Friday, December 20, 2019

Five on Friday - Lauren Conrad Goodies at Kohl’s

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If there’s any one clothing designer who speaks straight to my heart, it has to be Lauren Conrad.  It’s obvious that her favorite color is pink (mine too!), she has a love for all things festive (same), and she’s offers fun, whimsical styles that are so feminine and flattering at affordable prices.  And before I go any further, let me just say that this post is in no way sponsored by Lauren or Kohl’s (although, that would be awesome if it was… y’all hit me up!  LOL).  I just truly love her stuff!

I was browsing my local Kohl’s store last week and I came across some LC goodies that were just too cute not to share.  Since Kohl’s allows coupon-stacking you can get some really fantastic deals… especially right now since most of the items are already marked down.  Whether you’re in search of last minute gifts or you’re getting ready to spend some of your Christmas money or gift cards, I have some fun ideas for you!

O N E – Scarf

This scarf may be the most gorgeous scarf I’ve ever seen, and it might just be the softest one, too.  The colors are unique and beautiful and the print is just perfection.  I loved it so much that I bought three – one for myself and two for gifts!  It’s on sale online right now, too!

T W O – Festive Socks

During the cold weather months I wear ankle socks every day with my boots and booties.  I love having cute socks in all patterns and colors and I typically get mine from Target.  My Target socks were getting worn out and several pairs had been tossed because they had holes in the toes, so I was in need of some more.

I came across these two packs of socks at my local store and fell in love.  There’s a set for Christmas and a set for New Year’s, but there are also a few pairs of neutrals sprinkled in each set so you can use them year round.  These were marked down so much at my store that I ended up getting them for less than $3 per pack after my coupons!!  Since they were that cheap, I went ahead and got both packages so I shouldn’t have to buy socks for a long time.

The socks are all thicker than I expected which was a nice surprise, but they’re not too thick.  I found these to be just right.  They are all very soft and so cute, and I can’t wait to wear my little champagne glasses on my feet for New Year’s!

T H R E E – Hats

I’m a sucker for polka dots and anything pink, so this beanie hat is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen.  Since I’d already bought myself the scarf and the socks I knew I didn’t need to spend any more money on myself, but I may go back and grab it after Christmas if I have any money or gift cards to spend.  ;o)

The thing I love the most about this hat is that the inside band is lined with fleece so the part that covers your ears is extra thick and warm.  I have numerous knit hats and when it’s windy, the cold blows right through the hats and into my ears, and I hate when my ears ache.  I love that this hat has an extra layer of protection so that won’t happen. 

This beanie hat with sequins is also super cute!  Come to think of it, I might actually like the white version of this sequined hat the best!

F O U R – Earmuffs

If you’re not a hat person, these beautiful blush pink earmuffs would be a great alternative.  They’re super soft and warm and they won’t mess up your hair like a hat could.  ;o)

F I V E – Top

I dedicated an entire post to this top last year because I loved it so much, and I was so excited to see that the top is back this season in lots of different colors and patterns!  It’s seriously so gorgeous and so flattering and I still love mine as much now as I did when I bought it a year ago! 

Here’s an old picture of me modeling it for y’all.  ;o)

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