Friday, April 19, 2019

Five on Friday - Gingham, Stress Test, Super Hero Picnic, and Birthday with My Girls

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Hey y’all!  Happy Good Friday!  The kids are off today and Monday for Easter weekend so we’re going to soak up all of the goodness that a four day weekend brings.

But first, some favorites!!  I have a whole bunch of ‘em today so settle in!

O N E – Peppermint Oil, You the Real MVP

Back in March, I thought I was having a heart attack and I ended up being admitted to the hospital.  Well, after tons of testing and coming away with a clean bill of health, I visited a cardiologist to discuss my episode with him.  He immediately informed me that he was almost positive that I had an esophageal spasm.  He said they feel exactly like heart attacks and there’s not really any way to tell the difference between the two. 

Once I discovered that’s what I had, I started researching them online, and every single article I’ve come across online says that Peppermint Essential Oil can be used to lessen the effects or stop them all together.  Well, I just so happened to have Peppermint Essential Oil since I recently bought my starter kit with Young Living, so I knew I would keep that on hand in case it were to happen again. 

Well, the Monday after my first spasm, I started to feel another one coming on, so I immediately rubbed two drops on my neck, chest, and behind my ears, and wouldn’t you know within 20 minutes it started to go away.  I’ve had several more instances since then where I felt them coming on, and I’ve slathered Peppermint Oil on every single time, and every single time they have subsided within minutes. 

In addition to helping with that, I’ve also been using it for aid with my allergy and asthma issues, for headaches and tension, and to keep my weird stomach in check and it is simply amazing.  It’s, hands down, my favorite EO and I literally never leave the house without it anymore.  To get your hands on some, click here for more info.

T W O – And Speaking of Heart Attacks…

My cardiologist was pretty certain that I’d had an esophageal spasm, but he wanted me to do a stress test for my heart just to be thorough and safe.  I finally had the stress test this past Monday and things went well.  They told me I’d be on the treadmill until my heart rate got up to 155 and, let me tell you, they had to crank that thing UP to get my heart rate that high.  They kept increasing the speed and increasing the speed until I was trucking!  They kept asking me if I was okay and if I could go a little longer and I felt totally fine other than being a little short of breath due to my asthma. 

Overall, the whole process took about three hours… they had to start an IV and inject some dye into my body so they could see my heart.  I had to wait about 30 minutes for the dye to spread, and then I had to have a mini MRI so they could get pictures of my heart.  Once my pictures were taken, I did the treadmill portion, they gave me a snack, and then they had to do another mini MRI to take pictures of my heart again. 

I went for my follow-up on Wednesday and the doc said that the results were in and I have a perfect, healthy, efficient heart!!!!  Praise the Lord!  It was exactly the news I had wanted, so I’m a happy girl.  Now we know for sure that my episode back in March was an esophageal spasm, and I’m just praying that my Peppermint oil keeps any possible future ones in check.

T H R E E – Gingham

Did you see my post on Wednesday?  I’ve been gingham obsessed my whole life, so I am thrilled to see that it’s going to be on trend this summer!  On Wednesday I put together a post with some gingham items for everyone in your family and there is so much goodness there.  Please send one of everything to my house!  Hehe.

F O U R – Snakes

You know what’s not my favorite this week?  The four foot long snake that was in our back yard last week.  Because it came back again this week.  Twice.  Yep, you may have seen on my IG Stories last week that we had a four foot long visitor right in our back yard next to the porch.  B discovered that it was non-venomous and that it was a “good snake” AKA it eats all of the unwanted rodents and such, so he left it alone.  I repeat.  HE LEFT IT ALONE.  Whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy though?! 

Well, sure enough that little bugger came back this past Tuesday evening AND Wednesday evening and I pretty much want to burn down the house.  It slithered into one of the weep holes in our brick both times so B couldn’t get to him which means that HE’S STILL OUT THERE, Y’ALL!!!!  I CAAAAN’T.  I told B the next time we see him, he’s going to be a dead snake.  I can’t take knowing he’s out there lurking.  Especially since we have small kids and a teeny tiny dog that he could probably eat for dinner (even though B swears he couldn’t).

F I V E – Freckles

I snapped this picture of my Boo a couple of weeks ago and it’s one of my favorites because – those freckles.  I think his freckles are one of my favorite things about him.  I love this boy so much!

S I X – Baby Birds

Brian discovered a bird’s nest with eggs in it last week in the wreath on our front door.  Last week, they hatched and we had the sweetest, tiniest baby birds for a couple of days.  However, about two days after they hatched, they disappeared.  I doubt they were old enough to fly just yet, so I’m worried something got them.  They also happened to disappear the same day we saw the snake.  WAAAAHHHH.  I know it’s the circle of life and all, but it’s still sad.

