Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Home Office Refresh

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Well, I had a different post planned for today, but I repainted my office last week and now I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of all things office décor.  With that said, I decided to scrap my original post for now and post about some ideas and things on my wish list for my home office.  But first, a little back story…

We moved in our house almost ten years ago and I knew going in that I would be able to have a room all to myself.  I had always, always wanted a hot pink room with black furniture.  While I have enjoyed my hot pink walls these last ten years, I never actually really enjoyed the black furniture.  I honestly don’t even know what I was thinking putting it in there.  All of the black bookshelves and the black desk made for such a dark space. 

So over the last 6-7 years I’ve been sloooowly replacing the black furniture with my first and one true love – white furniture.  I painted my desk white years and years ago and that was the first step to brightening up my office.  Then, maybe four years ago I ditched the black bookshelves (PRAISE!) and purchased four of the Billy Bookshelves from IKEA.  BEST.  DECISION.  EVER.  I could not love my bookcases more, y’all!  They completely transformed the entire room!!  After that change, I have been pretty content with my room ever since, but these last few months I have been toying with the idea of painting the room a lighter pink – a nice blush color – to brighten it up even more.  I only have one window in my office and it faces north, so it really doesn’t get much sun. 

This past week, I decided to take the plunge and paint it.  I ultimately decided on “Little Piggy” by Benjamin Moore for the wall color, and now that the office is painted, I’ve decided that I want to redecorate all the things!!  Well, not all the things, but more of the things.  (I can see Brian rolling his eyes now as he reads this.)  Obviously we are on a very tight budget now that I’m not working at a corporate job, so I’m hoping to collaborate with some brands that I love to get the office completed.  If that doesn’t happen, then I will obviously have to purchase all of the items so that would make it a very sloooow process. 

So today, I’m going to share a few items I have already purchased for the space and I’m also going to share a few items on my wish list. 


Before we get started, I thought I would share a general color palette with you so you can see what I’m going for.  Obviously the primary color in the room will be the blush pink walls.  The second most used color will be white because of the doors, trim, and furniture.  Then I am going to continue to decorate with lots of gold/tan accents – curtain hardware, picture frames, throw pillows, baskets, and other knick-knacks.  I already have most of the gold accents so we do have that going for us.  The next color that I want to use is bright pops of different colors.  I recently rainbowtized my bookshelf and fell head over heels in love with it and it inspired me to add more pops of color to the room.  Lastly, there will be tiny bits of black in the office, too.  My computer, printer, and TV are all black, and several of my storage boxes are white with black dots.  I love black and white as long as the black isn’t so overpowering. 

Now that you know what I’m going for, it’s time to share the items that I either have or want for the room.


Since the wall color is the blush pink, I probably won’t be decorating with too much pink.  Maybe some pink flowers here and there, but other than that, the walls should do it!


While I have a desk for my office, I’m actually looking for something about 15 inches wider than my current desk because I want it to fill in the gap so the side will be flush with the wall.  My current desk is pretty small and I have a giant monitor that takes up the majority of the space.  I found this desk and it would fit in my space perfectly.  I also love that it has shelves on both sides.  This would allow me to put my printer on a shelf down below so it won’t be in such a prominent place.  Printers are such an eyesore!!

I am accessorizing with these white curtains from IKEA.  
And I'm also accessorizing with this cozy pom-pom blanket from Amazon.  I’m always freezing so a nice blanket is a must for my home office.


Now for the fun part, the golden and tan hues!  My current office chair is positively awful and cheap.  I’ve had it for ten years and it has been uncomfortable since day one.  I would love something similar to this office chair from Pottery Barn.  It’s gorgeous and sleek and looks much more comfy than the hunk of junk I have right now!

I currently have a white and gray chevron chest under my window and I could kick myself for buying a piece of furniture with such a trendy pattern on it.  Sigh.  I’m completely over the chevron, so it’s on my long-term list to eventually get a light tan linen storage ottoman to put under the window.  I love this one!  Anybody know how to recover these?  That would be way cheaper!

I got some spending money from my grandmother for Christmas, so I bought this basket from Target because of its lovely golden hue.  I’m using it to store my pom pom blanket when it’s not in use.  :o)

I also love this tobacco basket from Hobby Lobby.  Don’t know where I would even put it in my office, but it would make for a beautiful tray if I had a space for it.

I currently have a cheap white curtain rod in my office and would love to eventually replace it with something nicer.  This one from Amazon is absolutely GORG!

It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of Emily Ley’s and her pineapple pen cup is also on my wish list.  So cute!

