Thursday, November 5, 2015

Things Jacob Says

Jacob is at the perfect age to keep us extremely entertained simply by opening his mouth.  Every day it’s something.  And last week was no exception.   

Jacob – “We learned about letter H today at school.” 

Me – “Oh yeah, what did you learn about the letter H?” 

Jacob – “We learned about hot like when you love somebody.” 

*Brian and I glance nervously at one another*

Me – <concerned> “Hot like when you love somebody?  What do you mean?” 

Jacob – “No, not hot… HOT!”

Me – “Hot?”

Jacob – “Not hot… HOT!!” 

Brian – “Hot?  Hawt?” 

Jacob – <frustrated> “NOT HOT… HOT!!!!” 

*Brian and I glance up at the ceiling and all around the room as if waiting for a tiny translator to pop out to save the day* 

Me – “OHHHH… HEART?!”  

Jacob – “YES!  HOT!” 

*Brian and I – relieved that we don’t have to answer any birds and bees questions from a toddler* 

The moral of the story:  We must teach this boy how to pronounce his Rs. 


  1. Ha ha, hilarious!! We have so many moments like this but this is by far the best misunderstanding, LOL

    1. Haha. I was so relieved when I realized he wasn't saying, "hot."

  2. L to the O to the L! So funny! This conversation seems all too familiar! I always try to understand what my kids are saying, even if it takes multiple questions and several hours! Hahaha! Adorable.

    1. Oh my goodness, I know! It went on forever! I totally shortened it for the blog because it seemed to go on forever. Brian and I were just totally clueless.

  3. I totally just laughed out loud at this. One of my co-workers has some amazing "things kids say" stories. I love it!

  4. What a doll - days must never be boring!

  5. This is too cute. I'm glad you could finally decode what he was saying, what relief it was heart!


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