Tuesday, December 4, 2018

What I Wore - November Recap

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Well, November went by in a flash!  Goodness gracious, where does the time go??  I swear, November was one of those months where I blinked and it was gone.  I have a feeling December will go even faster… such a shame since it’s my favorite time of year.

Here are all of my looks in November.  You may notice that I wore these boots over and over.  They are THAT good so they are always my go-to shoe for cold weather.  They are comfortable and warm and they're under $30 right now, too.  :o)   

One other thing to note, the off-the-shoulder pinstripe top I wore on November 9 is now on sale for just $8!

As always I've linked all available clothing items underneath each picture in case you see something you like!

November 1 - Leggings 

November 2 - Hunter Boots

November 3 - 

November 4 - Swing Dress

November 5 - Zella Leggings

November 6 - It's Fall Y'all Tee // Hunter Boots

November 7 - 

November 8 - Adult Native Shoes 

November 9 - Boots

November 9 (evening) - Off the Shoulder Top

November 10 - Zella Leggings // Boots

November 11 - Adult Native Shoes

November 12 - Hunter Boots

November 13 - Zella Leggings

November 14 - 

November 15 - 

November 16 - Boots

November 17 - Zella Leggings // Boots

November 18 - Adult Native Shoes // Olivia's Native Shoes

November 19 - It's Fall Y'all Tee // Adult Native Shoes

November 20 - Boots

November 21 - 

November 22 - 

November 22 (evening) - 

November 23 - Boots

November 24 - Boots // Olivia's Native Shoes

November 25 -

November 25 (evening) - 

November 26 - Zella Leggings Dupes

November 27 - Boots

November 28 - Zella Leggings Dupes // Boots

November 29 - Boots

November 30 - Zella Leggings Dupes // Boots

Happy Tuesday, y’all!  

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  1. Love all your outfits. Really Love your November 2nd top

  2. You're rocking the selfie's and have such fun outfits!

  3. So many cute outfits and I kept thinking she must be cold, oh wait she lives in the south. We are bundled up in jackets outside these days! I love all the GA love, you almost had that game...I was cheering with you :)

  4. I love that pink sweatshirt from the 28th - just looks like a classic sweatshirt to have. And the color is so pretty!

  5. You have the cutest looks! I love your outfits!

  6. You always have such great outfits!!

    1. Thank you so much, Jodie! I can say the same about you!! XO

  7. You and Olivia rock the color red, mama! Love these stylish mommy+me posts as usual. I love all the vests you wore LINDSAY, especially the cozy pink fleece/faux fur one. Also, I own that knotted purple sweatshirt you have, but in white.

    Happy December and Happy Holiday Season to you! <3 Ada.

    P.S. Make sure you link up with me this Thursday for my Thursday Moda linkup. =)) Thank you.

  8. I love these posts! I absolutely love that dress on Nov. 15th, looks like a great work dress. Those boots really got so much wear, need to check them out!

  9. Always so darn cute! You have a super collection of vests. They are my fave but I'm kind of itching to add a couple of new ones.

    Thanks for linking up with Ageless Style Lindsay!
    Shelly | The Queen in Between

  10. I love your outfit posts. It gives me inspiration!


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