Friday, September 25, 2020

Five on Friday - String Lights Indoors, New Artwork, and Fall Leaves

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Happy Friday, y’all!!  SEC football is finally back this weekend, so we’re euphoric over here!!  Today I’m sharing some favorites from the week, and may I say that these are some wonderful favorites…

O N E – String Lights in My Office

Remember how I hinted last week that I was working on a project in my office?  Well, today is reveal day!  I hung twinkle lights in my office!!!!

I’ve had this task on my list of things to do for years, and I even went so far as to buy this box of string lights over a year ago, but I never took the time to get them up.  I wanted to hang them in a way that didn’t detract too much from that gorgeous chandelier, and they needed to be hung in a way that the cords were able to be hidden, so it was a daunting task. 

Since I didn’t really know exactly how or where to start, I just, well, never started, so the lights have just been sitting in my office closet, boxed up, waiting to be used.  I finally got the courage to start mapping things out a couple of weekends ago, and once my plan was in place, I couldn’t get them hung fast enough.  It did end up taking a couple of hours to plan it all out, but once the plan was in place, it only took about 30 minutes to get them hung. 

B couldn’t help since he’s still recovering from back surgery, but as I always tell him, “I don’t need no man” (lol) and I got them right up all by myself.

Y’all, it’s incredible what a single $15 string of twinkle lights can do for a room… it has completely transformed the space!  I seriously thought I couldn’t love my office any more than I already do, but these lights have made it completely magical.  I never ever want to leave this space.  I also want to hang these all over the house!  But I won’t.  Haha.

I’m sure most people never even think to hang string lights indoors, but don’t even question it… just do it!  It’s magic, I tell you. 

Be sure to check my Instagram stories as I plan to do a little tour of my office with the lights on, hopefully today.

T W O – New Artwork

Since I moved my travel gallery wall out of my office a few months ago, my wall has been bare, and I’ve looked high and low for something to hang in there.  I did come across these paintings from Minted, and while they fit my aesthetic, they didn’t fit right in the space since they are comprised of two separate paintings instead of one.

While I’m not nearly as talented as my dad (he’s an artist… he does it for a living), I have been known to draw and paint every once in a while, so I thought I’d just whip up something myself.  The result is this rainbow dot piece, and it turned out perfect for what I was looking for in my office.  It's acrylic on paper.  My dad gave me a couple of sheets of his heavy sketch pad paper and it was exactly what I needed.

I originally hung the painting in this black frame (and I actually like the painting in the black frame better), but the black frame didn’t look right in my office, so I put it in a gold frame that I already had on hand.

I intended to hang it where the travel gallery was, but I didn’t like the colors there, so I swapped it out with the other floral piece of art that hangs next to my desk, and it ended up being perfect. 

When I planned my office makeover a couple of years ago, I selected pale pink, white, and gold for the primary colors, along with rainbow accents, and I think this painting adds the perfect pop of rainbow to this side of the room.  Love love love!

And in case y'all were wondering, there are over 20 different colors in the painting.  I really enjoyed mixing the paints to transition from color to color!

T H R E E – Fall Leaves

In addition to the rainbow pumpkins in my office, I really wanted some faux fall leaves since fall leaves are my favorite.  The only ones I had on hand were multi-colored (red, orange, yellow, green, and brown), but I wanted to find some that were a golden yellow to bring out the gold accents in my office.

I found these beauties at Hobby Lobby this year and they are my favorite faux fall leaves ever!  They’re the same ones that I have on my bar cart downstairs.  You can see those here in my fall home tour if you missed it.

F O U R – The Wedding Planner/Marry Me

I know I’ve already mentioned this in my weekly recaps, but The Wedding Planner is now on Netflix and I’ve been watching it on repeat lately while I work.  It’s definitely in my top five favorite movies of all-time and it just gives me all. the. happy. vibes.  I’ve probably watched it seven or eight times in the last couple of weeks and I have zero shame in admitting that.  It is just the best.  They really need to start making more movies like that again.

Which brings me to… did y’all see that Jennifer Lopez has a new movie coming out on Valentine’s Day next year and it appears to be a romantic comedy?!  It’s called Marry Me and the synopsis sounds promising.  There’s no trailer yet, but you can read about it on the website here. 

It also stars Owen Wilson (whom I love) and it sounds like it could end up being a true romantic comedy… you know, like all of the good ones from the 90’s that they don’t make anymore?  Please oh please let it be!

F I V E – Working in My Office

Combine my new string lights with my new artwork, my pretty fall leaves, and The Wedding Planner on repeat with my cozy blanket and my fall scented oils in the diffuser and… I never ever want to leave my office.  Like, ever.  It is truly my happy place and it’s been my absolute favorite thing this past week.  I mean, just look at that cozy little space... and the second picture is my view when I look to the right.  Those fall leaves!

Friday Funnies

Amen, sister!

It's worth a try!!

But seriously, this hurricane season, though

Thanks!  Don't forget to fill it up for me while you're out.  ;o)

Literally me ALL DAY tomorrow because the SEC is finally playing.  Amen.

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Happy Friday, y’all! 

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  1. Love the addition of the lights to the office! So darling! Have a super sweet last weekend of September. Can’t believe it’s almost over. xo

  2. I would never want to leave your office either, it looks so cozy! Lol, I tell Kevin that I don't need him when I do stuff like that myself too. I am soooooo excited about LSU football being back as well. Finally feels a little normal! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Your office is beautiful. I love the rainbow photo with the string lights reflection in the top corner.

  4. omg you could totally sell that artwork! It's so amazing and fits your office perfectly. We want string lights for outside, but they look great inside too!

  5. The lights look so pretty and so does the painting! I really like the frame you went with. Ugh, I completely forgot about daylight savings coming up. We definitely don't need any extra hour lol. I hope you have a great weekend!

  6. The hurricane meme is funny but awful. Ha. I hope turning the clocks makes us all go out of this mess. I love the painting that you did. So pretty! And I love that you and your dad like to draw and make art. I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I love the lights in your office! I am still searching for a new light for my office!
    The Wedding Planner was the first movie that Ben and I watched together as a couple! I guess it was a sign ;)

  8. Love those twinkle lights and your custom art project! I am really hoping that the new movie is as good as the old romcoms... I miss those so much.

    1. Thank you! I do, too! Someone needs to bring them back!

  9. I LOVE your office! The piece you painted looks so good. And the addition of the leaves add such a nice pop of fall. You are making me want to get some for my room - I think next year I am going to bring in a little bit of fall there, because why not?!


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