Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter White Cosmo (Bonefish Copycat Recipe)

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One of my favorite cocktails ever is the seasonal Winter White Cosmo that Bonefish carries in December.  They go down so smoothly, and goodness gracious, are they delicious!  As much as I love Bonefish, the $9 price point per drink hurts so this past Christmas I set out to learn how to make them at home.

I turned to none other than Pinterest for a copycat recipe, but didn’t have much luck.  I tried two different recipes that I found but neither tasted remotely like Bonefish’s, so I ended up pulling ingredients from two of the different recipes I had found and then tweaking everything to come up with an original recipe.  I think I was finally able to capture the flavor pretty well, and even if it’s not exact, it’s still so darn good!

Back at Christmas I posted the picture below of three of the drinks that I made on Christmas Eve on Instagram, and my direct message inbox started blowing up with people wanting the recipe so for all of you who were wondering, here it is! 

Use It

Martini glasses (I love these.)

Buy It

1 1/2 oz. cranberry vodka
1/2 oz. triple sec
1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
5 oz. white cranberry juice
3-4 cranberries to garnish

Make It

1.      Combine first four ingredients over ice in a shaker. 
2.      Shake and then strain into a martini glass.
3.      Garnish with cranberries.

This recipe makes one cocktail. 

One warning before you get started – finding white cranberry juice was tough.  I searched a couple of our local Publix grocery stores and couldn’t find it, nor could I find it at Target.  I finally found it at Walmart, and it was the Great Value brand (Walmart’s private label brand), not one of the main name brands, which was fine with me!  Also, they only had one left in the whole store, so apparently it’s not a common item to carry.  SO – if you decide to make one of these, don’t be surprised if you have trouble finding the juice.  BUT – if you do make these, the white cranberry juice is the essence of the drink, so I highly doubt that it would be anywhere near as good if you use a substitute.  Just an FYI.

I hope you all enjoy these yummy little cocktails as much as I do!  My Momma sure does!  

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Laid Back Long Weekend

Our long weekend kicked off with an awards ceremony at Jacob’s school.  They do one at the end of each quarter and as per usual, Jacob racked up!  He received awards for the following:

All Day Every Day (attendance)
Principal’s List (for having straight A’s)
AR Goal (Advanced Reader – he met his goal for the quarter)
Top Five AR in his class

We are so proud of him!

The awards ceremony was at the very end of school, and instead of me having to send him to the after school program and go back to work, I was able to just take him home with me right then and there.  Man oh man does it feel insanely good to not have to work during this season of our lives!  It made me so happy to see the look on Jacob’s face when I told him he got to just come home with me right then and there!

Jacob and I picked Olivia up from school to surprise her and then we all went home and watched a little bit of TV to unwind.  We don’t allow screen time during the school week, but on Fridays anything goes!

B got home from work around 5:30 and then we loaded up and headed “ow-town” (downtown) for dinner per Olivia’s request.  We ate at a cute little local burger place and then we headed down the street for ice cream per Jacob’s request.  It was freeeezing, so it was insane getting ice cream at that point, but I’m not one to turn down an opportunity to have some Marshmallow S’mores Ice Cream… it’s the only ice cream that makes me change up from my usual Mint Chocolate Chip!

Friday night B and I caught up on shows after the kiddos went to bed and then it was time for bed ourselves.  I was beat after a week’s worth of waking up at 6 AM!  Man oh man, how I’m missing the lazy mornings from Christmas break!

Saturday was spent laying low at home.  We watched some cartoons, we played some games, and I spent a little more time working on my office cleanout.  I’ve been organizing my pictures all week long and I’m finally almost done!  It’s been a huge task!

Saturday evening we went to church and Olivia was a perfect angel until the last 20 minutes… she completely went nuts toward the end.  Sigh.  Then when mass was over we were all standing out in the commons area chatting with family and friends and Jacob and Olivia both kept crashing into each other (playfully) until, finally, Olivia accidentally head-butted Jacob and he got a bloody nose.  Y’all.  This girl is a piece of work.  And she has been driving me positively nuts for the last two weeks.  I’m pretty sure she’s either readjusting to school life again or she’s going through a growth spurt.  Something is definitely up because she has been off the chain.

