Friday, April 2, 2021

Five on Friday - CUTEST Mugs, Growing Boldly, and Polos for Picky Boys

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Happy Friday, y’all!  Ready for some favorites to kick off the weekend!  Let’s go!

O N E – Floral Print Mug

How beautiful is this mug from Target?  And you know what makes it even more beautiful?  The $3 price tag!  I have quite the collection of coffee mugs, but I didn’t even hesitate when I saw this one because it’s so unique, yet affordable.  It reminds me of something that you’d see at Anthropologie.   


T W O – Polka Dot Mug

Yes, another mug, but I couldn’t not talk about this one because I’m such a sucker for black and white polka dots.  I saw this adorable mug during my last Target run, and it just magically hopped into my cart!  How could I say no since it was only $3?!  I do use a mug every single day of my life – sometimes twice a day – and since they double as home décor for my coffee bar, they all get plenty of use… functional and pretty… doesn’t get much better than that.  ;o) 


T H R E E – Growing Boldly

Emily Ley is one of my favorite follows on IG – I’ve been following her for years, I’ve been using her planners for years, and I’ve read all of her books, so I am especially thrilled about her latest book, Growing Boldly.  I was actually a part of her launch team and have had access to the PDF version for months, but I have been waiting to get the physical copy to finish it.  (Nothing compares to having a physical book in your hands, am I right?!)  The parts I’ve read are SO GOOD, y’all, and I can’t wait to dig into the rest of it now that I have it in my hands!  I’ll share some thoughts on it once I’m done.


F O U R – Simplified Podcast

And speaking of Emily and her Simplified brand, she also just started a podcast, and I’ve been devouring every episode as it’s released.  The purpose of her podcast is to help you simplify your life on an array of life topics, and I’ve so enjoyed listening to her take on all things motherhood, organizing, friendship, etc.  If you’re looking for something new to listen to, I highly recommend this one!


F I V E – Under Armour Boys Polos

Jacob can’t stand a polo shirt, an oxford shirt, a sweater, or pretty much anything other than an athletic shirt.  He used to have to wear polo shirts for his school uniform, but this year, the uniform provider for the school started offering a “performance polo” option (AKA polo style shirt made from athletic fabric), so he has literally gone nearly an entire year without wearing anything other than athletic tops. 

Asking him to wear a standard cotton polo is like pulling teeth these days, but I’ve never loved the athletic polo options because they typically come in dark colors like grey, black, red, and navy blue.  When we go to the beach, I like to take family pictures in lighter colors, so I was excited to find that Under Armour has this line of performance polos for boys in many colors of the rainbow, some of which are pastel-ish.  I grabbed the light blue one and a white one for Jacob’s Easter basket, and now we can both be happy.  ;o)


Friday Funnies

I've been saying this for years.  Seems legit.

Exactly how I felt for the last five years at my job.

Why is this so true?!  I have been THE MOST nostalgic for the past lately

Nobody is more efficient

They should really start a side business

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 Happy Friday, y'all!


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  1. Those mugs are so cute! I love the price tag too. Yup, I agree, nothing like having a good book in your hands. I'll have to check that one out! Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

  2. I love those mugs! I love mugs for my decor and photos too.

  3. I don't even drink coffee (or anything hot really) but I do love mugs and those are some super cute ones!

    1. They really do make for the cutest decorations even if you don't use them much!

  4. You recommended the flower mug on Insta stories last week I think and I ordered it. I am loving it. A nice size and pop of color first thingi n the morning

    1. Yep, that was me! And yes, I agree... they are just the perfect size and I love that the handles are wide! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  5. the Chick-fil-a memes are so true and funny. I love those mugs. Target has the best mugs for sure. And plates for the holidays. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  6. Oh my gosh, I have an obsession with cute mugs too! Are we sisters from another life... seems the more I read, the more I find we have in common. ;) I need to head to Target and see if I can snag those! They would make great gifts too!

  7. Growing Boldly is on my shelf to read next week! I have a few library reads to get through first.

  8. Those memes really got me, haha. I too have been VERY nostalgic over the last 6-8 months and did not think to link it to pandemic life. What an eye-opening thought!

  9. The wait at Chick-Fil-A angers me to the core because by the time my food comes out I am sick to my stomach from being so hungry. I should just go when I am not hungry. Cause by the time it comes out I will have built up an appetite from the smells and watching everyone get theirs. HAHA!

  10. Those mugs are so cute! You always find the best ones - still sad about those heart mugs from Valentine's Day being sold out, haha! I totally forgot about Emily Ley's podcast - I need to check that out. And her book - can't wait to hear what you think!


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