Monday, November 12, 2018

Still Weekending...

Hey y’all!  The kids are off today for Veterans Day so we are still enjoying the long weekend.  It couldn’t have come at a better time, because we are still recovering after a marvelous Friday and Saturday night away!  We saw Ed Sheeran in concert Friday night, spent the night in ATL, and then spent the whole day in Athens on Saturday cheering on our Dawgs.  It was the absolute best weekend and there is a ton to recap so I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

And a special shout out to the grandparents – thank you so much for taking such good care of our sweet babies all weekend so B and I could enjoy a weekend away together!

Happy Monday!

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Five on Friday - Fall Fashion with Amazon

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Amazon is quickly becoming my very favorite website for clothes shopping because they have everything.  And in true Amazon fashion, most items are extremely affordable and available for free two-day shipping for Prime members. 

What on earth did we ever do without Amazon?!  I’ve been a satisfied customer for 16 years now and I just can’t even imagine life without them!

Today I’m sharing a few fall fashion finds on Amazon, and the best part?  THEY ARE ALL UNDER $30!! 

But really quickly before I get started... ladies, I know many of you love the daily devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  Guess what she just released??  Jesus Calling: The Story of Christmas... it's a picture book for your littles!! I got mine yesterday and I can't wait to read it with the kiddos.  The book is beautifully written just for kids and each page has a main takeaway section to help them really understand the story.  The pictures are beautiful, and it's just perfect for this time of year leading up to the holidays to help keep their little minds focused on what truly matters.  It's only $12.75 and available for free two-day shipping on Amazon!  Oh, and it's not small like the devotional... this is a full-sized 9.5 x 11 children's book and it is gorgeous!  Get it here.

P.S. She also released a Christmas devotional for all of you adults - Jesus Calling for Christmas.  Find it here on Amazon as well... only $12.95.  This one has been added to my wish list!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.  :o)

O N E – Tunics & Cozy Sweaters

Leggings are all the rage for yet another year (please never go out of style!) so I’m always on the hunt for a good, long tunic to cover my hiney.  This one here is the perfect length and the fun lace detail adds a little extra pop!  It comes in lots of different colors, too.

The knotted hem and shoulder strap detail on this tunic make it one of a kind!  This one also comes in lots of different colors and this one is going on my Christmas wish list.

I love the buttons down the side of this tunic, and it comes in several different colors as well.

Everybody loves a good cozy cardigan and this one looks like it fits the bill.  Two colors to choose from, too!

I love hearts.  Y’all probably already know that because my blog logo has one.  But I cannot get enough of this cozy sweater!  It comes in so many different colors, too!  I would like one of each, please.

T W O – Leggings

My Zella High-Waisted Live-In leggings are one of the few clothing splurges that I have ever made and they have been worth every single penny.  Well, I am happy to report that I have found a dupe on Amazon and they are almost identical to the Zellas.  And they’re only $19.99!  I just got mine earlier this week and I now want them in every color!!  I’m thinking I might not ever have to purchase another expensive pair of Zellas.  That’s good news for my wallet… and I’m sure Brian will appreciate that, too.  ;o)

Festive printed leggings have always been my favorite this time of year and Amazon has so many great options.  These are my favorite…

And I love these, too!

And there are more patterns and colors available!

T H R E E – Dresses

If this dress isn’t one of the cutest you’ve ever seen then I don't know what is!  This is going on my Christmas wish list for sure!  It comes in several different colors, too.

This dress looks like the quintessential fall and winter dress – long sleeves, fitted through the torso, flares at the hip, and IT HAS POCKETS!!  It would be so cute with boots and a scarf or booties and a necklace to dress it up!  It looks so comfy, too, and it comes in a ton of colors!  Yet another item going on my Christmas wish list…

This dress is a best seller on Amazon and I can see why… it looks like the absolute perfect flowy fit!  Lots of colors to choose from, too.

Finally, I cannot get enough of this turtleneck dress because of THOSE SLEEVES!  This is something that I would have loved to wear to work back in my corporate days, although, it looks like it could be a little on the short side.  Nothing that some leggings couldn’t fix, though!   

F O U R – Graphic Tees

Y’all know I’m the queen of graphic tees and if there’s anything I love better than a graphic tee, it’s a cozy graphic sweatshirt!  Amazon has so many cute options for fall and Christmas!!  These pretty much speak for themselves so they probably don’t need any commentary from me…

F I V E – Accessories

Boot socks are all the rage yet again, but the one thing I hate about boot socks is trying to wear them over jeans.  So uncomfortable!!  Amazon has a huge assortment of boot cuffs so you don’t have to worry about wearing an entire pair of socks over your jeans.  These are just darling.

