Friday, April 21, 2017

Five on Friday – Favorites

This week was a short one since I was off, but it was seemingly long so I’m glad to see you, Friday. 

Some favorites from this week…

O N E – Jacob’s School Easter Egg Hunt

Jacob was out for several days for Easter break, so his school always does their Easter egg hunt when they return.  This year, each child had to bring 12 stuffed eggs, and then all were hidden and scattered in a woodsy area to the side of one of the buildings on campus.  The kids were turned loose with baskets in hand to retrieve eggs and they were each allowed to pick up 12.  That way each of them were able to go home with the same number of eggs.  At Jacob’s school each of the kindergartners are assigned to a fifth grader, or a “kinder-keeper” as they call them.  The kinder-keepers are there to guide the kindergartners throughout their first “real” year of school… they sit with them at church each week to make sure they behave, they hang out with them during many school activities throughout the year, and they basically help them adjust to the school atmosphere. 

The kinder-keepers were there at the hunt to help the kindergartners find and keep track of how many eggs they were finding.  The entire hunt took all of five minutes – those kids don’t mess around! – and then it was time for lunch.  The school allowed the parents to bring fast food for lunch as a special treat, so I picked up Chick-Fil-A on the way to the school for us to eat together.  We all spread blankets out in the grass in the shade of a few trees and picnicked together.  Afterward, the kids had treats that a few of the parents had brought in, and then it was time for the parents to head back to work so the kindergartenrs could go… practice for kindergarten graduation.  <INSERT ALL THE SOBBING EMOJIS HERE>  I’m so not ready for this.

T W O – Olivia’s Spring Concert

Each year, Olivia’s school puts on a concert performed by the two year old classes.  Brian and I loved every second of Jacob’s concerts when he was there, so we were very excited to see Olivia at her first one this week.  Jacob has always been very shy, so when he gets on stage to sing in front of an audience, he pretty much always stands there, barely moving his lips, and hardly participating in any hand gestures.  Haha.  Totally takes after his mommy and his daddy.

Olivia, on the other hand?  Well, let’s just say that we may have an actress/singer on our hands.  She was such a little ham!  She sang her little heart out and very dramatically did all of the hand motions.  It was a hoot to watch and she certainly looked comfortable on stage.

They performed ten songs with hand motions (which is a ton for a two year old to remember) and they did such a fantastic job!  It was just darling!  You may have seen a couple of snippets in my Insta Stories.

T H R E E – Pro Mother Son Dance Pic

The weekend before last Jacob and I went to the mother/son dance at his school and the professional pictures are now in!  Just wanted to share them here.  You can read more about the dance here.

F O U R – Linktree

Several people have mentioned Linktree recently, so I had to look into it.  Basically, it’s a free online service that lets you compile multiple links into one single link that you can use in your Instagram profile.  Therefore, instead of just having one specific link in your profile, you can now have links to several different ones.  For example, my Linktree points to my blog, my Facebook page, my Pinterest page, my Twitter profile, and Bloglovin'.  Or you could have it point to several different blog posts if you wanted to go that route!  It was incredibly easy to set up and it was very user friendly.  It literally took five minutes from start to finish and now my followers on Instagram can find me across all social media platforms in the click of a button.

F I V E – Shoe Faves

Did you guys see my post about my favorite sandals for summer this past week?  I'm sharing nine of my favorite pairs and they are all under $33!  Well, all but one pair.  ;o)  Click here to see the whole post!


And finally, I suppose this one isn’t really a favorite, but it could have been if it had happened to me! 

Did you guys see all of the coverage about the poop themed birthday party that went viral this week?  Dude, I was so bummed when I saw that because do you guys remember this post?  I totally did it first!!  And mine didn’t go viral.  :o( 

When we threw that party for Jacob there was nothing like it on the internet.  I Googled and Pinterested until I was blue in the face, and I couldn’t find anything out there where anybody had thrown a poop themed party.  Well, now someone else has done it and gone viral so ours is no longer the first one that comes up in the Google search.  Guess we missed the boat on that one!

