Friday, July 13, 2018

Five on Friday - Sandals, Pool, NSale, Viral Post Update, New Author

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It’s been another full week and I’m looking forward to a pretty low-key weekend.  We don’t have anything at all on the agenda other than our usual church and Sunday dinner with my family so I’m hoping to get a few more things done around the house!

O N E – New Sandals

I have been on the hunt for new sandals for a while, and you may remember that I found these brown ones that I love from Walmart.  Well, I recently found these gold ones at Target and I just couldn’t pass them up!  A few years back I had some almost identical to these, but silver, and they were my FAVORITE sandals.  I was completely heartbroken when the ankle strap broke and I was never able to find anything similar… until now! 

These sandals are true-to-size, they come in half sizes, and they even come in wide sizes if you have a wide foot!  When we went to the Botanical Gardens last week on a whim, I was worried because I was wearing those sandals only for the second or third time and I hadn’t yet walked in them much.  Well, they were SO comfy even after all of that walking, so that let me know they are keepers! 

T W O – This Pool

We don’t have a real pool in the back yard (I know, such a shame since we live in the south!), so it’s always been hard to spend any amount of time in our back yard during the heat of summer.  This year since I knew I was going to stay home with the kids for summer, we decided to buy this pool to keep us cool, and you know what?  It’s the best money we’ve spent all summer!! 

We have already used it countless times and we love it because it’s HUGE.  So huge that B and I can both sit in it comfortably while the kids play and splash around at the other end.  It has a drain, so it’s easy to empty, and we just drain it every evening and sit it on the back porch to dry overnight so it won’t get mildewy. 

The kids love it so much, and I love it because it has actually held up!  Olivia has a tendency to jump on the sides of it or use the sides as her personal chair/pillow/dance floor, and it has yet to pop (knock on wood).  If you’re looking for a way to keep the whole family cool for the rest of the summer, this pool is a great choice!

T H R E E – Blog Post Still Rolling

I mentioned on here a few weeks ago that I have a blog post about School Papers Organization that is going somewhat viral on Pinterest.  Well, almost two months later it’s still rolling right along!  Apparently people love a good organizational post!  I’ve had several people ask if I’m still loving this method all these months later and the answer is YESSSS!!  I will definitely be sticking with it!  To me, the very best part about it is that it only takes up a tiny bit of space.  By the time our kids graduate college, I will have a time capsule of their entire school career (pre-school through college) in just one box.  You cannot beat that!  I made one for myself with my old stuff so I know it works!  The post is here if you want to see for yourself.  :o)

Also, while you’re looking at that, you might as well go ahead and take note of this post, too… it’s all about how I organize all of the other NON-school papers for the kids…

F O U R – NSale

Yes, I know, if you read blogs then you’ve probably already seen 8,000 posts about this, but I wanted to throw my two cents in as well.  The Nordstrom big sale has officially begun for card holders, and people have been loading up on all of the new fall styles at deep discounts.  I am not a card holder so I haven’t purchased anything just yet, but I wanted to share a few things that are on my radar.  B gave me a Nordstrom gift card for part of my Mother’s Day gift and I’ve held on to it all this time just awaiting this sale!

I’ve had my eye on this cardigan for YEARS, but I probably won’t ever bring myself to buy it because it’s just SO EXPENSIVE.  I wouldn’t turn it down if someone gave it to me, though.

One of my favorite purchases EVER in the history of all of my clothes are these dang Zella Live-In Leggings.  They are worth every single penny… even if you have to pay full-price, so to get them on sale is GOLD.  If you only buy one thing during this sale, let it be these leggings.

I got this top last year in black and white stripes, and I’m considering adding another to my wardrobe.  They are basic and comfy and a great closet staple.  And an awesome price!

I can’t decide if I love this top or hate it, but for some reason I’m drawn to it.  What do y’all think?

OMG, LOVE!!  I wish they would come off of the price a little more, though.  I likely won’t buy this just because it’s still too steep for my liking.  I sure do adore it, though.

