Friday, May 18, 2018

Five on Friday - Cutest Shorts, Hunter for Target, and Plant Update

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Another week is gone and we are now officially one week away from the kids getting out of school for summer!  I can’t even believe it!  I’ve tackled a lot of projects this week – I cleaned out a couple more cabinets, I cleaned out our downstairs bathroom, I tackled a few projects that have been on my to-do list for a while, and most importantly I have gotten a good deal ahead for my summer blog posting. 

The closer we get to school getting out the more and more excited I’m getting about summer!  Here are a few favorites for you on this Friday…

O N E – The Cutest Shorts

I have been searching high and low for a good pair of red shorts to wear to Georgia games for years.  I never have issues finding light red, dark red, or even rust colored shorts, but I have yet to find any that are true red.  And when you’re a Georgia fan, you NEED true red.  Crimson just won’t do.  ;o)  When I came upon these from J. Crew Factory I was so excited because they are exactly what I’ve been wanting forever!  And look at that scalloped hem!!  Such a fun extra touch!  If you’re not a red wearer, no worries, they do have them in five other solid colors plus three patterns including a black and white gingham and they are all so cute! 

These are true to size (although they run slightly larger than Target’s Merona shorts) and the fit is perfect!  They are a linen/cotton blend so they can easily be dressed up with a cute top and wedges or dressed down with a comfy tee and flats.  Most importantly I love the length.  They aren’t super short, but they aren’t too long either.  They’re just right!  And the very best part is that they’re only $24.50 right now!

T W O – Hunter for Target

Remember how Hunter collaborated with Target, released all of their products minus the boots due to a quality issue, and then nobody ever heard anything about it again?  Well, I just happened to be on Target’s website the other day and I noticed that the women’s tall gloss rain boots are now available!  I have no clue how long they’ve been available but they are now there in three colors – red, black, and gray – and they appear to have stock in all sizes of all three colors.  They are only $39.99 so if you’ve been wanting Hunter boots, now is your chance to get them at a small fraction of the usual cost!  I would grab ‘em fast, though, because I would think these would go quickly once everyone realizes that they’re there!  Did anybody else know these were available now??  Am I behind?

T H R E E – This Top

Brian got this work out top for me in white last year for one of the holidays… or maybe my birthday?  Anyway, I have professed my love for it many times on the blog because it’s my very favorite workout top of all time.  Well, B and the kids gave me a few gift cards for Mother’s Day, one of which was for Athleta, and I immediately spent that one because I knew exactly what to get – another one of these workout shirts!  They are typically $64.00 (which is why I don’t just buy them outright), but they are currently on sale for just $27.99!!!!  You bet your hiney I snatched one up as quickly as I could!!!!  These are my absolute favorite because they are long enough to cover your whole front and your whole booty (my kids would just love this… booty is one of their favorite words these days <eye roll>) which is so important to me when wearing leggings!  I’m 5’5” and I wear a small and even the small is long enough to cover everything!  I often find myself buying mediums and even larges in other tops just to have the length, but these are long without having to size up!  Definitely has Lindsay’s stamp of approval!  ;o)

Since I still had money leftover on my gift card I also finally grabbed one of these sports bras that I’ve been wanting for almost a year.  One thing I’ve always splurged on is bras because you truly do get what you pay for when it comes to bras.  I obviously haven’t ever tried this one on yet, but I will report back once it arrives.  Fingers crossed for maximum comfort because sports bras usually drive me nuts.

F O U R – Plant Lady Update

You may have already seen this on the ‘Gram, but my plant that my grandmother gave me almost a year ago is still alive and thriving!  You may remember this story about how my grandmother gave me a clipping of her 50+ year old plant?  Well, I have managed to keep it alive despite my huge lack of having a green thumb! 

It has grown a lot this past year, though, and it was getting too large for the tiny little pot in which my grandmother originally planted it, so I repotted it this week.  This is the first time I have ever repotted a plant in my entire life (thank goodness for Google and online tutorials – LOL) so I’m praying it survives.  Once it gets a little larger I would love to take some clippings from it and start more pots all over the house – one in the living room, one in my office, and one in our bedroom.  I think it would be really neat to have such a special plant present everywhere in our house.  I’m also thinking that if this one survives the repotting that I might try my hand at some other indoor plants as well… slowly but surely I’m going to teach myself to be a plant lady.  :o)