But hey, if you’re trying to potty train your child and they’re just not getting it, check out our story here.  It was the one thing that finally worked when nothing else did. 

Or if you’re planning a poop themed party in general, feel free to click here as well… the decorations alone are well worth a look!

Happy weekend!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Letter Board Files

I’ve had my letter board for almost three months now and it’s no secret that I am head over heels in love with it!  It has its own hashtag on Instagram, so I thought that it was only fitting to give it its own post on my blog.  :o)

I have actually taken to using this lately rather than drawing on my chalkboard.  The chalkboard designs take a lot of time, and lately that’s something that I just haven’t had much of, so the letter board still allows me to create (and have a little fun) without using up too much precious time.  

Here is the first quarter with my letter board…

My very first letter board to announce that I had... gotten a letter board.  ;o)

A letter board for Valentine's Day

Another one for Valentine's Day, and my favorite one to date.  That quote is from my favorite movie, Love Actually.

Random Sunday morning letter board

Brian's birthday

National Margarita Day with my ladies!

Olivia's birthday

A little bit of Tuesday morning motivation for you

Lindsay's Sweet World blog anniversary!

Productive day

Another productive day

After getting home from a weekend getaway

More birthday celebrations for me


And there you have it!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more letter board creations… I’m sure I’ll be posting a ton more in the coming weeks!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday Wish List – Sandals for Summer

My name is Lindsay and I’m a cliché because, like most women, I love shoes. 

As far as fall and winter attire go, I love closed-toe flats and boots and all that, but there’s just something about summer when aaaallll the sandals come out that makes me want to buy everything.  And I probably already have enough shoes to hold me over for the next thirty years, but that’s beside the point.

Here are some of my favorites for summer... and before I show them to you, can I let you in on a little secret?  All of these are from Target and all but one are under $33.  Can you guess which ones aren’t?


Which ones are your favorite?  I’ve already mentioned several hundred times on the blog that these are my absolute favorite.  I wore them all weekend this past weekend and my feet felt just fine Sunday evening because they are just so darn comfortable.  And for the price, well, you might as well buy them in black and taupe.  That’s what I did! 

A girl can truly never have too many shoes. 

Although I’m sure my husband would be happy to play devil’s advocate for that argument.  ;o)

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter 2017

Another amazing weekend in the books!  I was off Friday and Monday so it was a long one.  Grab a cup of coffee and settle in because it’s going to be a long post!

Friday morning Jacob and I headed to Starbucks and Target to grab a couple of things, and then we headed to grab B from work before heading to Olivia’s school for their annual Easter Parade.  Each of the classes dresses up as something different, and Olivia’s class dressed as angels.  So sweet!
As soon as her class came out, we paraded around the block with her, and we stopped along the way to take a few pictures.  After the parade, we headed to Olivia’s class to get her ready for their Easter egg hunt.  She ended up getting a lot more eggs than we thought she would… when she first started, she kept picking them up and then taking the time to open them.  All the while we were yelling, “Stop looking in the eggs!  Just go pick up as many as you can find!”  Lol.  She eventually got the hang of it, and she came away with about as many as we had brought.

After the egg hunt was over, I decided to go ahead and bring her home so she could spend the rest of the day with Jacob and me.  We dropped B back at work, and then headed to our favorite playground downtown by the river.  The kids played for a good long while, and then we headed back to B’s work to pick him up for lunch.  We had pizza at one of our favorite places, and my Father-in-Law met us there as well.

After pizza, Olivia was exhausted, so we headed back home for naps and quiet time.  She was so exhausted she ended up falling asleep within five minutes on the car ride home, which, of course, ended up messing her up.  I tried to transport her to her bed while she was still asleep, but she, of course, woke up and then had trouble going back to sleep. 

Friday evening we decided to stay in.  B picked up Cracker Barrel veggies for dinner, and then we popped some popcorn, snuggled under a blanket, and settled in to watch Zootopia.  It was so cute!!  I laughed out loud several times.  There were several jokes in there for adults.

