Thursday, March 15, 2018

Girl Chat - Easter Baskets

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Easter is right around the corner so today I’m sharing a few of our favorite Easter basket ideas.  These gifts are for boys and girls, and they are fun for the kids while most are also practical at the same time!

Books – Books are the quintessential Easter basket staple.  When the kids were smaller we loved filling their baskets with fun board books about Easter like this one and this one, but now that they’re getting older, we are also adding books about the things that they love.  Jacob learned a little bit about the Titanic in school a few weeks ago and he has been talking about it nonstop since.  We bought this book all about the Titanic because it’s directed toward children just slightly older than his age group.  I know he’s going to love it.  He is also obsessed with The Magic Tree House book series, and they just so happen to have a book about the Titanic as well, so that one will be in his basket, too.  Plus it doubles as an AR book so it’s not only fun, it will come in handy at school.  #Winning

Legos – In our house you just can’t go wrong with them, and the smaller sets are perfect for Easter baskets.  Jacob is getting this set here this year, and we love it because it’s a 3 in 1 deal so you can make three things with the same set!  Olivia is just getting into Legos as well, and she’ll be receiving this set… you can’t go wrong with Anna and Elsa!

DVDs/Blurays – These always make the perfect Easter basket stuffer because they’re small, but they pack a punch!  Jacob will be receiving the Lego Ninjago Bluray in his basket this year, and we also love giving any of the Disney movies that we don’t have to add to our collection.

Leap Pad Games – The kids each have their own Leap Pad and they are definitely one of the best purchases we’ve ever made for our kids!  Jacob has had his for years and his love for it is still going strong, and Olivia is still loving hers after having it for a couple of years.  The Leap Pad games are always fun, but they’re educational so we don’t have to feel bad letting them have a little bit of screen time here and there.  Some of our kids’ favorite games are Trolls, Frozen (which is currently only $5.99!!!!), Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and so many others.

Spring/Summer Top or Dress – A good new top for summer is always a fun and practical addition.  Jacob is really in to graphic tees and superhero tees, so he always loves a new fun shirt like this one while Olivia always loves a new dress.  Last year she received a floral maxi dress in her Easter basket and that dress will forever be known as the dress that the Easter Bunny brought.  This year she’s getting this dress and this dress in her basket.

Swim Trunks/Swim Accessories – This has always been one of my favorite things to put in baskets because Easter unofficially kicks off warm weather time in my mind.  This is the perfect way to gear up for it!  These trunks are so cute for a boy, and look at this sweet little swim suit for girls!  And y'all, this one is a watermelon!  OMG!

Summer FootwearFlip flops, new sandals, or even Natives are perfect for Easter baskets.  We just got Olivia these milk pink Natives and they are going to go with everything!  And y'all, Amazon has loads of different colors for only $35!!!!  That's way cheaper than getting them at Nordstrom!  Load up!

Miscellaneous Odds and EndsSidewalk chalk, bubbles, squirt guns, water beads, and other small outdoor fun items are always perfect, as well as fun flavored chap sticks, stick-on earrings, slap bracelets, and Hot Wheels cars. 

Candy – We try to limit candy in Easter baskets because we know that they will receive candy from Easter egg hunts and grandparents, but I do usually like to pop one or two little treats in there.  It wouldn’t be an Easter basket without it, in my opinion!  We always love those gummy character lollipops from Target or some kind of traditional Easter candy like Reeses eggs or Easter Kit Kats.

And that’s that, y’all!  Almost everything for our baskets is already purchased… all I have to do is put them together when the time comes!

What was your favorite thing to receive in your Easter basket when you were little?

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  1. So many fun goodies! The kids are going to just love them!

  2. Oooo awesome ideas! I love that Jacob is obsessed with the Titanic! I don't think Brayden has even learned about that! Ella go those Frozen legos for Christmas and LOVES them. I need to get Avery that flavored chapstick, girlfriend loves anything on her lips!

  3. Very fun ideas!!! I would go bonkers over the Lip Smackers! I loved the flavored lip balms as a kid!

    1. Me too! I got some one year for Christmas in my stocking and I remember it like it was yesterday! Strawberry, Watermelon, and Orange!

  4. E loves lipsmackers as well. Those natives are super cute.

  5. My parents always did one gift per basket and the rest was candy (we usually weren't allowed to have candy, so it was a treat), Books or DVD's were usually in our baskets, too :)

  6. You can never go wrong with Legos and I love the idea of putting a movie in there. I used to love getting bubbles and a new necklace. It was always the plastic ones with the round beads.

  7. My girls love Native shoes and got them in their baskets last year. I need to get them a new pair for this year, but didn't even think about it. I love the Lego idea.

  8. I always loved getting a large chocolate bunny. The peel off nail polish and a book were always my favorites as well!

  9. You did awesome!! I have yet to get anything for Lilli yet. I'll get there sometime - hopefully before Easter! ;)

  10. I love that Legos are getting better and better, and so are Lipsmacker flavors! If only we could be kids again...I'm all about toys that promote learning and the Leapfrog ones look perfect!
    Rebecca @

  11. Thanks for the link up Lindsay! I think anything beyond eggs is still to catch on here so it is good to be ahead of the game and see how y'all do it over there with the gifts - which is a bit more fun than just a ton of chocolate! You have such a great selection of treats here - the dress is so pretty! Best Wishes - Joanne x

  12. Girl, I think we were on the same page when we posted! I also had functional things and listed natives, chapstick, and clothes :P I like the lego idea, too! I want to get a little fun something to stick in for fun:)

    1. Yay!! Great minds think alike! And yes, Legos are always a good idea... especially in our household!


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