Monday, November 6, 2017

Weekend Recap - Last Soccer Game & a Birthday

We kicked off the weekend with Mexican and then did a whole lot of nothing Friday night.  B and I got the kids down for bed at their normal time just after 8 so he and I had lots of time to catch up on shows and we caught two more episodes of Stranger Things.  I’m trying to get into it, y’all.  I’m really trying.  Lol.

Saturday morning, B had an early tennis match so he headed off while I got the kiddos ready for Jacob’s final soccer game.  B met up with us there after his match and we watched the kids lose 4-3.  Man, it was a close one!

After the game, we headed to Wild Wing Café for Jacob’s end-of-the-year soccer party.  We had a private room for the whole team and all of the families so the kids ran wild while the adults ate apps and watched football.  After lunch, the coach presented the kids with their medals and cupcakes were passed around.  Jacob had a blast this season and we’re so thankful for Coach Jim for teaching him the ins and outs of the game this season. 

We headed home for a short bit after the party where I was greeted with this:

Y’all.  I just did jury duty like three years ago and I’m already being summoned again.  #StupidGovernment  Haha.

In the mid-afternoon we headed to my father-in-laws to meet up with the rest of the family to celebrate my nephew, Carson’s, birthday.  We had cake and opened gifts and then we all watched the Georgia game together.

At halftime we made a quick stop at Cracker Barrel to grab some veggies for dinner and then we headed home to eat and watch the rest of the game.  Y’all, we won yet again and we are now 9-0.  I can’t even believe it.  And I’m terrified for next week when we have to play Auburn, one of our biggest rivals, and our least favorite team.  EEK.  The good thing is that we have already clinched the east, so we will be heading to the SEC Championship no matter what else happens.  Guess we need to start lining up a baby-sitter for December 2.  ;o)

The rest of the evening was spent stressing over what to wear for family pictures the next day while the kids lazed around and read books in their Christmas jammies.  And thank you to all of you who voted on our outfits on my Instastories.  While I loved the mustard/navy/maroon combo, we actually did mustard two years ago and Jacob wore that exact same outfit, so I just couldn't bring myself to do it again.  

Sunday morning we were up bright and early even though it didn’t feel so bad – thank you, time change!!

We headed straight to the same park where we took our family photos last year and we got there just as the sun was starting to peek up from behind the trees.  I totally slacked this year and never booked a photographer, so we used the tripod and the good ol’ self timer and I’m pleased to say that we got some pretty decent shots… it only took 311 to come out with a decent batch.  Lol.

After pictures, we had celebratory donuts.  We stopped by Krispy Kreme to grab a dozen, and on the way out Jacob said, “Mommy, can we go to Starbucks and get you a coffee?” 

Why yes we can… twist my arm why don’tcha! 

My sweet boy, always looking out for Mommy.  <3

And they have the holiday cups now, y'all!  'Tis the season!!!!

At lunchtime, we headed to my MIL and step-FIL’s for lunch.  It was the first time in over a month that we had Sunday lunch there and it was so good to be back again.  Everyone has had so much going on that we hadn’t been over there since the last weekend of September.  Crazy.

We celebrated Carson again after lunch, and then since Olivia no longer naps on the weekend, we stayed well after 3 so the kiddos could have some good outdoor playtime.  The boy cousins all played kickball with Poppie and Olivia and I watched.  It was 81 degrees, by the way.  Ridiculous.  I’m over it!!

Oh, and yes, Olivia did wear her full Tinkerbell costume again on Sunday, lipstick and all!  She wanted to show Nana and Poppie since they didn't get to see her on Halloween.

Sunday evening my parents were just getting back from the mountains, so we stayed home, did some laundry, and prepped for the week ahead. 

Now it’s Monday again and we’re back at it!  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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  1. I'm one of those weird people that loves jury duty - I got picked last year and LOVED it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I am with Biana - I think jury duty can be fun! I got summoned one time, but didn't get picked so it was kind of like a free day! And how sweet is Jacob!?!? Looking after his mommy. :)

  3. I can't get over how warm it is there! We are freaking winter coats already! Ha! Also... we need to talk about how Georgia jumped Alabama in the polls last week. LOL - I'm happy for you guys though. I visited UGA once in high school and then again for the UA/UGA game in 2008, and everyone was SO nice and welcoming!

  4. Ooooo I can't wait to see your family pics!!! Jacob is so sweet!

  5. Looks like an awesome weekend with beautiful weather for you all! Cant wait to see your pics! xoxo ERIN

  6. Mmm those donuts look delicious! You guys had such a fun and full weekend!

  7. Wow, sounds like a great weekend! Love the outfits you picked for your photos. Will you be sharing them on the blog? :)

  8. Looks like you had a great one! I love when my kids tell me I should go to starbucks. lol. Simon started soccer yesterday. He's pretty timid so far with running after the ball. I hope he gets better!

  9. An end of the year soccer party?! How fun! And now I'm totally craving donuts - YUM <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. I always want to get picked fro Jury Duty!! I would love to serve on one. Every time I get Jury Duty, it always gets canceled!! What can I say, I'm weird, I would love to be a jury of a big case. Just not a mob one!

  11. I've gotten summoned twice, but never actually selected. But I would actually really like to. Haha!!
    Georgia is killing it! They are doing so good! Wohoo!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  12. BOOOOO to jury summons! I've gotten out of it every time because it's always the last state we lived in haha I'm waiting for that to change. But, unrelated, can we take a moment to swoon over those outfits?! SO lovely!

  13. What a great weekend. I can't wait to see your family photos. Loved that Tinkerbell made an appearance again!

  14. I'm so glad you had a good weekend! Monday is hitting me HARD today!

  15. What a perfect weekend! I was excited to see you guys did your family photos. I can't wait to see how they turned out. I like the family outfit combo you chose. Great styling skills ;) Mexican, soccer and Tinkerbell sound like such a perfect weekend!

  16. You are always so busy lady! I love the Georgia dress Olivia has on. So cute! :)

    1. Haha. Yes we are. And thank you, I think that one my be my all-time favorite of her GA stuff!

  17. Oh what a fun weekend!! I love that photo of Jacob and Olivia in their Georgia gear. So sorry about jury!!! :(

  18. What a fun weekend! Olivia looks adorable in both her Georgia and her tinker bell dresses. I love the combo you went with for your cards. We are thinking about taking pictures for ours this weekend. Beautifully Candid

  19. Loving the fact that you took your own pictures this year! We did that last year (so happy we did) and now I'm freaking out because I have absolutely nothing planned right now for family pictures! Argh! I can't wait to see how yours turned out. Hopefully it'll motivate me to get some pics taken of our little family. I'm loving how Olivia wore her Tinkerbell costume on Sunday. I'm pretty sure our girls would get along just fine. ;)

  20. Those donuts look delicious. I just got my first holiday drink at Starbucks of the season this weekend. It was eggnog latte. It was ok, but not my favorite.

  21. I like Jury too..gets me out of work and it's only 20 minutes from my house...instead of over an hour...Looks like a great weekend, like usual. And your outfits, so dang cute! I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out! Good for you and your kids taking that many pictures. I think we tried that we would get maybe 10 and then they would be done.


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