Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Bucket List 2016 – What We Accomplished

So how did everyone else do on their Christmas bucket lists this year?  We completely rocked ours!

O N E – Deck the Halls

Done!  And I even co-hosted my very first link-up!  You can see our home tour here.

T W O – Shop for Two Children from the Giving Tree at Church

Done!  We bought gifts for a four year old boy and a four year old girl.  Both had requested board games, so we bought them each our very favorite family board game, Hoot Owl Hoot, along with a few others.  

T H R E E – Brian & Lindsay’s Day O Fun

Done!  B and I took two days off this year.  Once in November and once again on our anniversary on December first.  We ate, shopped, ate some more, saw a movie, organized and wrapped gifts for the kids.  It was fun and festive.

F O U R – Christmas Tree Lighting at One of Our Local Shopping Malls

Done!  And a great time was had by all!  You can see the post here.

F I V E – Christmas Tree Lighting for Brian’s Company

Done!  We rode a horse and buggy, sang Christmas carols, and watched them light the tree.  We also brought gifts for a child in need!  You can see that post here.

S I X – Christmas Tree Lighting Downtown

Done!  And I got to hear a live version of Carol of the Bells that I’ll never forget.  I just love that song.  The post is here.

S E V E N – Breakfast with Santa

Done!  And the kids both ran straight to Santa.  No fear this year!  You can see the post here.

E I G H T – Watch Every Christmas Movie Known to Man

Done!  Well, maybe not every one known to man, but we did watch a lot of them.  This year we got through The Santa Clause, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Love Actually, The Grinch (with Jim Carrey), Elf, Serendipity, and Christmas with the Kranks (a new one for us!).  We also had Home Alone playing in the background on VHS on Christmas Eve as we always do.  ;o)

N I N E – Elf on the Shelf AKA the Return of Cheek

Done!  We didn’t do anything elaborate with him this year, but the kids had fun waking up and finding him every morning!

T E N – Fantasy in Lights

Done!  And what a fun time it was!  Even though I’ve been every year since it opened 25 years ago, it never gets old.  You can see the post here.

E L E V E N – Drive Around and Look at Lights

Done!  You can see more about it here.

T W E L V E – Visit With the Mall Santa and Ride the New Carousel

Done and done!  And no tears again with Santa Claus!  Original post here.

T H I R T E E N – Drink Aaaallll the Peppermint Mochas and Eggnog Lattes

Done!  I probably had more this year than ever before.  I made my way through Peppermint Mochas, Eggnog Lattes, and one Holiday Spice Flat White which I didn’t care for.

F O U R T E E N – New Ornaments for Each of the Kids

Done!  A Millennium Falcon for Jacob, and an Elsa for Olivia to match her Anna from last year!

F I F T E E N – Send Out Christmas Cards

Done!  You can see all of the pictures from the shoot here.

S I X T E E N – New Christmas PJs for the Kids

Done!  And this year I finally got the kids some of my dream PJs.  I always wanted a little boy and a little girl in matching, striped, monogrammed PJs, and this year it happened!  More here.

S E V E N T E E N – Christmas Concert Date Night

Done!  And what a great night it was!  It was incredibly uplifting and it put us right in the Christmas spirit.  You can read about it here.

E I G H T E E N – Christmas Eve Childrens’ Mass

Done!  It’s my favorite mass of the entire year and this year the church was decorated more beautifully than ever!  Post here.

Well, I can hardly believe it, but we crossed every single thing off of our list!  That might be a first!  Before we know it, it will be time for a summer bucket list!  Crazy!

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  1. You guys totally rocked your bucket list!! Way to go! The holidays are so fun!! Glad you guys had such a great month.

  2. What a perfect Christmas! Major kudos for packing in so much goodness!

  3. How awesome! You guys really were so Christmas-y this season - so fun!

  4. You all haven been busy soaking in the Christmas this season. I love that you and your husband each take a day off of work together to enjoy during this time of year. I think I am going to suggest this next year. :) Have a great day!

    1. You totally should! We do it once or twice a year and it's always so good to have him to myself for a whole day!

  5. Such a fun and busy Christmas season! Love it!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. Y'all had so much fun working on your Christmas Bucket List!!
    Lots of Christmas Spirit. I love it!!

    1. Yes ma'am!! We are definitely pros at all things Christmas!

  7. Wow you have guys have been busy! That is awesome that you checked every item off of your list - lots of memories made :) I hope to recap our bucket list next week.

    1. We surely did make lots of memories! And I still can't believe we checked off every item either... that never happens!

  8. You guys totally rocked your bucketlist. Way to go! I’ve never heard of the game Hoot Owl Hoot. Now I am curious! You packed so much into the Christmas season and I have loved following along. Beautiful pictures sweet lady!

  9. So fun looking back at everything you did this month!!

  10. What a great holiday season you guys had! Your Santa picture is the greatest - love how happy they look! I need to try this eggnog latte!

  11. Success!!!! Y'all had an amazing month. I hate coming off that high to a boring January. I need to make us a winter bucket list soon :).


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