Another great closet staple.  Goes with everything and it’s perfect for layering!  Awesome price, too!

This one will likely be BOUGHT.  I don’t work anymore so I’m now always on the hunt for comfy tops!

Love the ruffle sleeve on this one!  Comes in two other colors, too!

I love this top… I’m just not sure how it will look on… hmmmm…

On another note, can somebody please tell me who would wear this?!?!  I mean, honestly.  And that price??  Yeah, that’s gonna be a HARD NO.

F I V E – New Book

One of my good blogger friends, Brandi, has decided to put her blogging career on the back-burner to become… an author!!!!  To say I’m excited for her is an understatement!  I absolutely cannot wait to read her new novel… it’s a romantic/suspense which is right up my alley.  It’s available for pre-order right now so you can grab a copy for yourself!  Check out her website here for more information.

Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. Cute Sandals! Some of the stuff Nordstrom puts out is beyond insane. I did make some purchases yesterday but will probably return lots of it. Have an awesome weekend!

  2. I snagged that same pool at Aldi for $15 one day and it has been the BEST PURCHASE EVER. We are in that thing constantly and I would happily pay full price again! The Nordstrom sale always has such good things! Zella leggings are LIFE!

  3. So happy your post is still going strong - it was a good one for sure so I can see why! For some reason I really want a pair of those leggings even I don't wear them all that often! I think because everyone loves them, haha. Hope you enjoy your more low key weekend!

  4. Buy the cardigan. You won’t regret it. ;)

  5. I am half tempted to buy that pool for myself.

  6. How exciting for your blog friend! I know that took a lot of work!! Stay cool in the pool!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  7. Ooh I love me some good comfy leggings- thanks for the recommendation! Oh my goodness that funky sweater cracked me up. Congrats on the success of your organizational post- I have implemented this idea for organizing different bills that we have. It's been so great! Have a great weekend! - Shannon

    1. That's awesome, Shannon! I'm so glad it's working for you for bills! That's a great idea!

  8. We have that pool too!! I am loving so many things from the sale too but I have to be good, we've had lots of expenses lately :( I wish that caslon tie front sweatshirt was still available in purple, love that color!

  9. Ditto what Heather said! I'm a frugal shopper but I splurged on a Barefoot dreams cardigan a few years ago. I love it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I'm not sure I'll be shopping the sale this year. Maybe because I don't want to get a bunch of things that won't fit me after the baby and I don't want to tease myself with things that I can't fit into now lol. I did get that tie-knot sweater last year in yellow and still love it! I'm so excite for Brandi and can't wait for her book to come! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  11. I have my eye on some new affordable jeans from the sale! We shall see if they are still available when it opens to the public! Yay for new sandals! xoxo ERIN

  12. I think I'm the only person who can't afford a thing from the Nordstrom sale! lol. I need some good dupes. I still need to organize the school papers...I'm so not motivated!

  13. I saw those gold sandals on your Instagram and fell in love with them! They are so cute. Also THANK YOU for the shout out about my book!!! You're the best, Lindsay!! <3 Have a great weekend!

    1. You are so welcome, Brandi! I am so excited! I can't wait to read it!

  14. I just picked up the same stripped shirt. I love it. My co-worker is wearing those gold sandals today and I sooooo want them. You have some good picks for the Nordstrom sale. I am soooo happy for Brandi and can't wait to read her book! Have a great weekend.

  15. I have a very similar box and system in place for my boys' schoolwork. It works great!

    1. That's good to know that it's still working for you! So far I'm loving it! And I especially love that I'm limiting it to just one box per child for school work. I don't want to be overwhelmed with stuff!

  16. Love your picks for the Nordstrom sale!! I can't wait to shop it!

    Design Life Diaries

  17. I actually just tried on that short sleeve casual shirt yesterday! It's really comfy and a great basic top, but it definitely runs a little big IMO, so possibly size down! It's also thin, so my guess is that you'd wear a cami under it. I liked it, but didn't love it.


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