Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Valentine’s Day Essentials

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We may have just finished the Christmas season, but it’s already time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day!  I don’t know about y’all, but we are still avoiding in-person shopping as much as possible, so I’m purchasing as many things for Valentine’s Day online as I can!  Target has been my go-to for Valentine’s Day goodies for years, and this year, their selection doesn’t disappoint.  I’ve been browsing for a few days now, trying to round up a few things for the kiddos, and I just wanted to share all of my very favorite things that I’ve seen so far.  Most everything is from Target, but a couple of items are from Amazon and Michael’s…

1 – Heart-Shaped Plates

I bought two of these melamine heart plates last year, and they are absolutely darling in person.  They’re Opalhouse for Target, so the quality is great, and they are dishwasher safe, which is of utmost importance.  ;o)  I loved these so much, I ordered two more this year so we can have a complete set of four… it will come in handy for the festive dinner I’m planning for Brian and the kids.


2 – Hearts Throw Pillow

This heart-covered throw pillow is another Target item that is perfect for adding a Valentine’s pop to any living room or bedroom.


3 – Paper Straws

Hi, my name is Lindsay and I love paper straws.  Seriously, we have them for every single holiday and occasion, and they are one of my favorite things to add to our bar cart to give it a festive little pop of fun.  Decorative and functional?  Yes, please.  And paper straws are so much better for the environment.  This set includes several different patterns – hearts, stars, stripes, and chevron – and you get 100 of them for just $6.99.


4 – Felt Avocado Figures

If you’re looking for a quirky little gift for your significant other or for your kids, look no further than this adorable little avocado set.  I know it’s the most random thing, but my goodness, it was too dang cute not to share!


5 – Felt Rainbow Figures

Target has an entire series of these, and this rainbow duo is, naturally, my very favorite.  Again, this would make the sweetest little gift for a significant other, a friend, or your kids.  At only $5 who can resist?


6 – Red and Pink Glitter Heart Garland

I’m a HUGE fan of holiday garlands/banners because they’re incredibly fast and easy to hang, but they make a huge statement.  They also don’t take up much space, so they’re easy to store.  We keep banners similar to this one on hand for all of the holidays, and this one is so cute and festive for Valentine’s Day!


7 – Felt Donut Figures

Yes, these donut figures are yet another set from Target.  I know it’s a bit redundant to have so many of these on my list, but I just cannot resist any of them!  This would be the perfect little gift for any donut lover.


8 – Hearts Dress

We love all things Cat & Jack for Target.  All of their products are good quality, the fit is always right, the fabric is always soft, and everything in their line is so affordable… like this hearts covered dress!  This short-sleeve version is just $9 and they also have a long-sleeve version for $10.  Olivia has this exact dress in unicorns and Halloween cats, and they are always some of her favorites to wear because they’re so comfy.  Hearts and the color pink are two of her favorite things, so this dress will be delivering to our door this week.  ;o)


9 – Pom Pom Garland

I mentioned garlands and banners earlier, and my very favorite kind of garland is a pom pom garland!  They are just so festive and fun!  Ashland for Michael’s has been killing it with the pom pom garlands for Christmas these past few years, and now, they have a Valentine’s version, too.  I have several of these exact garlands for Christmas, so I can attest to the quality.  They hold up wonderfully, and these are six feet long, so you get a lot of length for your buck.  This one is on sale right now for just $10.49, marked down from $14.99.  If you’re interested, I’d suggest you buy now, though, because their Christmas pom pom garlands always sell out very early in the season.


10 – Valentine’s Day Push Pencils

Hey 80’s/90’s kids, do y’all remember push pencils?!  They were my most favorite pencils ever when I was little, so when I came across these at Target I WAS SO EXCITED!  I’ve barely seen these since I was a kid.  This 16-pack is just $3, and it would be the perfect little gift to accompany all of your kids’ Valentine’s cards.  I actually bought an entire pack of these just for our kids to use because they love them, too!


11 – Hearts Lumbar Pillow

This pillow complements the other pillow I mentioned earlier in this post, and they would look so cute together or apart.


12 – Set of Two Hearts Mugs

Coffee mugs are another one of my weaknesses, and this set of two could not be cuter!  Perfect for adding a little bit of Valentine’s Day cheer to your coffee or hot chocolate bar.


And that’s it… just a few fun goodies I came across and wanted to share!  I hope y’all have the happiest Wednesday!


  1. I love it all! This post also reminded me I wanted to make some garland with some felt I already have. I am trying so hard this year to use the craft supplies I have before buying more. It's super hard.

  2. I may have to grab some of those plates - definitely would make Valentine's Day a little more special! And I LOVE those mugs. I actually am not normally a big 'hearts' person, but those are too cute.

  3. Oh the valentine cuteness! I especially love the mugs and the pillow and the felt garland! I love all things love, LOL!

  4. Hoping to pull out a little valentine cuteness here this week..found some fun stuff at homegoods!

  5. That avocado is so random and adorable. I think that would make me smile if it was on my desk every day!

  6. I bought 4 of those heart shaped plates last week and added them to my dining room table. They are so CUTE

  7. Love all of these festive goodies! I was JUST thinking that it feels so blah around the house since taking down Christmas stuff. We could use some cheer. :)

  8. My girls are getting a heart dress too! I want those plates. I am not sure if I should order 2 just for the girls or 4 for all of us!

  9. I want those heart-shaped plates!! How fun would they be?!


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