Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fall Bucket List

Well, by now you all know how obsessed I am with fall.  I’ve only mentioned it 4,584 times in the last couple of weeks here on the blog and on Instagram.  As a matter of fact, I’m surprised you even clicked on this post since I’ve all but worn out the subject.  ;o)   

We try to squeeze every single ounce of fun out of fall every year, and because of that, September through December is our busiest time of year.  The weather is always gorgeous so it’s the perfect time of year to do everything outdoors and spend lots of time with family.  Here is a list of fun fall activities on our agenda during the upcoming fall season. 

O N E – Visit our local pumpkin patch. 

The kids have an absolute blast doing this every year and both of them have been every single year since they were born.  Granted, that’s not that many years, but still.  Here are a few pictures from years past.  Just look at my two sweet, chunky babes!

Top Left - 2011, Top Right - 2012, Bottom Left - 2013, Bottom Right - 2014

T W O – Carve pumpkins. 

Confession time.  I haven’t carved a pumpkin in about fifteen years, and Brian and I have never carved pumpkins together.  It’s shocking to me every single time I think about it.  Lindsay, the queen of fall, doesn’t remember the last time she carved a pumpkin.  Huh.  We do buy pumpkins every year to decorate our porch, but never once have we actually gotten around to carving them.  Let’s remedy that this year, shall we?  I think this one would be really cool to try...

T H R E E – Attend as many University of Georgia football games as possible. 

We are season ticket holders so we have tickets to all of the home games, but now that we have kids we usually only make it to one or two games per year.  The top one on our list for this year?  Georgia vs. Bama.  We already have our tickets in hand, our baby-sitter lined up, and our friends ready to join us… now we’re just waiting for them to announce the time so we can plan out the details.

F O U R – Install a TV on our newly expanded back porch and watch football outside. 

As some of you may know, we recently added on to our back porch, and we included a space to hang a TV.  See that plug on the left wall in the picture below?  The TV is going to go there.  Now we just need to purchase the TV, figure out how to hang it on the brick (I don’t even want to think about it), and then enjoy some games on the back porch once the air turns crisp.

F I V E – Attend homecoming festivities for my alma mater.   

This is one thing that Brian and I have done every year for the last six or seven (maybe more?) years... my old elementary/junior high/high school holds an alumni social every year before the homecoming football game, as well as a bonfire the night before.  It’s always nice to be able to see old friends and acquaintances, and to see everyone’s expanding families each year.  My mom and her siblings also attended the school, so she and all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins, and my grandmother attend the social and the game every year as well, and this year will be the most special, because Jacob is now attending the school. :o)

S I X – Make s’mores.   

I just love s’mores.  And we’ve never made them with our kids.  I believe that Jacob made them at school last year as part of a project, so he’s no stranger to the s’more, but it’s about time for us to get on board at home, and I wouldn't mind trying some new recipes like this one below.

S E V E N – Go trick or treating. 

Well, this goes without saying.  We do it every year.  And this year Halloween falls on a Saturday, so the kids can stay up late and not have to worry about going to school the next day.  Boom!

Top Left - 2011, Top Right - 2012, Bottom Left - 2013, Bottom Right - 2014

E I G H T – Watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. 

We watch this every year after we get home from trick or treating.  Jacob loves it, and I’m sure that Olivia will as well.  However, since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, the kids just might have to fight Mommy and Daddy for the TV since college football will be on at the same time.  ;o)

N I N E – Read some new fall books, as well as our old favorites. 

Every year, Jacob loves to read books about fall to get in the spirit.  His favorites? 

In addition to these, I have my eye on a couple of new ones to check out: 

Baby Loves Fall (for Olivia, because she adores this lift-the-flap series)

T E N – Take family photos for Christmas cards. 

We always seem to wait until the last minute to do this, but this year I’d like to make sure we take them early enough in the year to capture that good evening lighting.  In the past, we’ve accidentally waited until after the time has changed, so by the time the kids get up from their afternoon naps on the weekend, the sun is already starting to set, which leaves a tiny window for good lighting for pictures.  I don’t want that to happen this year because I don’t like being rushed!

E L E V E N – Clean out our fall decorations. 

This one is obviously just for me.  I have several items that I haven’t used for the last few years, and for some reason I just keep hoarding them because that’s what I do.  It’s time to purge. 

T W E L V E – Drink aaaall the Pumpkin Spice Lattes. 

This one is also just for me.  I, like every other girl in America, love these things.  We have three (soon-to-be four) Starbucks locations here in town, and sadly, not one of them is on my morning route (or anywhere remotely close), so I only get to enjoy these beauties three or four times per season.  This year, I waaaant MOOOORE!  (Are you now picturing Ariel twirling around her underwater room of human knick knacks?)

T H I R T E E N – Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

I’m still not sure whether to include this on my fall bucket list or my Christmas bucket list.  Technically for most, this would be considered a fall activity, but for me, the Christmas season begins the day after Halloween.  That’s right.  I’m one of those.  I start playing Christmas music on November first.  So just to warn you, you’ll probably be seeing this again on my Christmas Bucket List…


  1. Love your list! It sounds like an awesome Fall is ahead for you guys!

  2. Don't worry you are definitely not alone and I absolutely love your list! I'm on board with every single one of those. Also, the pumpkin patch photos are just precious :)

  3. What a fun post, lady!!!! You have so many fun things to do this fall, I'm jealous. My husband and I are trying to get down to the UGA vs BAMA game but I'm not sure if we will be able to make it happen. Glad you have everything in place.

    We love watching the Great Pumpkin every October. I want to try your s'mores recipe, it looks amazing!

    Thanks for linking up with us today!

    1. Ooooh how fun! Hopefully you guys can make it down! It should be a great game!

  4. OMG, thank you for the reminder about having Christmas photos taken! I miss out on this every year because I never remember until the last minute! This year it's happening ;) Thanks so much for linking up today!

    1. Yep, don't forget those! We always wait until the last minute, so this year I would like to get them done a bit earlier!


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