Friday, September 16, 2016

Five on Friday – This Week’s Happenings

Was it me or was this the longest week of all time??  Sheesh.  I know it probably just feels that way because last week was short, but I’m excited that Friday is finally here… especially since I thought yesterday was Friday… and the day before that as well…

Anyhoo, we’ve had a lot going on this week, so I’m recapping all of it today! 

O N E – Girl’s Night Out + a Movie Review

Tuesday evening I went on a date with my mom and my Mama Cass (grandmother) to see a movie.  First of all, we’ve never all three gone to a movie before, so this was the hugest treat.  Second of all, my momma and I haven’t gone out together in a long time either, so we were long overdue for a date.  Finally, we went to see The Light Between Oceans, and you guys, this was one of the best movies that I’ve seen in a long time.  I have not read the book... I actually had not ever heard of it, so I didn’t have any kind of expectations for the movie, but it was phenomenal.  It was heart-wrenching and heart-warming and devastating all at the same time.  I only knew one of the actresses in the movie and everyone else was completely unknown to me, but I became invested in the characters very quickly and I found myself feeling their pain as if it were my own. 

I highly recommend this movie, but I will say this, though.  If you are currently struggling with miscarriage or infertility, then I would suggest that you either wait until you can watch it at home or just skip it altogether.  There were a couple of scenes that were very hard to watch, and as a mommy of an angel baby myself, I know that I wouldn’t have been able to watch this a few years ago when I was still healing from our loss.  Those scenes dredged up some pretty raw emotions for me, and it’s been six years since my miscarriage. 

I will definitely be adding this book to my list, though.  Since the movie was so good, I’m sure that the book will be excellent, as I always like books better than the movies anyway.

And finally, thank you God for my two healthy babies. 

That is all.

T W O – Star Student

My baby boy was the star student this week at school so he got to do something special each day to celebrate!

Monday – he brought in his poster that we worked on all weekend and he got to tell his fellow classmates a little bit more about himself.

Tuesday – he brought in three of his favorite things.  He chose a Hot Wheels car, a Star Wars Lego vehicle called a “Snow Speeder,” and this flying monkey toy that he has that he’s been playing with recently.  It’s funny because he hasn’t really given that thing the time of day until this last week, and then he chose it as one of his favorite things. 

Wednesday – he brought his favorite book to share with the class.  It is a book about all of the Marvel characters… kind of like a Marvel character encyclopedia.

Thursday – he got to invite people to have lunch with him.  He wanted Brian and myself as well as my parents, Brian’s dad, and Brian’s mom and step-dad.  B’s mom and step-dad are at the beach this week, so they weren’t able to come, but the rest of us joined him and we enjoyed seeing him in his school atmosphere with all of his friends.

Friday – he brought goody bags for his classmates.  We stuffed them with little notebooks, pencils, rulers with alphabet stencils, lollipops, and erasers that are also little puzzles.

It was a great week for him at school and we are so proud of our little star.

T H R E E – A Bit of Early Christmas Shopping

The other day while the kids were playing at Barnes & Noble, Olivia started pulling some books off of the shelves, and they caught my eye because they are awesome.  They are called 5-Minute Stories and they have them for all different categories – Frozen, Princesses, Marvel, Star Wars, Nickelodeon characters, etc.  The books are hard back, nice-sized and really thick, they are only $9-$10 each on Amazon, and they are all short stories that are perfect to read before bedtime.  I immediately went on Amazon and bought these three and I’m on the hunt for one more for Jacob.  These are also perfect for birthday gifts!

F O U R – Trimming Back on Sweets

So I’ve always been a pretty healthy person.  I’ve always loved working out and I generally eat pretty healthy, but I also have a major sweet tooth, and most nights I’m reaching for something sweet before bedtime – frozen yogurt, ice cream, the occasional cookie cake.  Well, ever since I had Olivia a couple of years ago I’ve started noticing that my weight isn’t as easy to keep off as it used to be, and my late night ice cream escapades are starting to catch up with me.  Fortunately I’ve also always been a very proactive person, so I decided that it is probably better to go ahead and start fending off the potential weight gain now before it’s too far gone to easily undo it.  I’m not doing anything drastic or anything, but I have decided to cut out my evening treat Monday – Thursday to see if that helps.  This is my first week doing it, and it has definitely been hard… especially when B goes to the freezer at 9:30, pulls out a Snickers Ice Cream bar, and waves it in my face.  -_-   #TrueStory

