Monday, July 12, 2021

What I Wore - June 2021

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Just look at all of the real clothes I wore in the month of June, y’all!  This time last year, I probably hadn't worn a top besides a t-shirt in weeks!  Now that things are opening back up and we’re out doing more, I’ve been wearing lots of fun stuff, and it feels so good! 

Just like last summer, these shorts are the ones I’ve been living in, and they're only $17.99!!  When I find a good pair of jeans or jean shorts, I always buy several pairs because I’m so picky I feel like I should scoop up a whole bunch to rotate so they’ll last longer.  These are no exception, and I bought four pairs last summer… that’s evident after seeing just how many times I wore them this past month.  They are just so so good, y’all.

Here’s what I wore in the month of June!  As always, I’ll link all of the items that I can underneath each of the pictures.

June 1 - Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 2 - Top // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 3 - Denim Shorts // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 4 - Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 5 - Tank // Denim Shorts // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 6 - Denim Shorts // Necklace // Bracelets // Apple Watch Band

June 7 - Dress // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 8 - Dress // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 9 - Dress // Necklace // Bracelets // Apple Watch Band

June 10 - Necklace // Bracelets // Apple Watch Band

June 11 - Dress // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 12 - Denim Shorts // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 13 - Pivot Tee (similar) // Denim Shorts // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 14 - Denim Shorts // Apple Watch Band

June 15 - Denim Shorts // Apple Watch Band

June 16 - Denim Shorts // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 17 - Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 18 - Tee // Denim Shorts // Shoes // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 19 - Denim Shorts // Necklace // Apple Watch Band 

June 20 - Denim Shorts // Shoes // Apple Watch Band

June 21 - Tank // Shoes // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 22 - Denim Shorts // Shoes // Apple Watch Band

June 23 - Denim Shorts // Shoes // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 24 - Tank // Leggings // Shoes // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 25 - Denim Shorts // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 26 - Shoes // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 27 - Shoes // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 28 - Shoes // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 29 - Shoes // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

June 30 - Top // Necklace // Apple Watch Band

Happy Monday, y’all!


  1. You really did dress so cute in June! Love that 30A sweatshirt :)
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Those shorts are sooo worth it. I wear them all the time. Thanks for the recommendation. Love your outfits for the last month!

  3. So many cute outfits... and I just bought myself a pair of the shorts!

    1. I hope you love them as much as I do! They are so good. I'm wearing them right now as I type. :o)

  4. Yay for real clothes! And of course loving all the peplum <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. So many cute things here! I love your peplum tops!

  6. SO many real clothes! Loving that leopard top you have!


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