The kids did get to see them before they disappeared and they were both in awe.  We were careful not to touch them or disturb them because we didn’t want the mother to abandon them.  I’m praying they just learned to fly at a very very young age.

S E V E N – Father’s Day Superhero Picnic

Since the kids are out for summer during Father’s Day, our school celebrates the dads in April.  They had a superhero picnic last week and it was the sweetest thing!  B and Olivia wore their Superman shirts – Olivia borrowed one from her brother :o) – and they did all kinds of fun relays followed by a picnic lunch of hotdogs grilled by some of the dads. 

The weather was incredible and it was just an all-around fun event.  We have so many more events planned at the school over the next few weeks so I’m going to be living at that school!

E I G H T – Our Little Artist

Jacob has taken an interest in drawing these last few months and his skills absolutely amaze me!  He drew these characters by hand just looking at their pictures in one of his books.  I’m thinking he may have gotten his Pop’s artistic talent.  :o)

N I N E – Haircut for Maui

Since things have finally warmed up for good around here, we took Maui for her spring hair cut.  She’s all nice and soft and her hair is short and she smells so good and I just love her so much.  Our sweet first baby.

T E N – Ladies Night

My friend, Jeannine, and I had a joint birthday celebration together (her birthday is on the 25th) with all of our girlfriends on Wednesday night.  We opted for Bonefish because we were all craving martinis, particularly their Hawaiian Orchid Martinis.  We had a couple of rounds of those followed by gifts and dinner and it was a wonderful evening catching up. 

There were six of us there, but three had left by the time we remembered to snap a picture, so only three of us made it in the photo.  Whoops!

E L E V E N – Recipes

My friend, Emily, posted this recipe for Roasted Pesto Sweet Potatoes the other day and I’ll be making it ASAP!  It looks amazing!  I’ve been searching for sweet potato recipes lately since they’re just so good for you, and I’ve been looking for recipes other than the standard cinnamony ones.  This recipe is so unique and I love that it’s more of a savory one.  Man, do I love me some pesto!

Also, my friend, Missy, posted this recipe for Zucchini Beef One Pan Low Carb Casserole that sounds amazing as well!  Just look at all that cheese!  And it only dirties one pan!  Yes, PLEASE.

As if this post isn’t already long enough, I have some funnies before I go!  

This one never gets old, y’all!  Prepare to see it everywhere next week!

Happy Friday, y’all!

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Confessions {4.17.2019}

It’s time for another round of confessions!  Here we go!

I confess…

… that I let things ruin my mood too much.  I’m so easily affected by the vibe around me that I let negativity from others rub off on me.  I need to remember to just focus on me no matter what’s going on around me!

… that I completely failed at my Lenten promise this year.  I said I was going to give up negativity and worry, but then we were bombarded by all kinds of crap – massive tornadoes hitting our area, my whole heart attack ordeal, horrible allergy and asthma issues that left me unable to function some days, and a couple of other things that I haven’t shared.  I feel like I was truly put to the test for making that promise, and instead of rising to the challenge, I failed miserably.  That said, I’m a constant work in progress so all I can do is continue to work on my reactions to the negative things that happen in life.  Here’s to focusing on the positives in every situation!  I think I can, I think I can.

… that next year for Lent, I should probably just stick to giving up sweets or something like that instead.  That was hard when I did it the year before last, but at least I was able to stick to it!  I guess I set myself up for failure with my promise this year. 

… that I may or may not have cried a little when I saw all of the coverage of Notre Dame Cathedral burning on Monday.  It is one of the top places on my bucket list to visit and I’m so incredibly sad that I never got to go.  I’m so thankful that they were able to save all of the relics and artwork, and that they think they can rebuild, though.  Did you know that The Crown of Thorns that was placed on the head of Jesus is kept there?  Thank goodness they were able to save it!!  It would have been an absolute tragedy if it had been destroyed. 

… that I cringed a little when we found out that the kids’ summer break this year is one whole week longer than last year.  I’m excited to have an extra week without the hustle, but I also think we’ll all be on each other’s nerves by then.  By the end of last summer, our kids were both bonkers, so an extra week off could be rough.  They thrive on structure, and summertime definitely lacks that now that I’m not working.  I guess I’ll just be in GET THESE KIDS OUT OF MY HOUSE mode for an extra week.  Lol.   

… and speaking of getting on each other’s nerves, our kids have surely been getting on mine lately!  I’m pretty sure they have spring fever or end-of-the-school-year fever because they have both been OFF THE CHAIN lately.  I feel like I’ve constantly had the song y’all gon’ make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here stuck in my head these last few weeks.  Anyone else?!

