Monday, October 21, 2019

Our Week - The One with Homecoming and Ray LaMontagne

It has been such a busy but fun week!  We had homecoming festivities all week at the kids’ school so they had themed dress-up days each day and they really had a lot of fun with it. 

Monday, October 14

Monday was Pajama Monday, my personal favorite, because it doesn’t take a lot of thought.  Haha.  The weather has finally cooled down here so we’ve reached that weird spot where you could really go either way with the long-sleeves or short-sleeves, and Jacob opted for short while Olivia opted for long. 

After I dropped them at school I headed straight for the gym to get in some cardio.  I love to get the week started off on a positive note, so I always try to make it to the gym on Monday mornings.

Since we’d just gotten back in town from the mountains, I had loads and loads of things to do so the rest of the day was spent running errands, unpacking, doing load after load of laundry, and catching up on blogging and emails and stuff that had gotten away from me while we were gone.

Monday evening after showers I braided Olivia’s hair in lots of different braids to prepare for Tuesday’s Hoco theme…

Tuesday, October 15

Timehop Tuesday… where the kids had to dress up as someone from another era.  Jacob’s class had a field trip that day so he didn’t get to participate as they had to wear their class shirts for the field trip, but Olivia did.  We went with an 80’s theme since it was easy, and Olivia loved her get-up – leggings, rainbow skirt, unicorn shirt tied on the side, and a side crimped ponytail complete with a scrunchie.  And is it totally weird that we already had all of those things on hand?!  I guess fads really do come back around, huh…

Jacob was supposed to have had a baseball game on Tuesday evening, but it rained all day and all evening (finally – we’ve been in a terrible drought) so we ended up having an unexpected and rare evening at home.  I cooked dinner and then all of us snuggled up on the couch and watched part of Hocus Pocus before bed.  We’ve had zero time to watch any of our favorite Halloween movies this year so far, so I was glad we were finally able to squeeze one in. 

Wednesday, October 16

Wednesday’s theme was Wacky Wednesday at school so the kids threw on a random hodgepodge of stuff.  Jacob opted for a holiday theme and he wore a St. Patrick’s Day shirt, some Mardi Gras beads, mismatched shorts, and two different Christmas socks.  Olivia went with a random dress, two different patterned leg warmers, and rainbow bows up the back of her head. 

After I dropped them off, I had a home and school meeting and a doctor’s appointment, and the rest of the day was spent working on procuring fall carnival donations and blogging.  The fall carnival is right around the corner so I had to get my act together!

Thursday, October 17

Thursday was Team Thursday for homecoming week, so I’m sure y’all already know what our kiddos wore… Georgia stuff, of course!  Love these little Georgia fans!

I spent the day at the gym and working on the blog a lot, and before I knew it, it was time to get the kids.  Olivia has ballet and tap every Thursday at 3:45 so we go straight there after school.  Jacob does his homework while we’re there and then when we get home I usually cook while Olivia does her homework. 

Jacob had his last baseball game Thursday evening at 7:30, and since it was the last game, we had a little pizza party for the team at 6:15 to celebrate the season.  It was chilly outside so I was able to wear boots and a jacket – WOO HOO! – and we had a fun evening hanging out with our baseball peeps.  Olivia has made fast friends with the baseball sisters so she's content while we're out there.  

My parents, B’s parents, and my uncle all ended up coming for the game, and we were so glad that everyone was able to be there because Jacob had one of his best games yet – he hit three singles which were all RBIs and the team ended up winning 17-4. 

The game didn’t end until just after 9 so it was a very late night in our house.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next few months of downtime, with no late baseball games.  We are playing in a tournament this week, but aside from that, Jacob’s first season of baseball is officially in the books.  He had a great time and we’ve enjoyed every second of watching him grow and learn and do something that he loves.  I think he’s going to continue with it in the spring, but he hasn’t decided yet for sure.  I have personally really enjoyed watching him play baseball.  I enjoy watching baseball way more than soccer, but baseball is definitely more demanding of our time which is tough.

Friday, October 18

Friday was Fired-up Friday (extreme spirit wear) so we painted their faces and spiked Jacob's hair up in a mohawk and sprayed it with red paint.  

When the kids got out of school we went to my parents’ house for a little bit to hang out with my brother and SIL and the kids since they had just gotten into town for the weekend.

