Monday, January 22, 2018

Snow Day & The Weekend

This past Tuesday all of the schools announced they were closing Wednesday in anticipation of the winter weather that was headed our way.  Down here in the south when it comes to snow it’s hit or miss, though, so we all went to bed wondering if there would even be any snow on the ground the next day.

The kids were up bright and early the next morning to check, and lo and behold, we had gotten a TON!  So at 7 AM we all bundled up and headed straight outside before the sun was even up.  No breakfast first, no nothing… all they wanted to do was play in the snow! 

We ended up getting about 3-4 inches at our house and we had the good powdery real snow like you Northerners get… we never have that here!  Normally when it snows here in Georgia (and we only get it once every 4-5 years) it’s all wet and icy and you can’t really do anything with it nor do you really want to touch it because you’ll end up all wet.  This snow, my friends, was ah-mazing!  It was soft and powdery and glittery, and we could blow it out of our hands like confetti.  So.  Much.  Fun.

We let the kids play for about 20 minutes and then it was time to go in because it was dangerously cold… I think when we went out there the first time it was around 18 degrees and the wind chill was a mere 5.  That, friends, is something that we never see here. 

After breakfast and a little bit of cartoons, we bundled up once more and headed back out.  Olivia would have stayed out there all day if we had let her, but Jacob was ready to go in after about 10 minutes.  Lol.  Again, we weren’t able to stay out long because the temp continued to drop all morning and it was ridiculously cold.  Not to mention we’re just not equipped for weather like that down here.  Neither of our kids has a real jacket and only Olivia had actual waterproof mittens.  And I’m not really even sure why she had those to be honest with you!  Haha.

Another thing for all of you northerners to note is that we so rarely get snow here in Georgia that we don’t have salt trucks and shovels and scrapers, so when we get so much as a half of an inch it completely shuts down the whole city.  We wouldn’t have even been able to get out of our driveway if we wanted to.  They said on the news the next day that there were more than 100 car accidents just in our city alone because the roads were so dangerous.  I honestly don’t know why anybody would have even tried!

The rest of the day was spent snuggling on the couch trying to keep warm.  B was able to work from home and he kept a fire in the fireplace most of the day and the kids watched cartoons while I read and relaxed.

Late that afternoon the kids decided they wanted to get out for one last round, so B bundled them up and took them out while I cooked.  They made snow angels and ran around and I went out to join them for the last few minutes before dinner was ready.  As you can see I’m already sporting my pajamas and I never even put on makeup since we never had to leave the house!

The kids ended up being out of school the next day again for another snow day because the temps never got above freezing so the roads were still too dangerous to navigate that morning.  That meant we had another morning of snow playing and hanging out at home.  By lunchtime, the temps were in the 40s and some of the snow and ice finally started to melt so B went in to work and I loaded the kids up to get them out of the house for a few errands – an allergy shot for me and a Walmart trip! 

It was a wonderful couple of days unexpectedly spent at home, but I was SO ready for them to go back to school on Friday!!  When they’re home, my productivity levels plummet!  This summer should be interesting.  Haha.

Friday after school we decided to stay home.  B picked up pizza on the way home and then we had a family movie night.  We watched Inside Out and, y’all, it was SO GOOD!  Have y’all seen it??  I know we’re behind because it’s a few years old, but I LOVED it.  Probably one of my favorite kid movies I’ve seen in a long time!

Saturday morning we were up and out of the house early because Olivia had to be at her new school for next year for her Pre-K 4 assessment.  The teacher said that she made it through the assessment in record time and she did great!  She will be joining Jacob in the fall at my alma mater (and the school that is affiliated with our church) and I could not be more excited to finally have her there!  It’s going to be wonderful only having one pick-up and drop-off, and it’s going to be exciting to know that she and Jacob have each other and they’re both a one minute walk to my mom’s office (she works in the church office).  We love our church and school family so much and it really means a lot that both of our babies will be there together next year! 

After that we headed to the city library to load up on AR books for Jacob since he’s rolling right through them faster than he can go to the library at school.  After the library we went to the playground behind the library because it was 50 degrees and sunny!  Woo hoo!  A heat wave compared to what we had all week!