All the tears were dried and we headed on over to Mex with my parents for some queso and margs… because margs do make everything better (for the adults anyway – haha)!  B and I spent the rest of the evening watching a few episodes of Master of None.  It’s a new Netflix series that we started and it is really funny.

Sunday we got out to have lunch at a new place that just opened and then we ran some errands.  I’m on a mission to find some decorative storage boxes for my office bookshelves, so we stopped by Marshall’s, Ross, and TJ Maxx.  I had zero luck with the storage boxes, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Rae Dunn herb planters at Marshall’s. I have never ever once found anything Rae Dunn at any of our local stores so I couldn’t believe that it was sitting there.  It was basically like seeing a unicorn.  I went nuts and I’m pretty sure B thought I was crazy.  And yes, naturally they came home with me!  I mean, one of my New Year’s goals is to start growing my own herbs!  How could I not get them?!  It was meant to be.

The rest of the afternoon was spent going to Dick’s to get Olivia’s soccer stuff purchased (she’s officially signed up for spring!), Sam’s, and then back home to play outside.  We’ve been cooped up for what has seemed like forever, so despite the fact that it was cold, we went out and did some sidewalk chalk.  We drew and colored and traced each other’s shadows… and then the kids added faces and hair to the shadow people… it was pretty creepy.  Lol.

Sunday evening we had dinner at my parents’ house with the usual crew – barbecue chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and a new cauliflower recipe that was soooo good.  Then Momma made chocolate chip cookie cheesecake bars for dessert.  It was good eatin’!

Monday we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then since the weather had warmed up to the 50s we took the kids to the playground.  We spent a good hour there just letting them run around and blow off some steam, and then we walked around the ball fields and re-hid all of the painted rocks that we have been hoarding since the summer.  The kids were excited to get them back out there to make another kid’s day and I was excited to get them off my kitchen counter once and for all!  ;o)

Monday evening I cooked and then we watched The Bachelor after the kiddos went to bed… The Bachelor always makes Monday evenings a little less crummy! 

And before I go, I just wanted to let all of you know that I am over at The Sirois Family today interviewing with Johannah for her Meet & Greet Tuesday series.  I hope you'll all hop over and give it a read!

I hope you all enjoy the day!  I’ll be back to purging and simplifying all the things!  Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram Stories!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Christmas Bucket List 2017 - What We Accomplished

I know everyone is completely over Christmas at this point, but I haven’t recapped our Christmas Bucket List yet, so I thought I would do that today!  Normally I would have taken the day off since it’s a holiday, but this one was pretty easy to throw together aaaand I want it out of the way!

O N E – Decorate

CHECK!  This year was probably my favorite year for decorations because it was the first year decorating my bar cart for Christmas!  You can see the house all decked out here!

T W O – Select Kids from the Giving Tree at Church

CHECK!  This year we selected a boy and a girl and we loaded them up with lots of goodies!

T H R E E – Celebrate 10 Years

CHECK!  B took the day off and he and I spent the day shopping, eating, and watching a movie.  It was wonderful having him all to myself for a whole day… I’m hoping that we can start doing this more often!  Post here.

F O U R – North Pole Breakfast

CHECK!  Our very first North Pole breakfast is in the books and it was a success!  Our elf, Cheek, brought donuts, gingerbread men, candy canes, and marshmallows for breakfast and he also brought new ornaments for the kids!  Post here.

F I V E – Christmas Tree Lighting for Brian’s Company

CHECK!  The actual lighting was rained out, but we still attended.  This year in addition to all of the usual festivities they had super heroes and princesses and I think the kids loved them so much they didn’t even care that we didn’t get to celebrate the actual lighting of the tree!  Post here.

S I X – Christmas Tree Lighting Downtown

CHECK!  We had a blast with my friend Katie and her two littles strolling around downtown, listening to carolers, and checking out all of the trees.  It was a fun evening!  Post here.

