well.  Plus, Jacob is obsessed with all things New York City, so I know he’ll especially appreciate it.  In addition to watching Home Alone, we will, of course, watch all of our other faves – Love Actually, The Santa Clause, Home Alone, Elf, etc.

T W E L V E – Ramp Up Our Elf on the Shelf Game Yet Again

Our beloved elf, Cheek, will be here for his sixth year, I think?  In the past he’s always been pretty lazy, either sitting in one spot for days on end, or just moving from night to night.  Last year he started getting into some shenanigans and I want to keep that going this year.

T H I R T E E N – Annual Girls’ Scarf & Ornament Exchange

My group of girlfriends is dwindling since we just lost another one to a big move, but the four of us remaining gals still plan to carry on the tradition.  We went from about 12 or 13 girls at our biggest party to having only 4 girls this year, but I’m sure we’ll still have a great time.  And Katie, we’ll miss you so much this year!

F O U R T E E N – Fantasy in Lights

There is a place called Callaway Gardens here in Georgia and we always like to make the drive to see Fantasy in Lights there.  It’s a five-mile ride on the jolly trolley and it’s always so, SO much fun.  Last year we never made it on the trolley so we ended up driving through ourselves AFTER Christmas.  This year I want to go before Christmas, and get back out there on that trolley!  That is truly the way to experience it!

Fun fact, this has been a tradition in my family since I was a little girl.  Fantasy in Lights made its debut in 1992 when I was just ten years old, and I’m pretty sure our family has gone every single year since it opened. 

F I F T E E N – Drive Around and Look at Lights

The kids have been begging to do this since we saw our very first Christmas lights just before Thanksgiving.  We had to explain to them that we have to wait until closer to Christmas because not everyone puts their lights up in mid-November.  Lol.

S I X T E E N – Visit with the Mall Santa

Both of our kids have seen the same mall Santa since they were born and the tradition will continue this year.  I hope that guy sticks around for many years to come.  We just love him.

S E V E N T E E N – Indulge in at Least One Peppermint Mocha

I have to say, the Peppermint Mocha is my FAVORITE coffee treat… even more so than the Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I know.  That is a big deal, y’all, because you know how much I love my PSL.  And while I’m trying to stay away from the ‘Bucks as much as possible since we’re all about saving money these days, I do allow myself to have a treat every now and then… especially this time of year. 

E I G H T E E N – New Ornaments for Each of the Kids

Every year we get our kids new ornaments… usually something having to do with something that happened during the year. 

N I N E T E E N – Send Out Christmas Cards

I know a lot of people think that sending paper mail is beyond outdated, but there’s just something special about opening the mailbox and receiving a card from a loved one.  And it’s especially wonderful this time of year!  Such a fun way to spread some Christmas cheer!

T W E N T Y – Christmas Eve Childrens’ Mass

It’s one of my favorite hours of the entire year on my favorite day of the entire year.  Pure magic!

Can we all agree that Christmas/holiday/winter bucket lists are the best bucket lists?!  Let’s get this party started!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

What I Wore - November Recap

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Well, November went by in a flash!  Goodness gracious, where does the time go??  I swear, November was one of those months where I blinked and it was gone.  I have a feeling December will go even faster… such a shame since it’s my favorite time of year.

Here are all of my looks in November.  You may notice that I wore these boots over and over.  They are THAT good so they are always my go-to shoe for cold weather.  They are comfortable and warm and they're under $30 right now, too.  :o)   

One other thing to note, the off-the-shoulder pinstripe top I wore on November 9 is now on sale for just $8!

As always I've linked all available clothing items underneath each picture in case you see something you like!

November 1 - Leggings 

November 2 - Hunter Boots

November 3 - 

November 4 - Swing Dress

November 5 - Zella Leggings

November 6 - It's Fall Y'all Tee // Hunter Boots

November 7 - 

November 8 - Adult Native Shoes 

November 9 - Boots

November 9 (evening) - Off the Shoulder Top

November 10 - Zella Leggings // Boots

November 11 - Adult Native Shoes

November 12 - Hunter Boots

November 13 - Zella Leggings

November 14 - 

November 15 - 

November 16 - Boots

November 17 - Zella Leggings // Boots

November 18 - Adult Native Shoes // Olivia's Native Shoes

November 19 - It's Fall Y'all Tee // Adult Native Shoes

November 20 - Boots

November 21 - 

November 22 - 

November 22 (evening) - 

November 23 - Boots

November 24 - Boots // Olivia's Native Shoes

November 25 -

November 25 (evening) - 

November 26 - Zella Leggings Dupes

November 27 - Boots

November 28 - Zella Leggings Dupes // Boots

November 29 - Boots

November 30 - Zella Leggings Dupes // Boots

Happy Tuesday, y’all!  

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