Friday, January 17, 2020

Five on Friday - January Goals

As mentioned in my 2020 Goals post on Wednesday, things are going to look a little different around here this year.  While I’ll still be doing monthly goals posts, the emphasis is going to be more on connecting with people and spending time with them and less on checking things off of to-do lists.  Before I get to the January goals, let’s see how I did with December goals.

As always, I’m using a Y for YES and N for NO to indicate whether or not I accomplished my goals.

December Goals


Y  Positivity, worry less, complain less, be kind, patience, relationships. – I feel like this went pretty smoothly in December and I focused much more on relaxing, taking things slow, being present, and spending time with loved ones despite the fact that December was bittersweet with the death of my grandmother.
Y  Start reading a Christmas book. – I got through half of Christmas Shopaholic and it’s so cute.  I’m still reading it!
Y  Join Adrienne’s Book Club. – I attended their Christmas party to get to know everyone and hope to start attending as much as I can.
Y  Dinner with girlfriends. – We did our favorite things party and it was so much fun.
Y  Dinner with old co-workers. – We got together for our annual Christmas dinner and it was so special spending time with everyone.


N  Drink 64 oz. water per day. – I ended up with some kind of stomach virus for eight days and during that time I barely ate or drank anything the whole time.
Y  Continue quiet time/meditating. – I did make time for this, and although I missed a few days during the month, I made it a priority most of the month.
Y  Hit the gym as much as I can. – I hit the gym approximately one time in December, but that was “as much as I could” so I’m giving myself grace and a yes for this one.
Y  Eat healthy when I can and indulge, too. – December was a good balance.
Y  Follow up with GI doc. – Sure did and he released me since reflux isn’t the culprit.


Y  Help out with raffle ticket data entry at kids’ school.
Y  Attend Observation Day at Olivia’s dance school.
Y  Have a Brian and Lindsay Day o Fun... or two! – We got in two in December!
Y  Attend the school’s Christmas program.
Y  Do all the fun Christmasy things on our Bucket List! – We checked off every single thing!
Y  Spend lots of time with those whom I hold most dear.
Y  Celebrate Christmas.
Y  Spend time with our friends who are back from Korea!!!! – We soaked them up for two whole days straight!
Y  Celebrate New Year’s Eve.


Y  Send out Christmas cards.
Y  Finish Christmas shopping.
N  Photograph kids’ art from first 1/2 of year and file papers to keep. – Dropped the ball on this and have no regrets.
Y  Clean out, organize, and put away all Christmas decorations.
Y  Mop, vacuum, and clean whole house before NYE.


N  Complete posts for Christmas Break. – Dropped the ball on this, too, and also had no regrets.  It was nice to take some time off, although, unexpected.
Y  Start planning/organizing 2020 goals.


23 items accomplished
3 items not accomplished

Here are some pictures of my successes...

Dinner with girlfriends
Dinner with old coworkers

My one workout for the month

Christmas program at the kids' school

Day date!

Nutcracker weekend in Atlanta

Christmas Eve
Christmas morning

Hanging out with our friends from Korea

Fantasy in Lights - bucket list check!

Celebrating New Year's Eve

Giving myself a pat on the back for this one!  ;o)  Now onto the January goals… you’ll see that I renamed my “Personal” section “Personal/Connect” so I can list my goals to connect with others there since that’s my word for the year, although, I'll probably continue to put all Brian, Jacob, and Olivia related items under the "Family" category.  So many items could fall under multiple categories!

January Goals


Worry, rush, and complain less, live in the present and choose joy.
Be positive, confident, and kind.
Movie night with Momma.
Text two friends I haven’t talked to in a while just because.
Lunch with old coworkers.
Attend bible study (assuming we resume this month).
Help out with raffle ticket data entry at kids’ school.
Attend Home & School Association meeting for January.
Attend the school spring event meeting.
Get outside and walk with Maui while the kids are at school at least twice.
Put phone away each evening before dinner until after kids are in bed. 
Stop scrolling through phone in public and interact with others more.
Read Emily Ley’s book When Less Becomes More.
Start making a list of special things I can do for others.


Meditate every single day of the month.
Quiet time every single day of the month.
Drink 64 oz. water most days.
Work out at least three times per week (gym/walk around neighb/stair stepper).
Have a check-up at the allergist.
Visit with therapist at least two times.


Hang out with kids after dinner every evening.
Don’t be so hard on the kids/don’t sweat the little things.
Make at least two Whole 30 meals for dinner.
Book fast passes for Disney World trip.
Get kids to practice riding bikes without training wheels as much as possible.
Attend a UGA basketball game.
Schedule Olivia’s six-year well-visit at the doctor.
Sign Jacob up for baseball for spring season.


Photograph kids’ art from first half of year and file papers to keep.
Clean out front room – game cabinet/side table.
Clean out living room – entertainment center/coffee table/side tables. 
Clean out play room – bins/shelves.
Clean out refrigerator.
Clean out pantry.
Clean out master closet.
List 3 large items for sale on Facebook.
Start researching vehicles.
Complete 3 things on Master To-Do list.
Decorate for Valentine’s Day. 
Start preparing for Valentine’s Day.
Start researching condos for beach trip.


Get caught up on content after taking a break last month.
Plan blog content for first quarter.
Instagram – giveaway.

Friday Funnies... Or Inspiration This Week :o)

Wise words.


Shine your light while you've got one!

While I didn't have any trouble this past year "sitting at anyone's table" I still loved this!  Make your own way!


On the Blog This Week
Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. You knocked so many off and here’s to January being inspired and to you feeling accomplished. And nay your weekend be wonderful!!

  2. Happy Friday! Lots of success in December, especially given what was all going on. Here's to hope January is full of connection and more successes!

  3. I feel like you did so well accomplishing so many of your goals, nice job!

  4. You rocked those goals even with a stomach virus for 8 days! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. You've got this! I love that you put stop scrolling phone while out in public. I have tried to stop doing this because so many connections and interactions are missed when I do this. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Wonderful goals for the month. I want to know how to worry and complain less. Do you just stop yourself when the bad thoughts come to your mind?

  7. You got a lot done! I full admit I have taken down 2/3 of our Christmas stuff and the rest stays up...need to get on that this weekend!

  8. 3 out of 24 (that didn't happen) isn't bad at all!! I still struggle with the water thing too. That sucks that you had a stomach bug for 8 days last month. Ugh.

  9. Good luck on this month's goals!!

  10. Wow, you rocked December!! I plan on seeing a movie with my Mama this month too!

  11. You did great in December!! Well done friend. :) I cleaned out my fridge the other day, and it was great... although it always just gets so messy so quickly.

    1. Thank you! And yes, I guess since we use the fridge so much it really can get messy very quickly!


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