Friday, July 24, 2015

Five On Friday

Such a bummer having to work today after being off yesterday, but at least the weekend is finally here! 

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O N E 

Wednesday, Brian and I took cupcakes to Jacob’s school for his class birthday party.  All of the kids sang Happy Birthday to him, ate their cupcakes, and then they had a dance party when they were done.  We sure do love his school, and he sure does love his teachers and friends. 

T W O 

Yesterday, Brian and I took off from work to hang out with Jacob all day for his birthday.  We took Olivia to school so Jacob could have our full attention all day.  You may have seen on Instagram that I even wore a very special shirt to celebrate the birthday boy... not my usual style, but he loved it!

He wanted to go to Panera for breakfast to get one of their cinnamon rolls – they are GIANT in case you’ve never seen one.  Unfortunately when we arrived at 8:30 AM, they were already sold out!  Apparently someone had come in right before us and bought every single one that they had.  I was so upset for Jacob because he had been talking nonstop about getting one for over a week.  When he picked out a carrot cake cupcake with frosting instead, Brian and I gave him the green light!

After we left Panera, we headed to the library (Jacob’s request) to check out some books and visit Brian’s dad (he’s the head of their finance department).  When we got there, we found out that they didn’t open until 10 AM (really?!) so we had 45 minutes to kill.  What to do when you have some time to kill?  Why, you drive across the street to the car wash, of course!  Jacob had never ridden through a car wash before, so we thought it would be fun for him to see… he wasn’t so sure about it at first, but when we were leaving, he said, “Let’s do it again!” 

The car wash took all of 15 minutes, which meant that we still had another 30 minutes to kill.  Brian suggested that we go see my mom at her office, since it was just right up the road.  Jacob was thrilled with the idea, and of course, so was my mom. 

At 10 AM, we headed to the library, played some games on the computer, checked out some books (quite a diverse assortment - LOL), and visited Brian’s dad. 

Next up was Chuck E. Cheese’s for lunch.  The first time we took Jacob there, we had Olivia with us as well, so it was kind of chaotic since we were constantly chasing her around.  This time, Brian and I were both able to focus our attention on Jacob and he had a blast riding all of the rides and playing all of the games.  Once he had played and ridden almost every game in the joint, we sat down for pizza, and then cashed in his 125 tickets for a box of Nerds, a whistle, and a crazy straw.

After Chuck E. Cheese’s we headed to the movie theater to see Minions.  Jacob loved it and so did Brian and I.  I laughed out loud several times… those little guys are so cute and so hilarious!

When the movie was over, we headed home for a couple of hours to relax.  Jacob played with a few of his new toys, and then the three of us played one of his new games.  Around 4 PM, we headed to school to pick up Olivia, and on the way, we stopped by my dad’s work so Jacob could see his Pop.  On the way home from picking up Olivia, Jacob fell asleep in the car.  It was a busy day and he just couldn’t hang any longer!

At home we opened presents, had dinner, and then sang to the birthday boy, finishing off the day with superhero cupcakes.  Jacob got his sailboat that he’s been requesting for the last week, so all was right in his world.

It was the best day, and I know that Jacob had a blast having Mommy and Daddy all to himself for the day.  I love this little boy so much.

T H R E E   

Well, I knew that our patio furniture experience was too good to be true… until Tuesday night everything had gone smoothly.  We had opened the entire dining room set, and the entire couch and chair set and everything was in perfect condition.  However, we opened the last two boxes the other evening, and found that both of our chaise lounges are not usable.  One of the boxes was busted up really bad upon delivery, and sure enough, the chaise lounge was busted as well.  As for the other one, Brian got the entire thing put together (a whole hour’s worth of work) only to find that instead of being shaped like a rectangle, the whole thing looked more like a trapezoid.  It was totally warped and defective.

What it's supposed to look like :o)
Well, I haven’t had the best experience with Target returns in the past, so I was dreading this whole process.  However, after speaking with customer service, they have totally put my mind at ease.  In fact, the entire exchange process seems so easy, that it has me totally paranoid that it’s all too good to be true.  It’s all going down Monday, so stay tuned… 

F O U R  

Y’all, I’m almost done with my gift wrap organization, and I love it more and more each day.  Sometimes I just go in there and stare at it because it’s so organized and pretty.  Aaaand I’m probably losing followers now admitting this because y’all probably think I’m crazy.  But seriously.  I will be sharing it here on the blog soon, and I know you’ll want to stare at it all day, too.  Until then, here’s a little peek at the disaster that it was before I moved it to the new closet.

F I V E 

I’m so excited for The Bachelorette finale on Monday!!  Anybody else watching?  Who the heck do y’all think she’s going to choose?  You would think that Shawn would be the clear-cut winner as Nick is a total idiot.  I guess you just never know, though… these girls are known to make bad decisions... ahem, Emily... I mean, Jef?!  What was that all about??

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Cute cupcakes! I love Target, but have had trouble with returns too. I'll be watching Monday too!!

    1. Thank you! Our returns process ended up turning out well this time, thank goodness... I'll be discussing it in my Five On Friday this week!

  2. LOVE your gift wrap station! Oh my heavens that makes me smile and want to work on mine.

  3. What a special day for Jacob! I love his face while opening his sailboat :) Pretty sure it will be Shawn tomorrow, or no one, it can't be Nick!

    1. Yep, he's been playing with that sailboat in the tub every night since!

  4. Wow! You and your Hubby are the best parents ever! There's no doubt that Jacob had the best Birthday, EVER!

    I can't wait to see your gift wrapping station. Seriously. My current "gift wrapping station" consists of a closet, a cabinet and always asking, "Where's the tape?" Haha!

    As for the Bachelorette, I. CAN'T. WAIT!!!! I hope it's Shawn, but then again - he'd make a great Bachelor with a broken heart. All I know is, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself after this Monday... Monday nights are my favorite and I'll be having 'Bachelorette Withdrawls' for sure! EEK!

    1. I'm FINALLY going to be posting about it this week, I hope. Girrrrl, it has been crazy around here, but I think things are finally starting to get back to normal!

  5. It looks like Jacob had a great birthday!


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