The rest of the day was spent working on Jacob’s 100 Day project for school, working in my office cleaning off my bookshelves, going to church, going to Mexican for dinner (I swear our kids would eat Mex for every meal if we would let them!), and then going to Dairy Queen for dessert!  Because naturally, the best dessert to eat when it’s freezing outside is ice cream.  Hehe.

Sunday morning we finished up Jacob’s project and then we headed to my MIL and step-FIL’s for lunch.  It was 70 degrees Sunday afternoon so we played out in the yard for a long time and soaked up the sunshine.  I think it was the first day I didn’t wear boots or tennis shoes in almost a month!  The kids made mud in Nana’s garden and it was hard to believe that it had snowed earlier in the week. 

Sunday evening we celebrated my uncle’s birthday at my parents’ house.  My momma made his favorite dish of hers – vegetable lasagna – and we had cake for dessert.

It was a great week followed by a great weekend with tons of family time, but now this Momma is ready for a normal week this week… we need to get back on a schedule!  It feels like we’ve just been running wild since mid-December!!

Here’s to a productive Monday!  

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Five on Friday - Faves

What a week!  We had two snow days this week and it actually snowed, like, a LOT.  Therefore, the kids were out of school Wednesday and Thursday so my productivity basically went out the window this week.  I’ll be recapping all of that for you on Monday, but in the meantime we’re rolling into the weekend with some faves…

O N E – These Storage Boxes

I’ve been working on purging and reorganizing the shelves in my office (there are a LOT of them) and the problem I have been running across is that some of my old diaries and scrapbooks that I am obviously not parting with were making my shelves look extremely cluttered.  I found these storage boxes on Amazon and they are perfect for wrangling everything and making everything look a lot less sloppy. 

The boxes are very sturdy and I love that they have lids so I can just close them up and nobody can see what’s inside!  They are a perfect fit for my Ikea Billy Bookcases!  (Best bookcases ever.)

They also come in several other colors in case these grey and white striped ones don’t meet your needs.

Here's what the shelf looked like before:

And here it is after!

T W O – Simplify 2018 Game is Strong

Well, it was strong until the kids were off unexpectedly two days this week!  Haha.  Tuesday I was able to get a good bit done in my office before the great Snowmageddon 2018 happened on Wednesday.  I cleaned out a lot of my craft drawers and got them reorganized and I also finished cleaning out my CD collection.  I still have to rip some of the songs from the CDs to keep in iTunes, but I’m loving having some extra space on my shelves!  Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram stories for the latest updates!  And if you missed anything, they are all recapped in my highlight titled Simplify 2018 in my Instagram bio.

T H R E E – These Baskets!

My entire office is decorated in pink, gold, black, and white, and I came across these gold wirestorage bins on Amazon.  How gorgeous are they?  My local Walmart has some that are almost identical and they are a fraction of the price, so I’ll be keeping them in mind in case I run into any needs for baskets.

F O U R – DMB Tour + New Album

Y’all know how crazy I am about Dave Matthews Band.  Well, they announced a summer tour this year along with a new album and I am bouncing off the walls excited!  They haven’t put out a new album since 2012, y’all.  That is SIX YEARS!  So I’m ecstatic!!  I know most of y’all probably don’t care, but for all of my DMB loving friends, here ya go!

F I V E – Target Valentine’s Day Goodies

As always, Target Dollar Spot is killing it with the holiday décor!  Valentine’s Day is not really one of my favorite holidays, but I sure do love decorating for it!  My favorite color is pink, and I love hearts so it’s obviously right up my alley.  They have some adorable stuff at the store right now and it took all of my self control not to buy anything the other day.  I’m trying so hard to be intentional with the things we’re bringing in, but there’s just something about Target that makes me want to throw that philosophy out the window and buy all the things!  Dang you, Target marketing department!!!!

Anyhoo, here are just a couple of the cute things I saw in our store…

This garland.

This candle.

Well friends, I hope you have wonderful weekends… I’m over here wondering how it’s already the weekend again since we just had a two-day weekend in the middle of the week!  

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