Tuesday, October 31, 2017

$12.99 Pinstripe Dress

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You may remember that I posted about this dress in a Five on Friday post a few weeks ago, and I love it so much I thought I’d model it for you guys!

I love everything about this dress… the pinstripes, the cut, the bell sleeves, THE PRICE.  It is stylish and fun enough to wear for date night, yet conservative enough to wear to church or work. 

The dress isn’t lined, but I haven’t had any issues with the fabric being see-through like a couple of the reviews state.  I am around 5’5” and 120 lbs. and the small is perfect.  I did find that I love it even more paired with a belt, though, because it adds a nice little cinch to my waist.

I love to wear trendy things, but I don’t see reason to spend a lot of money on them since they go out of style so quickly.  That’s why this price point is absolutely perfect.  I won’t feel guilty if I only wear it a handful of times!  Plus, hello, free shipping and free returns for Prime members!  Oh, and it also comes in blue and white pinstripes as well as purple and white.

I am planning to wear mine for Thanksgiving this year to start.  It’s not usually terribly cold here on Thanksgiving Day, so I’m hoping I’ll wear it bare-legged as pictured above.  If it does happen to be cold, it will also look really cute with tights and boots… and maybe even a scarf!

Happy Halloween, all!  I hope you guys enjoy an evening of trick-or-treating and fun!

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Monday, October 30, 2017

A Deliciously Low-Key Weekend

After being out of town two weekends in a row and then going for a day trip last Sunday, I think it’s safe to say that our low-key weekend was much needed.  Man oh man did it feel great to only leave the house a couple of times this weekend! 

We kicked the weekend off with Carrabba’s take-out, a bottle of wine, and some hang time on the back porch Friday night.  I had originally thought it would be fun to grab a pumpkin to carve, but sitting around and doing nothing actually turned out to be even better.  After we put the kiddos to bed, B and I caught up on Scandal, and then we started the new season of Stranger Things.  Or should I say he started the new season of Stranger Things, and I promptly fell asleep on the couch while he rubbed my feet.  Haha. 

Saturday morning B had a tennis match at 9, so I wrangled the kids and got them to Jacob’s soccer game at 10:30 and B met us there.  The kids all played really hard and ended up tying 4-4.  The coach said that the team we played was one of the best in our age group, so he was impressed that we were able to stay in the game right there with them.  Jacob still has yet to score a goal, but during this game he did finally get a little more aggressive.  He typically just kind of runs around with the pack instead of really making his way to the ball, but Saturday he finally started gunning for it toward the end of the game.  Next weekend is his last game, so maybe just maybe we’ll see a goal scored before the end of the season. 

My MIL and FIL both came to the game to watch, and of course, this sassy little thang was there to cheer him on, too.  Orrrr just to lounge in her chair and play on her Leap Pad like a little diva.  Lol.

We got home around lunchtime and we had some sandwiches on the back porch before the rain and the cold came in.  Brian had our projector and screen set up so we could watch football while we were out there, but unfortunately we discovered that the projector isn’t dark enough during the daylight.  Not sure if that means we’ll be exchanging it for a TV instead or what, but we were all pretty bummed about it.

Our original plan had been to watch the Georgia/Florida game out there, but the rain and some freeeezing weather had started rolling in by then, so we decided to stay in the coziness of our house instead.  My FIL came over to watch the game and B grilled some burgers (in the rain) for dinner, and we spent the evening in. 

And now let’s all stop and take a moment to see how Olivia eats a hot dog…


Our Dawgs STOMPED Florida 42-7 to remain undefeated and we are ecstatic!  B and I continued our football marathon after the kids went to bed and we watched Ohio State beat Penn State in the last minute of the game which bumped us right up to number two in the polls.  We haven’t been ranked this high this late in the season in as long as I can remember, so we are thrilled.  Georgia hasn’t won a national title in my entire lifetime, so it sure would be something special if it finally happened.  We still have to get through several tough games to even entertain that idea, so I don’t want to get ahead of myself and jinx us, though.

Enough with the football talk!  Sorry, non-college football fans!

Sunday morning was lazy.  I worked on a couple of projects I’ve been wanting to get done, Jacob did homework, B paid bills, and Olivia colored.

We ventured out to have lunch at Panera and they were out of broccoli cheddar soup!  How does that even happen?!  I ended up getting the mac n cheese in its place and OH MY WORD I need to get that more often.  I always forget just how good (and fattening – ha!) it is.

We headed to get a much-needed haircut for Jacob next, but the wait was almost an hour and a half, so we headed to the park instead.  It was freeeezing Sunday, and on top of that it was uber windy, but we made the most of our time at the playground until Olivia came sliding down the slide into a HUGE puddle of ice cold water.  #ParentingFail

Neither B nor I even thought about the fact that it had rained a lot the day prior, so we didn’t even think to check the slide for water first.  I felt so terrible for her, but she was such a good sport.  She only whined at first because it was so shockingly cold, but she was back to her jolly ol’ self on the long cold walk back to the car.  She even stopped to play on one more thing on the way.  Ha!

