Monday, July 20, 2015

Our Productive Three-Day Weekend

Well, that was officially the shortest three-day weekend I’ve ever had in my life.  Brian and I took Friday off to move everything into our new closets and get the new porch all ready, and it flew by so fast it didn’t even feel like a three-day weekend.  If you read my Five On Friday post last week, you saw that we had a loooong list of things to do, and while we did get a lot done, there is still a ton more to do!  As a matter of fact, I think I created so many new things to do, that our my list is now longer than ever!  The original list was whittled down somewhat. 

  • Install shelving in utility closet
  • Install shelving in indoor closet
  • Move all items from garage to utility closet
  • Move all items to indoor closet
  • Organize utility closet
  • Organize indoor closet
  • Organize all wreaths on walls in indoor closet
  • Clean out and organize decoration storage boxes in indoor closet
  • Put together new porch furniture
  • Hang string lights on porch

We did get a lot of the items moved from the garage to the utility closet, but there is still a good bit of stuff to transfer.  We didn’t, however, get the utility closet organized, nor did we get all of the porch furniture put together, or get the string lights hung.  Why, you ask?  Well, it was 100 degrees outside (literally), so we both decided to stop working outside just before noon and treat ourselves to Chipotle for lunch.  :o)  When we got back, neither of us wanted to set foot outside, so I worked on the inside storage closet for the rest of the afternoon.  

The inside storage closet is soooo perfect!  It’s a dream come true!!  It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me!!!!  Ok, maybe not the best thing, but I love it… I love it so much!  We now have 60 glorious heated and air conditioned square feet to put all of our holiday décor, bulky stuff that we don’t use very often (card table, extra folding chairs, etc.), extra household décor that I may use again, gift wrap supplies, and many other things.  Before this weekend, the gift wrap stuff was all crammed onto this tiny gift wrap cart (that I thought I would love at the time I purchased it).  The cart took up a huge space in the one small storage closet that we had, which made it impossible to get out our vacuum.  I know, I know – MAJOR #FirstWorldProbs.  But it’s so nice to now be able to get out the vacuum without having to move the trash can and 84 other things first.  Maybe I’ll start vacuuming more now!  Haha. 

Anyway, while I would love to share with you my new gift wrap space, it’s one of the many things that was not finished this weekend, so you’re just going to have to settle for the other pictures of the closet instead.  I still have to get all of the boxes cleaned out and labeled, but this is what it looks like so far.

The rest of the weekend was spent kicking off Jacob’s birthday week.  Saturday night we celebrated with Brian’s dad.  Brian’s sister came to town with her family and we celebrated her birthday as well since hers was last week (Jacob’s original due date).  On the way over to Grandpa’s house, Jacob randomly said, “I want a sailboat for my birthday.”  Uh, whaaaat?!  Where did that come from??  He did not get a sailboat from Grandpa, but he did, however, get a Cars folding chair, some monster trucks, and a couple of other toys.  He was a happy boy. 

Sunday we celebrated with Brian’s mom and stepdad at lunch.  They cooked a huge feast for all of us and Jacob got to eat his first superhero birthday cake… he was thrilled!  Again, he mentioned wanting a sailboat, but as you probably already suspected, Nana and Poppie didn’t get a sailboat for him either.  He did go home with several new games, books, and a Spiderman motorcycle, though!

Sunday evening we had dinner with my family as always… we decided to wait and do Jacob’s birthday celebration with them next weekend so he wouldn’t be cramming 1,800 celebrations into one weekend.  Again, he mentioned wanting a sailboat at their house, so thanks to Amazon Prime, he will be getting a sailboat on his actual birthday from Mommy and Daddy.  Amazon to the rescue, yet again.

It was a fun-filled weekend, and I can’t wait to celebrate him for the rest of the week! 

Finally, just in case you were wondering what our porch looks like after all of the hard work that we did this weekend, here’s a little sneak peek.  <Cue all of the cringy-face emojis!!!!>

Have a great week, everybody!!


  1. Wow, you had such a productive weekend! Now I feel lazy! :) I'm so glad he will be getting a sailboat for his birthday. That's such a funny thing for a little kid to want, but I can't wait to hear about his reaction!

    1. I know, so odd, right?! I can't wait to see how he reacts, too! And I'm also praying that he isn't referring to an actual sailboat that he can get on and sail in the ocean. Lol.

  2. Ok, I SO need an inside storage closet stat! That is awesome to have that space for all your holiday decor and misc stuff. I love how you put the wreaths on the walls too, space saver and easy to grab!

    And oh my, Jacob is so big!! I kind of forget him and Brayden are only 1 year apart! He looks so sweet in those pictures :)

    1. Thank you, Lizzie!

      And yes, the wreaths on the walls... best idea ever! Gotta make use of that vertical space!

  3. All. That. Space. That's awesome! Can I store some of my stuff at your house?! ;)

    1. Sure, bring it on over! We still have a little bit of room left! ;o)

  4. This cake is fantastic, too! I love your storage area, too. So much space!


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