It wouldn’t be winter without scarves and Amazon is definitely not lacking in that department.  I love these plaid blanket scarves.  They come in lots of colors, too.

I love wearing animal print in the fall and winter, especially leopard, and Amazon has the cutest selection of animal print earrings.  These are those lightweight earrings, too, which I love.  These would make the perfect gift for a girlfriend.

A cute toboggan is a must for winter, and these are some of the cutest I’ve ever seen!  Amazon carries them in so many colors and they’re only $19.99 for a pack of two.  You can keep one for yourself and give one to a friend.  They would make a cute gift!

If you’re not a Prime member you can sign up here… trust me, you’ll thank yourself when it’s time to do #AllTheChristmasShopping which is probably… now!

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Chocolate Eclair Cake

If I had to choose just one dessert that I could eat for the rest of my life, this Chocolate Éclair Cake would be near the top of the list of contenders.  It’s light and won’t leave you full of regret, yet it’s somehow incredibly satisfying.  It has the consistency of something rich without being too heavy and it’s also served chilled so you get that same satisfaction that you get from eating a bowl of ice cream.

Have I convinced you to try it yet?

Yes?  No?  Well, it’s also one of the easiest desserts to make… it’s one of the first desserts that I can remember making from start to finish all by myself when I was young.  Oh, and there’s no baking required. 

Buy It

2 small boxes instant French vanilla pudding
3 cups milk
1 12 oz. light cool whip
1 can chocolate frosting
1 box graham crackers

Make It

1.      Combine pudding mix, milk, and cool whip until smooth.
2.      Line a 9x13 pan with graham crackers.
3.      Spread 1/2 of the pudding mixture on top of the graham crackers.
4.      Add another layer of graham crackers.
5.      Spread second 1/2 of pudding mixture on top of the graham crackers.
6.      Add another layer of graham crackers ensuring that they are wedged very tightly.
7.      Spread chocolate frosting over the top.
8.      Refrigerate until time to serve.

This recipe is one of my go-tos for dinners and parties and it’s one of my very favorite desserts to make during the holiday season. 

I hope you enjoy!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

How We Purchase Gift Cards at a Discount to Save Money on the Things We Already Buy

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I was originally going to hop on today and post about our financial situation since I quit my job, but as I started typing that post, I realized that I never shared with you one of our favorite ways that we save money!  I know a lot of you have been waiting for the financial post, so don’t you worry… it’ll be up next week!

Today I want to talk to you about a little app called Raise.  Have you ever heard of it?  Basically, it’s an app that you can use to buy gift cards at a discount and you can also sell gift cards that you don’t want.  Keep reading to get $5 off of your first purchase!

Buying Gift Cards at a Discount

Raise offers gift cards from thousands and thousands of retailers and restaurants at anywhere from 5-25% off.  The app is free to use and it is very simple to use as well.  All you have to do is click here, sign up, and then you can search for retailers/restaurants in which you are interested.  Raise will then show all of the gift cards that they have available for that store and what percentage you would save on each. 

For example, when we searched for Bath and Body Works today, this is what came up:

The best deal today is that you can get a $98.58 gift card for just $89.54 which is a savings of 9.2%. 

When we searched for H&M, this is what came up:

Their best deal today is that you can get a $90.95 gift card for only $70.30!!!!  That is a savings of 22.7%!!  That’s a good one!

When we searched for Panera, these are the deals that were available:

Their best deal today is that you can get a $50.00 gift card for $47.02 which is a savings of 6%.   

Once you have found the gift cards you want to purchase, you just add them to your cart and then check out using your choice of payment method.  Raise will then ship physical gift cards to your house FOR FREE (a little truck icon indicates it will be shipped), or if it is an electronic gift card, they will send it straight to your app so you can use it on your phone immediately (no truck icon indicates it is an e-card).

B and I have started using the app to purchase gift cards at a discount for places that we frequent, and then we use the gift cards to make our every day purchases.  Since they have the electronic gift card option for some stores, if I know I’m about to go somewhere specific to shop, we will check out Raise first to see if there are any electronic gift cards available at a discount that we can use immediately. 

We have been using Raise for over a year now and we are currently saving an average of 8.8% on everything that we purchase using Raise.  This translates to hundreds and hundreds of dollars saved on the things that we already buy!