I purchased these gold and white dot bins from Target when I was decluttering and reorganizing my office last year and I love them so much.  They hold all of my old diaries, scrapbooks, yearbooks, etc. and they make my shelves look so much tidier and cleaner than when the books were there!

Technically this chandelier isn’t gold, but it does have bronze accents and it needs to appear in my office immediately!!  I currently have an ugly ceiling fan in there now, and I want it OUT since I never use the fan in my office.  Don’t get me wrong… I will always have a fan over my bed to sleep, but I don’t need one in my office.

Finally, THIS PIN BOARD from Pottery Barn, y’all!!!!  It is stunning!!  I would LOOOOVE to have this over my desk!


My best friend and I used to rainbowtize all the things way back in high school so I have proof that I have always been obsessed with all things rainbow.  I recently rainbowtized my bookshelf in my office, and I’ll never go back to alphabetical order after seeing how happy that corner of my office now looks. 

I think that may be why I’m so attracted to Emily Ley’s Simplified brand… because all of her stuff is just so happy.  I recently bought her Happy Stripe Daily planner as well as a Happy Stripe calendar so those will be displayed prominently somewhere in my office.

In addition to rainbowtizing my books and having a happy planner and calendar, I also just want to incorporate other little pops of happy colors around the room.  I’ll primarily do this when I decorate my pin board.  It would be nice if it was the fancy Pottery Barn one, but it’ll probably end up being one that I make myself.  Ha!


Finally, as I said before, my computer, printer, and TV are black, and I also have a few other pops of black and white around the office.  I have one of these boxes from Hobby Lobby as well as a few other 12x12 boxes that are similar to this pattern and they look SO CUTE!  The black accents are now few and far between, but they are still there!

Well, who knew I could ramble on and on about colors like this?  Let me know your thoughts on everything!  I plan to do an office reveal eventually, but like I said, it will be slow going since we’re on a budget.  In the meantime, you can always follow along with the refresh on Instagram Stories.  I’ve posted lots of behind-the-scenes stuff on there and even done a few polls, so be sure to follow along!

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  1. Love the colors. I’m about to do a craft room makeover. Why I painted my walls green I will never know. �� but now they need to go.

  2. I love your new wall color! I feel like it makes it a much more relaxing space!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. I cannot wait to see the finished product! So many fun ideas! I wouldn't have thought about those white and gold bins for scrapbooks, but they are SO pretty! I'm hoping to redo some of the spaces in our line this year and this is such fun inspo!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I just like that the bins hide all of the junk! It's nice to have a clean feeling but still be able to have all of those scrapbooks on the shelves!

  4. Your rainbow books is one of my fave things EVER!! I love all your ideas. I would only mention the open shelves on the desk might drive you crazy with a printer if you could see the cord. I was thinking your desk is in the middle of the room but can't remember exactly. Can't wait to see the finished space !

  5. I love how your office is turning out! Blush and gold is such a great combo together. We've been adding in a lot of gold accents to our home right now and almost got a chandelier similar.

  6. I love the vision you have for your office! Yes, printers are such an eyesore. I ordered a laser printer a few years ago, and had no idea it would be so huge. I hate the way it looks and have it in a corner that you can't see when you walk in the room. I got a fabulous office chair from World Market similar to the one pictured. (here it is: ) They have great sales.

  7. I love rainbow and I'm sure this is going to come out great! I wish I could redo my office too!

  8. Adore the office chair you are thinking of getting and the little updates you're planning on making! It's going to feel like a very inspired space! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. eek! Everything here I just adore!

  10. Gah I just want to have my own room now. I have a little nook and I love it, but this is gorgeous friend.

  11. I LOVE that office chair! If you find a cheaper option, do share, haha! And that desk would be so nice. I like how it is open like you said, to hold the printer. Because those things are definitely not cute! I totally think that board is doable to make yourself. And I wonder if you would have to take your bench completely apart to recover it? Should would be nice if you could though. Can't wait to see how this refresh takes shape!

  12. I have those dot bin from target and love them, I think I bought them when you shared them. I wish I had an office, it must be so mice to have your own little space. I am loving the lighter color on the walls.

  13. My home office is blush pin, whites and champagne gold and neutral gray walls with white trim. I absolutely love it and your office is what all girls office and organizational dreams are made of!

  14. I love it, I love it all!!!! Your new color is sooo pretty! I can't wait to see your finished space. Also, I love me some Emily Ley, too! She was just interviewed by Jenna Kutcher on Jenna's podcast, Goal Digger - I highly recommend it - you'll be done listening and want more. I was crazy inspired by this particular podcast and I'm sure you would be, too!!!

  15. You peaked my interest at rainbow! I love everything that involves rainbow and I especially love packing in pops of color in every room. Can't wait to see the finished room!!!


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