Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What I Wore: Fall & Winter Edition

I am positively dying for fall, you guys!  I know I’ve said it a hundred times before, but September through December is my absolute favorite time of year and I’m ecstatic that it’s right around the corner.  And since I’m dreaming of leggings, scarves, boots, and all things snuggly, I thought that it might be fun to do a little recap of what I wore last season. 

Since we live in the south, we often have very mild winters and warm weather well into October, so as we make the transition from warm to cool weather, I tend to stick to layering so I can peel things off if the afternoons get too warm.  Three-quarter length sleeves or short sleeves with cardigans paired with statement necklaces and flats are great for transitioning, and then once the cooler weather starts to stick around, sweaters and tunics with scarves and boots are added to the mix.   

Everyday Style 

Saturdays and Sundays are my favorite days to dress because they are the only two days per week that I can wear whatever my little heart desires.   

My formula for cold weather fashion?   

Skinny pants or leggings + an oversized tunic or sweater + a colorful scarf + boots. 

It’s that simple.  And it’s oh-so-comfy. 

Work Style

I work full time in sales and marketing for a global corporation, so Monday through Friday it’s business casual for me.  Fortunately, we don’t have to wear true business attire like suits and pantyhose (do they even still make those?), so I have plenty of options to choose from in the workplace. 

Team Spirit Style 

Finally, it wouldn’t be fall and winter without college football!  And college football fashion is my favorite.  I would venture to say that around fifty percent of my fall and winter wardrobe is red and black.  Why, you ask?   

Two words.  Go Dawgs.   

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during college football season I rock red and black for my boys in Athens!  Fridays I wear it in anticipation of the game the next day, Saturdays I wear it because, game day (duh), and Sundays I wear it to celebrate our win from Saturday!  Too much?  I think not.

Seeing all of these old pictures of fall and winter fashion has gotten me even more excited for the cold weather, but I’ll just have to keep dreaming for a little longer since we have at least another – ohhhh – two months of super-hot weather.  Boo!
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  1. Love these outfits! I especially love the patterns. Everything I wear is solid and so boring! I need to jazz things up for fall I think!

    1. Girl, I used to wear a ton of black and white, but I'm so glad I finally put some pep in my wardrobe with color!

  2. You have great style girl! I could definitely use a pop of color in my wardrobe, I'm always black, grey or navy blue, so plain!

    1. I used to be, too, Lizzie. Adding color was the best thing ever! It'll put a little pep in your step. Haha.

  3. Love all these outfits...looks like we have similar work styles!! I am eagerly awaiting fall too!

  4. Great looks last year! It's hard to believe it's almost time to pull all that long sleeved clothing out again.

  5. Your outfits are so adorable! Loving alll the patterns and fun colors :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane


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