Here are the stores that we have purchased gift cards for through the Raise app:

Retailers/Grocery Stores
Old Navy
At Home
Bath & Body Works
AMC Theatres
Rack Room Shoes
Advance Auto Parts
Fresh Market

Outback Steakhouse
Chuck E. Cheese
Cracker Barrel
Dairy Queen
Olive Garden

They have pretty much everything!! 

The app also allows you to add stores to a favorites list for easy shopping and you can also set alerts for specific stores and specific percentages off.  For example, if you wanted to purchase an Old Navy gift card and you wanted to purchase it for at least 10% off, you can set those parameters in your app and Raise will send you an alert if one becomes available. 

They also run special promos from time to time where you can purchase gift cards for an additional percentage off which saves you even more money!

Selling Gift Cards

Ever receive a gift card for a store or restaurant that you either a) don’t like or b) don’t have in your city?  Well, instead of letting it go to waste, you can sell them on Raise and then purchase gift cards that you will actually use!  B and I have yet to use this feature because the opportunity hasn’t yet arisen for this, but it’s good to know it’s available in case we’re ever in a situation where we need it. 

Signing Up

Signing up is easy and FREE and if you use our referral link here, you can get $5 off of your first order!!!!  And if you make a purchase within 30 days of signing up, I will get $5, too!  :o)

One final thing to note before I go is that we do get the occasional bad gift card, meaning that we will purchase a gift card on Raise and then when we receive the card, the balance is $0.00.  If this ever happens to you, all you have to do is call Raise customer service and they will refund your money, no questions asked.  They offer a money back guarantee on gift cards for one year, so it’s probably best to spend all of them within a year just in case.  We have had this happen a few times and they have refunded our money every single time.  B said that their customer service is top notch… he said that every single time he’s had to call they have refunded our money immediately and we didn’t even have to return the gift card or give any kind of proof.  They just take your word for it.  Quick and painless!

Because this does happen every so often, my advice to you is to check the balances on your gift cards right when you receive them, and then check the balances again right before you use them to ensure they are still good. 

We love Raise so much and we know you will, too!  It’s just one more effortless way that we are saving money!  AND DID I MENTION THAT IT’S FREE?! 


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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

What I Wore - October Recap

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October was the month that our weather finally took a turn for the better!  We started off the month hot, muggy, and generally miserable and I was at the point of wondering if we were ever going to get any relief.  Then mid-month, a little miracle occurred and things finally cooled off!  I can’t even tell you how good it felt to make the switch to all things warm and cozy after months and months of oppressive heat! 

You may notice that I’ve been rocking the heck out of my Natives.  Yes, they are that amazing!  Even when the weather is on the cooler side!  I know I’ll have to retire them for a bit once it gets bitter cold, but for now I’m still enjoying wearing them on the chilly, but not freezing, days.  If you’ve been on the fence about getting some, DO IT!  They are worth every single penny!

Also, I had so many people ask about this off the shoulder gingham top that I wore in the evening on 10/26.  It's from and right now it is on sale for only $7!!!!  Uh hello, go buy one now if you were thinking about it!

Now here are my looks for the month of October… and sadly, I somehow missed October 2.  No clue how, but I did!  As always, I've linked as many items as I could beneath each picture.

October 1 - 

October 3 - 

October 4 - Kimono // Olivia's Saltwater Sandals

October 5 - Adult Native Shoes // Olivia's Native Shoes

October 6 - Adult Native Shoes // Olivia's Native Shoes

October 7 - Olivia's Native Shoes

October 8 - 

October 9 - Floral Criss-Cross Top (only $13.99) // Gold Sandals

October 10 - 

October 11 - Adult Native Shoes

October 12 - 

October 13 - Adult Native Shoes // Olivia's Native Shoes

October 14 (church) - 

October 14 (PM) - Olivia's Saltwater Sandals

October 15 - Leggings // Adult Native Shoes

October 16 - 

October 17 - 

October 18 - Adult Native Shoes

October 19 - Adult Native Shoes

October 20 - Hunter Boots

October 21 - It's Fall Y'all Tee // Adult Native Shoes // Tutu Dress // Olivia's Native Shoes

October 22 - Zella Leggings

October 23 - Kimono 

October 24 - 

October 25 - Tunic // Boots

October 26 - Zella Leggings // Hunter Boots

October 26 (evening) - Gingham Off the Shoulder Top (on sale for $7!!)

October 27 - Hunter Boots

October 28 - 

October 29 - Adult Native Shoes

October 30 - Adult Native Shoes

October 31 - Pumpkin Sweatshirt // Zella Leggings // Boots

Happy Tuesday, y’all!  

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