F I V E – Baby Gate

Something monumental happened in our house last weekend… after 6+ years of having a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs (we installed it when Jacob became mobile) the time has finally come to take it down.  Insert all the sad faces here.  And the happy ones.  I just can’t decide if I’m sadder than I am happy or happier than I am sad.  Haha.  That thing has been an eyesore for the majority of the time that we’ve lived in this house and I remember thinking to myself when we put it up, “The time cannot come fast enough when we can finally take this ugly thing down.”  Well friends, that time has come – and all too quickly, might I add – and I’m just as sad as I am happy because, well, it’s the end of an era.  It’s just one more reminder that we’re out of the baby business and my babies are growing up.  :o(

We have had one at the top of the stairs this whole time as well, and we actually decided to leave that one up for now (I like to close it at night in case the kids wake up and come out of their rooms… my brothers used to sleep walk when they were little so I’m paranoid that one of our babies are going to sleep walk and fall down the stairs), so at least that one still stands!

S I X – Backstreet’s Back, Alright!!!!

Did you guys see?!?!  Backstreet Boys released a new song yesterday!!!!  WHAT?!  My 16-year old 1998 heart is bursting!!!!  And yes, I downloaded it immediately, and yes, it is really good!

S E V E N – Mau Mau

And a bonus sixth today – our sweet girl got her summer hair cut this week and she looks like a new doggie!  Oh, how I just love that sweet little first baby of ours!

Happy weekend, y’all!

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  1. Aww tour little doggie is so precious. CUTE shorts. My Backstreet heart is bursting too, lol!! Happy Weekend!

  2. Love those red shorts and workout shirt!!
    Way to go on the plant! So proud of you!

  3. Oh how I wish I could snap up one of those tops and sports bras! SO cute! And those shorts - I can imagine how cute the gingham is. Yay for your plant thriving. I have one at work that I have had for years and it's starting to get out of control. I am going to see if I (more like my mom) can separate it and then I can have some indoor plants for my condo! Hope you have the best weekend!

  4. Oooo those shorts are cuuuuutee!! Love the scallops!! so glad your plant is doing good!!

  5. Yay for removing the baby gate! Those things are such a pain. And you've also just made me realize how much longer ours will be up lol
    LOVE those scalloped shorts!!! I didn't realize the boots were in--I know it was a big deal that they weren't up when the collaboration went live. It was kind of the main reason everyone was so excited.

  6. Hmm, I really should buy some boots, huh! lol. Love those shorts too!

  7. I love that workout top and those shorts gave me all the heart eyes. Happy Friday!

  8. I love a good long, light-weight work out tee. I might just have to order that :) xoxo ERIN

  9. That workout top is super cute! Especially with a fun sports bra!

  10. I need that workout top, thanks for the sizing advice, we are the same height, and I always size up for the same reason. Congrats on your new green thumb! Love Maui's haircut, I need to do that asap for my poor hairy pup. Have a great weekend!

  11. Those shorts are so cute! I love the scalloped detail. Mau looks too cute with her hair cut. That is so crazy the kids will be out of school soon! I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  12. I am absolutely awful about keeping plants alive too but my mother in law gave me a plant that he mother had growing for years when her mother passed away.... I've somehow managed to keep that plant alive for 14+ years! Good luck; it looks like a happy plant in it's new pot.

    1. Wow!! That's so awesome, girl! I'm sad to report that mine has started turning brown overnight. I have NO idea what's going on! I took it to my grandmother tonight and even she was puzzled. She told me it might be going through an adjustment period since I repotted it, but she said that if it does die she can always give me another clipping!

  13. Those shorts are so fun!!! I would love a pair in several colors!! Your plant looks very healthy! What a neat history and story behind it. Have a great weekend! Shannon

    1. I would love them in several colors, too! They are just the cutest with those scallops!

  14. Sports bras drive me nuts, too! I still wear a couple of mine from before Henry was born. Yikes! As for the baby gate, I totally feel for ya. That’s a monumental moment, indeed. We still have ours up at the top of the stairs for the exact same reason as you AND because we still have babies in the family. I love your plans for your grandmother’s plant! You’ve got this, girl!

  15. God bless your little pup's heart - she is so precious! It is a big milestone when you take down something like a baby gate - bittersweet. Cannot believe that plant cutting is from such an old mother - wow. I am hoping FOR you that you can keep it alive (looks like you have done well so far!) - I am not the best either at caring for plants. Love the red shorts!

  16. Maui looks sooo cute her in bed in your car. Love freshly cut hair for my pup too. I had ordered some Hunter's from Target and the quality was super poor so I sent them back, well returned them to the local store. I was sooo bummed. I LOVE those shorts from J Crew. I have several pairs of them!


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