… that I always wait until the last possible second to get in the car line to pick the kids up every day.  I can’t stand waiting, so I’m not one to get there early and just sit until they’re dismissed.  Instead, I arrive about five minutes after they’ve dismissed so that way the car line is already moving.  This means I’m usually in the last ten cars each day, and some days I’m even rolling in on two wheels just to make it in time.  That said, our school is small, so the car line is quick once it starts moving.  The kids are always in my car within 10-12 minutes of dismissal so it’s not like they have to wait a long time or anything.  #ImNotThatCruel 

Alright y’all, that’s enough for today! 

Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Gingham Love for the Whole Family

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My love for gingham has been going strong since I was a little girl.  One of the first comforter sets I had was pink and white gingham and it was one of my favorite bedding sets ever.  I’ve had various gingham tops and accessories throughout the years, and in junior high my best friend and I were obsessed with Gingham perfume.  Do y’all remember that?  I think it was made by Bath & Body Works in the early 90s? 

Well, gingham is going to be all the rage this summer, AND I AM HERE FOR IT!  It’s technically never gone out of style in my book anyway.  To me, gingham is classic and has always/will always be a staple in my closet… probably because I’m from the south.  <3 

I’m so excited for all of the extra hype this year because that just means that there are lots of new, fun gingham pieces available to shop!  J Crew, for one, is TEARING IT UP and they are having a MAJOR sale right now.  Most items are already marked down + you can get an additional 50% off of many of them on top of the sale prices.  Here are some of my favorite finds for the season, a lot of which are from J Crew!


I have been eyeing this dress for weeks.  It is absolute perfection and it's on suuuuper sale today... the dress is currently 28% off and you can get an additional 50% off of the sale price with the code SALEUPGRADE.

I received a couple of Amazon gift cards for my birthday and I ordered this dress below... kind of reminds me of Dorothy's dress in The Wizard of Oz!  And I just so happen to have my very own Toto.  ;o)

This wrap dress is perfect for a day in the office, an evening out with your hubs, or a beach trip… so versatile!

I’m loving how cheery this dress is from Old Navy!  Pure sunshine!

Another Old Navy pick… love this blue and white!  So fresh and clean!

This top from Amazon is darling and only $14.99.

Another great Amazon find!  I would love this one for football season paired with a chunky red necklace!

So I had a pair of shorts almost identical to these when I was probably 12 or 13 and they are giving me all the feels and bringing back aaaallll the memories! 

This pencil skirt is perfection and it would be the perfect spring addition to any closet.

THIS COAT, Y’ALL!!!!  That is all.

I’m regretting not seeing this swim suit before I bought my other one… the back is gorgeous.

I love the simplicity of this swim suit… another great find!

This scarf is currently sitting at the top of my wish list for fall.  You may see this again on my Christmas wish list if I don’t purchase it before then.

Y’all know I love some fun shoes and I love everything about these… the block heel, the ankle strap, and the gingham… of course.  :o)

How fun are these studs?!  They come in lots of different colors and are so affordable at just $4.50 each.  They would make great gifts!

And finally, I have officially found my next Pop Socket!!!!  When my current one wears out, this one will be mine!


There’s just something about a gingham button-down shirt on a guy that gives me all the heart eyes!  Perhaps that’s why B has a few like this one in his closet…

And when it comes to gingham button-downs for men, I love any color, but the pastel-y and bright colors like this shirt will always have my heart.

Bow ties are another Southern staple, and a gingham bow tie like this one?  Well, it doesn’t get much more Southern than that… well except for maybe a seersucker bow tie.  ;o)

And if you’re not a bow tie kind of guy (but why wouldn’t you be?!), you can get neck ties in gingham, too.  :o)


This dress might be the cutest little girl dress I’ve ever seen in my life!!!!  The gingham.  The ruffles.  The straps that tie.  I die. 

And I’m loving this purple and white gingham and the back of this dress!

Another cute find… this dress is perfect for a beach trip!

This dress is on its way to our house for Olivia as we speak!

Oh to have a tiny baby girl who could fit in this precious romper!  Carter’s was my #1 place to shop when the kids were really small and I can pretty much guarantee Olivia would own this if she was younger than 24 months and could fit into it.

And OMG these tiny shoes for baby!!  Can I please get these in my size??

Cutest little gingham bows on these flats for girls!


Jacob has owned his fair share of gingham as well.  As a matter of fact, he currently has a shirt almost identical to this one hanging in his closet right now.  I love pink gingham on guys!

I love the mixed colors on this shirt. 

The bright green gingham on this top gives me all the Easter feels.

Jacob had several gingham rompers similar to this one when he was small.  He better be glad they don’t make him in his size anymore because I’d still be trying to dress him in them.  Just kidding.  Well, kind of.  Hahahaha.

This shirt is en route to our house for Jacob as we speak!  It’ll be perfect for Easter and the BEACH!!!!

So tell me, are you a gingham fan?  Are you as excited for this summer trend as I am?! 

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