Ahem, but anyway, I actually feel a difference after just four days and I’m starting to wonder if my light weight gain was just bloating… because after just four nights with no frozen yogurt my stomach has flattened significantly and I also feel a lot better.  I’m now wondering if maybe I have a slight intolerance to dairy?  I never have before (that I know of) so it would have to be something of a recent development.  I guess I could always try Whole 30 to find out, but I don’t have that much discipline.  #AndILikeIceCreamTooMuch #AndWine

I’m not completely depriving myself of sweets because life would be boring without them, so I’m still going to indulge Friday – Sunday, but I’m going to try and stay dessert free Monday – Thursday since it’s making me feel so good!  However, I will never turn down a donut… and that’s exactly why I ate this one on Thursday morning at work.  ;o) 

F I V E – Fall Fashion Staples + a Giveaway

Did you catch my post on Wednesday?  I posted all about my favorite fall fashion staples, and I also partnered with JORD to host a giveaway for a $100 e-card so you can buy your own gorgeous watch.  You can head here for details on how to enter the contest.

Well, I’ve written a book today, friends, so that’ll be my cue to go!  I hope you all have lovely weekends!  And GO DAWGS.  I’m worried about this game. <insert cringey-face emoji>

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  1. So glad to hear that movie was a good one!!! I really enjoyed the book, so can't wait to hear what you think. Such a fun night, too, with your mom and grandma! Great job with the sweets...pretty sure I went the other way this week and had spoonfuls of ice cream every night. :)

  2. Yay for a girls night with your mom and grandma. That's so special. I love all of the things Caleb got to do as the star student. That is so much fun! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Happy Friday Angel!! Love these favs!! The three men pics are so precious and I bet people do tell you all the time you and your mama look like sisters!! What a great day at school for your lil guy to be surrounded by all that love and those sweet faces!! Have a wonderful weekend gorgeous!!

    1. Yes girl, we hear that all the time! She and I have been twinning for many many years! I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I loved reading The Light Between Oceans! It was sad but also wonderful at the same time! And so funny, but I also started my post off today with it being the longest week ever--glad to know I'm not the only one!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. Oh I want to see that movie now!! And then I'll read the book, I find if I read the book first then see the movie, I don't like the movie very much because it's so rushed.

    How fun for Jacob to be the Star Student! Brayden has that same thing coming up in October and I can't wait!

    You know, I wonder too if my weight gain is bloat - it's hard to tell, but seriously last week I felt huge and looked huge and this week my stomach has gone down so much so what the heck?! I think I need to research this a little bit LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Happy Friday, Lindsay! Congrats to your sweet Jacob on being star student! That's so exciting - and such a lovely reward for good work. :)

  7. Yay for early Christmas shopping and treating yourself on Fridays! And congrats to little man on being a star student. Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. Yeah for Jacob!!! Sweet boy deserves that special week!! I can't wait till Austin is in Kindergarten so I can help him with projects and go have lunch with him!! We have one of those books, a fairy tale one, and it's very cool!! That just made me start panicking a bit though... Christmas is upon us soon and I need to start shopping too!!!

  9. Jacob is such a sweet boy...he looks so happy to have y'all over for lunch. Girl...I have the WORST sweet tooth EVER. (As I have a Watermelon Jolly Rancher in my mouth!) I have to keep something sweet at my work desk and I'm obsessed with Peanut Butter M&M's...I need to lay off the sweets too. Ugh...but I don't want to.
    Hope y'all have a good weekend!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  10. Your sin is so stinking' cute! How exciting for him :)

    And I want to see that movie so bad but I'm afraid I'll cry in the theater so I think I'll wait til it's on video.

  11. That is so sweet that he wanted you all to join him for lunch!! How fun. And yes, I am with you, this week seemed like it was a million days long! I hate weeks like that!

  12. So fun thar Jacob had so many lunch guests! I bet hw loved that. Now that vacation is over I told myself I'd behave more myself in the nutrition department... at least during the week days :P.

  13. Thanks for the movie highlight because I thought about seeing it. Maybe in a few years haha. I know, I need to cool it on the sweets too. Love you in your fall gear. You're gonna look so cute this season! And yay for Jacob being the star student!

  14. My parents just told me I need to see The Light Between Oceans. I’ve actually never even seen a preview for it. One of these days, when I actually have time, I’ll check it out. Is it a chick flick or should I get Tim to go with me? Yay for Jacob being the star student at school! What a fun week for him! Mila has a bunch of those 5 minute story books. She LOVES them!


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