Friday evening was our school’s alumni social and homecoming game, so we headed over there at 6 for some barbecue and beer and mingling with old classmates.  Several of the people who graduated with me are now teaching at the school and/or have their kids there with our kids, so we hung out with friends, old and new, all evening and then stayed for the football game. 

The weather was cloudy and chilly – perfect football weather – so it was a really nice evening.  My mom and brothers are also graduates of the school so my whole family was there and we used the opportunity to take pictures in front of the step-and-repeat.  We ended up leaving just after halftime (much to the kids dismay… they were having way too much fun running around with their friends!) and heading home.  Our team ended up winning – woo hoo!  And then B and I spent the rest of the evening watching Paul Rudd’s new show on Netflix called Living with Yourself.  Have any of y’all seen it yet?  I really like it so far, mostly because I just love him so much!

Saturday, October 19

Saturday was my niece’s first birthday party, so we spent the early part of the afternoon celebrating her.  My SIL had put together a Halloween theme since she has an October birthday so Chy was dressed as a cat (so cute!) and there was a nice spread of food including various Halloween treats.  She had set up the cutest little backdrop for Chy to eat her smash cake and Chyler dove right in when they put the cake in front of her.  She lost interest pretty quickly, though, and crawled off leaving a trail of frosting behind her.  Lol.

B and I left the kids with my parents at the party and headed for Atlanta at 3.  We had a tropical storm blow through all day Saturday so the day was super wet and cold and yucky.  It literally rained nonstop all day long from the time we woke up until sometime after 8ish in Atlanta.  The drive went okay despite the weather, but I always get a little anxious making a long drive in the rain.  I kept myself occupied by watching the LSU vs. Mississippi State game… hooray for modern technology! 

We had left major cushion in our schedule for the drive to Atlanta, and since the drive had gone smoothly (despite a couple of missed turns because of the GPS – sigh) we ended up getting there with plenty of time to spend which meant that we had time for a quick trip to Trader Joe’s!  Our favorite wine is the TJ’s brand merlot and cab, and it’s only $2.99 per bottle, so we always buy it by the case to stock up since we don’t have a TJ’s back home.  In addition to the two cases of wine, I pretty much grabbed all of the pumpkin and Halloween stuff I could get my hands on (cookies, coffee, popcorn) as well as some other TJ’s staples that we always keep on hand at home – organic chia seeds, mini chocolate chip cookies, and their version of Pirate’s Booty (because it’s like 1/4 the price!) – and then we headed back out into the monsoon.

Our next stop was Tin Lizzy’s to dry off and warm up and have dinner.  We still had ample time before the concert so B and I ended up having two rounds of margs over our favorite queso, guac, salsa, and chips (they’re like crack there, I swear) appetizer and then we both had tacos for dinner while we watched the first half of the Georgia game. 

We finally headed out at 7 to make the 1 mile drive to The Fox Theatre to see Ray LaMontagne in concert… the main reason for the whole trip!  He’s one of my favorite artists ever and he doesn’t really tour much, so this was the first opportunity we’ve had to see him.  He was fantastic and it was a major bucket list check. 

Right before the concert started I got word that Georgia was up 21-0 on Kentucky (a major improvement since it was still 0-0 at halftime… sigh) so B and I were able to rest easy and enjoy the concert without worrying that our Dawgs were going to blow it like last weekend. 

The Fox Theatre is about as picturesque as theaters come.  The whole stage and surrounding parts look like the facade of a castle and the ceiling mimics the night sky complete with a smattering of stars that twinkle.  It is just gorgeous and B and I had the best evening listening to the man with the velvet voice “under the stars.”  Our seats were in the 5th row behind the pit so our streak with the awesome seats continued!  

And seriously, if you don’t know his music, you must look him up.  Start with these songs – You are the Best Thing, Hold You in My Arms, and Trouble.  You won’t be disappointed. 

Sunday, October 20

Sunday morning B and I slept in until 9 AM!  I haven’t slept that late in I don’t even know how long.  He and I had made the drive back from Atlanta the night before and we didn’t make it to bed until 1 AM, so it was well-deserved.  My parents sent us a picture of the little crazies just after 9 and said that they were taking them for donuts and that they would  bring them home later in the morning.

