Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DIY Metallic Gold Paper Trays

Aaaah, spray paint.  My BFF.  My Love.  My Life. 

I use spray paint for everything.  And I mean everything.  I once spray painted a pair of white sandals brown and they looked fantastic.  And I still wear them to this day.  And they still look fantastic.  And nobody knows that they weren’t even brown to begin with.  

You can do just about anything with spray paint.  So, when I couldn’t find any gold paper trays for my book shelves, I immediately turned to my one true love that I know I can always count on.  Spray paint.   

Rust-Oleum has a gorgeous metallic gold spray paint that covers extremely well, so my dream of having metallic gold paper trays was super easy and cheap.  I first picked up four plain white paper trays on clearance at my other love, Target, for only $1.99 apiece (similar here) and I already had the spray paint leftover from Olivia's pink and gold first birthday party so I didn’t even have to buy any.  

This past Sunday while the kids were napping and Brian was enjoying his Father's Day relaxing, I laid out my trusty rusty spray paint towel to protect the porch, and I spray painted each tray.  I turned each one upside down before spraying because I liked the pattern on the insides of the trays and wanted to keep them that way.  Each tray only needed one coat and they dried in about ten minutes flat. 

I put them up on my bookshelves in their designated spots, and voila, total transformation in only about fifteen minutes!  It was an extremely easy and cheap way to spruce up the shelves. 



Have you spray painted anything weird?  Do tell! 


  1. First off, I love the fact that you spray painted sandals! These trays turned out awesome, I love a quick fun project! Do you have any spray painting tips?? For what seems easy enough I somehow manage to screw it up every time! My stuff never looks evenly painted and there are always drip marks :(

    1. Haha, thanks girl! I was worried that the spray paint might rub off on my feet or something, but it never does! I was shocked at how amazing they looked!

      As far as spray painting goes, I've found that I only get drip marks if I get too close, so be sure to hold the can 8-10 inches from the items you're spraying. That means that you'll have to do several coats, but I've found that several thin coats end up looking way better than one or two thick coats!

    2. Ahh thanks! I can see now why my stuff look terrible, I'm always spraying way too close, LOL. I'll keep this in mind for my next spray paint project :)

    3. Once you get the hang of it, you will want to spray paint EVERYTHING!!!! :o)

  2. That's it, I'm off to spray paint my flip flops! LOL! The trays turned out awesome, girl!

  3. I love this! Gold makes everything better!

  4. These turned out so cute! I have a can of gold spray paint ready to be used!


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