Monday, June 15, 2015

Hot Weekend

We had a sunshiny, sweaty, hot weekend!  Seriously, it was SO.  HOT.  And humid.  And it’s only June.  Sigh… 

Friday night we took the babes out for pizza.  Jacob loves going there because they always give him a wad of dough to play with while we wait on our pizza.  While we were there, we discovered that Olivia loves black olives.  So odd.  I gave one to her to try, and she ended up eating about 15 of them… I don’t know if it was a fluke or what, but I guess I’ll have to try again next time to see. 

Gotta stay hydrated in this heat!!

Mmmm, black olives...

I adore how he eats his pizza and places the crust back in a circle.  And he ate a TON!  Must be growing!

After pizza, we took the kids for ice cream… real ice cream, not frozen yogurt like usual.  We have taken them for fro-yo a million times, but we never take them for real ice cream.  Jacob chose Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Brian had White Turtle, I had a Mint Chocolate Chip hot fudge sundae (go big or go home), and Olivia had bites from anyone who would share.  She loves sweets, just like the rest of us.  I guess when you come from two parents who both love sweets, you’re doomed.  The ice cream shop was outside, so we sweated our butts off and the ice cream melted faster than we could eat it.  I’m telling y’all, it was HOT!  Thank goodness Jacob wanted his in a cup and not on a cone… 

Now that it stays lighter later, we try to let the kids play outside as much as possible, so we had some extra time when we got home to relax in the back yard.  Jacob wanted to play golf, and Olivia wanted to do whatever Jacob wanted to do, so golf it was!  After about 30 minutes outside, the mosquitos found me and I got eaten alive, so I spent the rest of the evening scratching 18 mosquito bites on my legs.  I always tell Brian that they love me because I’m so sweet!  And Brian is rolling his eyes right now reading this.  :o)

Saturday, we got up and took the kids to Krispy Kreme for breakfast, and then we headed to the ball field to sweat some more watch both of our nephews’ Little League All-Stars games.  Jacob kept tackling Olivia in the grass and they rolled all around giggling and having a great time.  I kept waiting for one of them to get hurt, or cry, or get mad at the other, but they both had a blast playing together.  It was a Saturday miracle!  After the games were over, we let Jacob make a pit-stop at the playground on the way out, and then we headed home for lunch. 

These two are already cooler than I'll ever be.

During naptime, I worked on a couple of different projects and got one totally finished.  I’m really excited about this one, and I’ll be sharing it with you here on the blog later this week.  You may have seen me post a sneak peek on Instagram.

Saturday evening was spent at Brian’s dad’s house to celebrate our nephew’s birthday, and the cousins all got to play together.  It’s always pure chaos over there with those kids running around the house.  By the time we got home, Jacob was all hopped up on sugar and adrenaline, so bedtime was interesting.  We let them run around in the yard when we got home in hopes that it would tire them out.  Spoiler alert - it didn't. 

Sunday morning I decided to paint Olivia’s toenails for the first time.  Brian thought I was crazy, but I can’t believe that I’ve held out for this long!  However, I made the mistake of trying to do it right after cutting her toenails (which she hates, obviously) so every time I would touch her toenail with the nail polish brush she would jerk it away.  I even had her sitting in her high chair so she couldn’t see what I was doing, and I tried to distract her with some paper and crayons, but she could feel that dadgum brush every time I would touch it to her toe.  The result?  A hot mess pedicure.  But even so, it’s still precious seeing those pink little piggies.  I’ll have to try again sometime soon, but not after she’s just had her toenails cut. 

Sunday afternoon, we had our usual lunch at Brian’s mom and step-dad’s.  After lunch, we had only been sweating playing outside for a few minutes when the mosquitos found me again, and I got about 10 fresh bites before I could get in the house.  I now look like I have the chicken pox on my legs.  #PantsForLife  Guess I need to invest in a good mosquito repellent.  It was so sweltering hot and humid out there that I wasn’t even upset about heading inside early. 

Sunday evening we all gathered at my parents’ house for dinner.  The kids had lots of playtime over there, and as usual, they kept everyone entertained.   

When we got home, we let Maui out and Brian noticed lightening bugs flying around, so we took the kids out in the yard in their jammies to catch some.  Jacob had never seen one before and he was just amazed!  He kept shouting, “I see one!” and, “there’s another one over there!”  The best part of my day is seeing those babies’ eyes light up with excitement over something that they’re seeing for the first time.  It makes every experience new and exciting for me, too.  I just love being a mommy.  I was born to do it. 

Y’all enjoy your Bachelorette Mondays!  XO

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