Saturday we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned!  The kids and I cleaned up the living room, play room, Jacob’s room, and Olivia’s room, so the entire house was spotless.  Meanwhile, B mowed and edged the front and back yards, so the outside of the house was just as clean and beautiful as the inside!

Since the kids cooperated so well cleaning the house, we then spent the rest of the afternoon dyeing eggs.  This year we did them out on the back porch so it was less stressful, but I still think I had ten heart attacks watching them with all of that dye!  And this year we used a different tray so the colors mixed together and most of the eggs came out army green.  Oh well, next year we’ll go back to the individual cups!

Since we were going to church on Sunday for Easter, we had a free night Saturday night.  We took the kiddos to the playground near my MIL’s house that we love so much.  It’s in the woods so the majority of it stays shaded pretty much all day long.  B and I sat on the bench and chatted for a good long time while the kiddos played. 

We had Five Guys for dinner and then we headed to Lowe’s to grab some ferns for the front porch.  On the way back home we stopped by my FIL’s house so he could give the kids their Easter baskets from him, and then we headed home to get ready for Sunday morning.  We bathed the kiddos and laid everything out for Easter morning, and then B and I binge watched a couple of shows after the kids went to bed.

Sunday morning we got the kids up and headed straight downstairs to find their Easter baskets.  Jacob found Maui’s first, followed by his, and then Olivia found her own in the front sitting room.  The kids sorted through their goodies, and then it was time to have breakfast and get ready for church... and sneak a few pics in on the way!

Our Easter masses are always packed, so we arrived 45 minutes early for the 10:30 mass.  I was worried about the kids misbehaving since they would be sitting for an hour and 45 minutes as opposed to the typical one hour that they’re used to, but they both did fantastic.  It was an Easter miracle!

When church got out, we immediately snapped loads of family pictures, and Jacob refused to open his eyes for any of them.  He has super sensitive eyes, and he flips out in the natural light.  Hence the reason for his faces in all of these.  Haha.

We headed to my MIL’s next and had a delicious lunch – ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, pineapple casserole, corn casserole, Brussel sprouts, homemade rolls, key lime pie, and apple pie – the works!  We all stuffed ourselves silly and then burned off as much as we could by hiding the hundreds of eggs for the hunt.

Jacob and Olivia both racked up at the hunt.  We always put dollar bills and a couple of five dollar bills in the eggs, and my MIL even does a $10 golden egg, so all of the kids had tons of cash.  Haha.  Jacob found one of the golden eggs and he made $47 total!!!!  That’s insane!  Olivia ended up coming away with $12 I think?  Not too shabby for an Easter egg hunt.  I’m thinking that next year I should join them… $47 would buy me three of my favorite Old Navy swing dress!  Hehe.

Once the hunt was over, we headed out to go over and visit with my family at my aunt and uncle’s house.  Olivia fell asleep in the car again (as we were hoping she would this time) and B sat out in the car with her for a few extra minutes after we arrived so she could get in her full 20 minute power nap.  We were worried about her since she always has to take a 2-3 hour nap each day, but she ended up managing just fine on 20 minutes.  I was shocked.

We left my aunt and uncle’s house around 4 and then ran by my parents’ house to pick up Easter baskets from there, and then it was home to relax.  I was originally going to work on my recap post for Monday, but we were all just having such a great time that I didn’t want to give it up, so instead we opted for loads of time on the back porch.  Olivia styled my hair with her new hairdryer and curling iron, B and Jacob worked on his new Lego sets, and then we made a cheeseboard for dinner since B and I weren’t very hungry after eating that huge lunch.  We turned on some Shakey Graves and just relaxed with glasses of wine in hand for the rest of the evening.  It.  Was.  Perfection.

The kiddos were completely worn out from the events of the day, so both were asleep in minutes, and then B and I watched the movie Daddy’s Home with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell.  It was hilarious!

Monday Jacob was out of school, so he and I cleaned up from Easter, met B for lunch at Chipotle, ran a couple of errands, and hung out at the playground for a good hour or so.  It was so nice to have the extra day! 

Today it’s back to reality… boo!  But at least I have a short work week!  

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