Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Is it really that time again already?!  I swear time is just flying by! 

Today I’m linking up with ShayMel, and Sheaffer for What’s Up Wednesday. 

What We’re Eating This Week 

Monday I tried one of Shay’s recipes – Sausage & Vodka Pasta – and it was so delicious!  I accidentally bought the wrong sausage (I bought link instead of ground), but it was still so, so good!  I’ll definitely be trying it next time with the right sausage, although I can’t imagine it being any better than it already was!

What I’m Reminiscing About  

I have college football on the brain since we are heading to Athens this weekend, and I’ve been reminiscing about college football games past… Brian and I have been going to Athens every year (multiple times per year) to watch our Dawgs play, and we’ve had so much fun tailgating and partying throughout the years!

What I’m Loving 

Three words – fringe ankle booties.  Or maybe even just ankle booties in general.  I am dying for a pair of brown ankle booties, and it would be the icing on the cake to have a pair with fringe.  Right now I’m torn between these two:

What do you guys think?  Top or bottom?

What We’ve Been Up To 

A whole lot of football watching, beer drinking, and fall activities!  And I am head over heels for this Not Your Father’s Root Beer!  If you like root beer then you will love this.  I promise.  It’s my new favorite beer for football season.

What I’m Dreading 

Cold and flu season!  Jacob has always been a magnet for illness his entire life, and he pretty much stays sick during the winter.  Last year was the first year that he wasn’t so bad off, but Olivia was sick several times.  She doesn’t seem to get as sick as Jacob did when he was her age, though.  This year Jacob is at a new school with new germs so I’m praying that it’s not horrible this year.

What I’m Working On 

Getting everything ready for our yard sale in a couple of weeks.  I’m on a cleaning out and purging frenzy.  And I have a heap of junk piled up in our new closet, as well as our living room, and our bedroom… so yeah… ready for that to be over!

What I’m Excited About 

Sitting around and enjoying my fall décor.  You can see our fall home tour here if you missed it yesterday.

What I’m Watching/Reading 

Well, now that the new fall lineup has started, I’m, of course, watching Scandal, and all of our other shows that are back.  Another one of our favorites?  Shark Tank!  So good!

Hubs and I are also still binge-watching Parenthood (although I don’t think you can call it binge watching anymore at this point since we’re only averaging one episode per week). 

What I’m Listening To 

Luke Freaking Bryan.  Y’all.  His new song Strip It Down is all you need right now.  I just love him.

What I’m Wearing 

Still a lot of sleeveless and short sleeve tops with skinny jeans… waiting patiently for some chilly weather so I can bust out the snuggly stuff!

What I’m Doing This Weekend 

On Saturday we are heading to Athens to watch our boys play!  We have season tickets, but now that we have kids we typically only attend one or two games per season.  This will be our first of the season and we are ecstatic.  We don’t play Bama every year, so this is always a pretty big deal when it happens.  The last time we played them, it was in the SEC Championship game of 2012…they beat us in the last couple of minutes of the game, shattering our dreams of a National Championship (which we totally would have won that year) and it was devastating.  We are ready for a rematch and hopefully our boys will be out for revenge!

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month 

Pumpkin patching, carving pumpkins, Halloween PJs, trick-or-treating, and CHILLY WEATHER!  I can’t wait to put these matching PJs on the kids.  They are perfect!


What Else Is New 

Olivia has moved into her new car seat and she’s forward facing now!  I know that they recommend waiting until kids are two now before turning them around, but she’s so tall (and big) for her age, that her poor little legs were all crammed into the back of the seat and she looked terribly uncomfortable in that old car seat.  I wasn’t quite ready to turn her around, but we ultimately decided that it was the best decision because of her size.  

I’m pretty nervous about the whole situation, but I can tell you this… she loves it!

Happy Wednesday, everybody!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Home Tour

Well, I had initially hoped to get our regular home tour up on the blog before the time came to show fall and Christmas home tours, but I just wasn’t able to get everything together in time.  It takes a lot of work to get each room clean and photographed, and frankly, right now #AintNobodyGotTimeFoDat  

I don’t really get too crazy with the fall decorations like I do with Christmas decorations, so you won’t actually be taking a full tour of our house anyway… just a few snapshots of our entry, living room, and kitchen.  So until I can get the regular home tour up, please enjoy these snapshots of our fall décor… 

Come on in!

I know a lot of people are doing neutrals – creams and beiges – for their fall décor this year, but fall would not be fall to me without the beautiful, bright colors of fall leaves – reds, yellows, oranges, and deep browns – oh my!

I love pumpkins!  As you can see I have a whole collection of them in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

This year I added a banner with pictures of all of our old Halloween costumes over the years.  I absolutely love this touch!  Such a fun way to reminisce. 

I also added a crate next to the fire place to house all of our seasonal books... right now it’s filled with all of our fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving books, and then I’ll change it out for Christmas, Easter, etc.  That way, the kids have all of the season appropriate books right at their fingertips all the time, and we don’t have to hunt for them.  We love to read!

The last stop is the kitchen.  A few festive place mats and some fall flowers for the table, and more pumpkins along with a festive basket and my Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle for the kitchen island.  The basket, currently holding fruits and veggies, will soon be replaced with Halloween candy for me the trick-or-treaters. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my fall tour!  I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for Christmas!