B and I spent the morning in our PJ’s, watching the second half of the Georgia game that we had missed, and drinking the new pumpkin spice coffee from TJ’s (well, I did, anyway.  Haha).  It’s delicious.  The babies got home around 11 AM and then B and I finally got ready for the day.

My MIL and step-FIL didn’t cook this weekend so we took the kids to Five Guys for lunch and then we went to the Burger King playground that they love so much.  They’d been cooped up inside the entire day on Saturday from all of the rain, so having 45 minutes to run around outside in the sunshine was just what they needed. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing all the things at home – unpacking, laundry, dishes, watering plants, preparing for the week ahead, and doing all of the other things that had been neglected all weekend since we were barely home.  I love my weekends away but man oh man does it cause us to scramble on Sunday! 

Sunday evening we went over to my parents’ house for dinner… God bless my momma for cooking dinner even though she’d just spent all weekend caring for our kids.  Thank you, Mommyyyy.  She made sausage and cabbage and mashed potatoes (one of my favorites) and my Mama Cass brought homemade banana pudding (another one of my favorites!) and it was a perfect evening with the fam. 

We have another crazy week ahead – baseball tournament, fall carnival, and lots of other things on the schedule – so you can find me running around like a chicken with my head cut off all week.  Ha!  Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. What a fun full week! I can't believe your niece is already 1!! I think Pajama day will be my favorite for school spirit week too! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. So many things to comment on!

    I love all the dress up days - so fun.

    That's awesome that Jacob ended his regular baseball season on a high note.

    The pictures of you and your brothers and then the one of you all with your mom are so good - definite keepers!

    Sounds like your trip to ATL was a success. I definitely have to stop and get that coffee soon, before it's gone. And ever since you mentioned that singer, I have been a fan. And those three songs are my favorites, too!

    Have a great Monday!

  3. I loved following along on all of the homecoming dress up days! So fun for elementary school to get to participate! And I agree, the Fox is absolutely gorgeous! We went to see Wicked there a few years ago!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Your homecoming shenanigans are so fun and how sweet to have pajama day. What a great week pretty lady. xo

  5. What a FUN week! I love all the themes for homecoming week! Whew and that game on Saturday night!

  6. Replies
    1. Yep, they loved that one because pretty much anything goes!

  7. Oh I love the boys in Olivia's hair and oh my, congrats to Jacob for having such a fantastic game! What a fun week and weekend - that theater is gooooorgeous!!!

  8. *bows (it's like my fingers can't remember how to type anymore) *facepalm*

  9. That concert looked amazing, loved peeking in on IG! Also love the crazy hair styles. I'll have to remember those rainbow bows for when our spirit day comes up. ;)

  10. I always loved spirit week! My youngest son has those exact same pj's. We just bought Hocus Pocus this weekend and we're hoping to start a new Halloween tradition. Since none of us has ever seen the movie I thought it might be the perfect way to kick off our movie & candy night.

    1. Oh I hope you enjoy it! It's been one of my favorites since I was little! I think I can recite half of the movie because I've seen it so many times!

  11. Sounds like such a fun and busy week! I love Olivia's hair with all the bows

    1. Me too! I think that was my favorite thing we did for the week!

  12. We were in Atlanta on Saturday to see Carrie Underwood at the State Farm Arena and yes it rained to much it was flooding part of downtown. That stage looks very pretty.

    1. Ahhhh we actually had tickets to that concert, too, and then we had to make a choice! I ultimately went with Ray because he doesn't tour as much as Carrie! She's on my bucket list, too, though! I hope you enjoyed it!

  13. OMG I love Ray LaMontagne! His voice is like velvet. Glad you like the pumpkin spice coffee! I had my last pod this morning, need to go stock up again! So glad you have a great weekend and got to sleep in on Sunday.

  14. That red mohawk is my fave! Spirit weeks are always so much fun. Y'all are in a busy season but so fun!

  15. Love all the spirit week outfits! And hooray for Trader Joe's!

  16. This was the first time I've ever tried them and they are soooo good! The hype is real! And lucky you for the kids not wanting to participate. Haha. It does get a little stressful trying to organize themed outfits for two kids for an entire week!

  17. What a fun and full week. Don't you love themed weeks? You guys nailed it!

  18. I have literally dropped the ball on watching Hocus Pocus this year. I need to get that in this weekend. I LOVE the crazy hair day and the rainbow skirt look. Sounds like you had a great week and going to TJ's is always a must!!!


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