S E V E N – Breakfast with Santa

CHECK!  We attended Breakfast with Santa at the school and it was a lot of fun.  We dined on pancakes, bacon, sausage, and fruit, and then the kids got to jump up on Santa’s lap for a bit.  They chatted his ear off!  Post here.

E I G H T – Watch Georgia Play in the SEC Championship Game

CHECK!!  AND WE WON!!!!  SEC CHAMPIONS 2017, BABY!  Post here.

N I N E – Annual Girls’ Scarf & Ornament Exchange

CHECK!  We held our annual exchange at Bonefish this year.  All of us girls had a couple of rounds of Winter White Cosmos and we passed around scarves and ornaments followed by a delicious dinner.  It’s one of my favorite nights of the whole year and this year’s festivities didn’t disappoint!  Post here.

T E N – Aaaallll the Christmas movies!

CHECK!  The Santa Clause, Elf, The Polar Express, Love Actually, The Holiday, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, Home Alone 2… and I even snuck in a Netflix Christmas movie called The Christmas Prince.  SO many good ones!

E L E V E N – Ramp Up Our Elf on the Shelf Game

CHECK!  This year, instead of just moving him around, he also got into some mischief.  From making snow angels in the flour to bathing in a bowl full of marshmallows, I think the kids got a kick out of his shenanigans this year!  Let’s see what all he did, shall we?

T W E L V E – Fantasy in Lights

CHECK!  We almost didn’t make it because we had too much going on leading up to Christmas, and then the week after Christmas it was FREEEEZING so we kept avoiding it.  However, on January 4, we randomly decided to just go and ride through in our own car with the heater on and the windows down and we had a great time!  It didn’t quite have the same affect since Christmas was long over, but I was glad that we made it.  Post here.

T H I R T E E N – Drive Around and Look at Lights

CHECK!  The Friday evening leading up to Christmas we loaded the kids and the car and we drove around for a couple of hours hitting up all of our favorite neighborhoods looking at lights.  Post here.

F O U R T E E N – Visit With the Mall Santa

CHECK!  It’s been a tradition since Jacob was born, so of course, we had to go back this year, too!  Post here.

F I F T E E N – Indulge in at Least One Peppermint Mocha

CHECK!  And it was worth every penny!

S I X T E E N – New Ornaments for Each of the Kids

CHECK!  This year, Jacob got a Darth Vader ornament and Olivia got a Belle ornament. 

S E V E N T E E N – Send Out Christmas Cards

CHECK!  Signed, sealed, and delivered!  Post here.

E I G H T E E N – Atlanta Botanical Gardens Christmas Lights

We never made it to this, but I figured if there was anything we didn’t do, this would be the one.  I really, really want to try to get to Atlanta next Christmas to see it, though.  I’ve heard nothing but great things.

N I N E T E E N – Christmas Eve Childrens’ Mass

CHECK!  This year’s mass was a success!  Post here.

T W E N T Y – Host Christmas

This is one that we can’t check off of the list this year BUT it’s actually a good thing, because it means that my cousin who is being treated for cancer was actually well enough to come home so her parents (my aunt and uncle) who usually host were able to resume their hosting duties.  As much as I would have loved to host, this was even better.

T W E N T Y – O N E – Serve a Signature Christmas Cocktail

CHECK!  We may not have hosted, but gosh darnit, I still served a delicious one on Christmas Eve!  And stay tuned, because I will be sharing the recipe later this week!  Post here.

T W E N T Y – T W O – Snow Mountain in Atlanta

Well, we haven’t made it there yet, but we are toying around with the idea of going in a couple of weekends.  Therefore, I can’t say whether or not we will be able to check this one off the list or not.  I’m sure hoping so, though!  We did have a little dusting of snow at our house, so for now I’m just going to count that.  ;o)

In addition to all of these things the kids also baked Christmas cookies with Nana, we made gingerbread houses, we attended each of the kids’ Christmas programs at school, we took the kids to see The Star, and we did lots of other wonderful things and made the most amazing memories.  Oh how I love that time of year!

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