Sunday afternoon B and Jacob played a little bit of soccer in the back yard while Olivia and I snuggled up on the couch to warm her up and read some Halloween books while we waited for her clothes to dry, and then both kids sat down at the kitchen table to color.  I decided… why not?  I’ll color, too!  So I busted out my favorite adult coloring book and my colored pencils and I colored with them.  My color scheme was, of course, fall colors!  ;o)

B and Jacob headed back to get a hair cut in the late afternoon and then we all headed to my Momma and Daddy’s for Sunday dinner.  Momma made pork chops, green beans, glazed carrots, black eyed peas, and biscuits for dinner, and we were greeted by the sweet scent of cinnamon candles when we walked in the door!!!!  Between all of this and the cold weather, I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS, Y'ALL!!!!

For dessert, Momma made the CUTEST things... donut monsters!  Are those not adorable?!

Sunday evening was as cozy as can be and we wrapped up our weekend in the best possible way… with family, good food, good music, wine, and lots of laughter.

I love my people.

Happy Monday, y’all!

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Five on Friday - Favorites

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These last two weeks at work have been a humdinger, and I am mentally exhausted from all of it, so I’m welcoming the weekend with open arms.  Of course, when do I not welcome the weekend with open arms?

We have a fun weekend planned and I’m praying the forecasted rain on Saturday holds off because we are hoping to have a date with our new projector and our back porch to watch the Georgia Florida game.  Should be fun!

Now here are some of my favorites this week!

O N E – CUTEST Toddler Tops

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Y’all.  Of all the tops that Olivia has had in her three years I might have a new favorite.  Just look at these!  Are they not the cutest things?!  I ordered one in navy (sold out) and one in grey for Olivia and she loves them.  When I showed the navy one to her, her face lit up and she said, “Ohhhhh it’s so preeeetty.”  She is her mother’s daughter, that’s for sure! 

They do seem to run a slight bit small, so definitely size up.  Olivia is three and a half and she typically wears 4T tops, but I ordered the 5T expecting it to be pretty big on her, but she doesn’t have quite as much growing room as I thought she would. And they also come in a blush version as well as a red version!

They are currently on sale and Gap is also having a sale right now for 50% off almost everything + extra 20% off your purchase with the code ALLGOOD.

If only they came in my size…

T W O – Scarves

I am really excited that the fall weather has finally reached us in Georgia and I’m probably the most excited because I can finally wear scarves again without getting overheated.  Right now my favorite kind of scarf to wear is a blanket scarf.  I found the best resource for different colored blanket scarves and it just so happens to be from Amazon.  Who knew?  Like my favorite tunics from there, these scarves come in tons of different colors – 44 to be exact – and they are cheap!  There’s a blanket scarf for every outfit now!  They are also perfect to use as a wrap with a fancy gown and they would make great gifts, too.

T H R E E – This Top

I ordered this cold-shoulder sparkle top for myself from Old Navy a while back when it was on sale and I am head over heels.  The fit is perfect (true to size) and it is feminine and classy.  I think it’s the perfect top for date night in the winter because it’s dressy, but it’s still warm enough since it has sleeves.  It comes in multiple colors, but this blush color is my FAVORITE.  And blush and lilac just so happen to be trending for fall so that is a win win!  :o)

F O U R – Slap Bracelets

Do you guys remember slap bracelets?  I remember having two of them when I was little and I thought I was the coolest thing in town because of them.  I had no idea that slap bracelets were still a “thing” but apparently they are.  Jacob got one recently from somewhere… a party?  A prize at school?  I can’t remember.  But anyway, he is obsessed with it and Olivia loves it, too. 

I thought slap bracelets would make such fun stocking stuffers for each of them so I took to Amazon to see what I could find.  I came across these Superhero slap bracelets and I think they will love them.  This variety pack of generic patterns is also a good option and they also have Frozen ones!!  These things are so cheap nowadays they would also make excellent party favors!

F I V E – A New Halloween Book

Have you guys heard of the 5-Minute Story books?  We are huge fans in our house.  Olivia has Frozen 5-Minute Stories as well as 5-Minute Princess Stories and Jacob has the Star Wars 5-Minute Stories.  They are perfect to read before bed because they don’t take up too much time… just five minutes or so!  Haha.  Anyway, I came across this 5-Minute Spooky Stories and I ordered it for the kids!  Halloween is almost here, so we might not get very much use out of it this year, but we will definitely get more use from it next year!  And the year after that, and so on!

P.S. They also have 5-Minute Christmas Stories!!!!  I already ordered that one, too! 

Finally, I'll leave you with a little Friday funny... 

ME THIS TIME OF YEAR!!!!  Hahahaha.

Well that about does it for now!  We heart you, Friday!

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

Since October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, I couldn’t let the month go by without mentioning it here on the blog.  It is something that has affected me personally, so I just wanted drop in and say…

To all of the mommas out there who have gone through it, who are currently going through it, and who might eventually go through it, I am thinking of you and praying for you.  I, too, am a statistic.  I am one in four, and I, too, have experienced that immense pain that you have felt, that void that you thought would never fill. 

A couple of years ago I wrote some of my feelings in this post with the hope that it might eventually be a ray of light in somebody’s darkness, and I hope that it provides a bit of comfort for someone today. 

Just know that you are never alone.  <3

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday - October 2017

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October was a fantastic month… most definitely my favorite month of the whole year so far!  There’s so much to recap I don’t even know where to begin.

What We’re Eating This Week

Mon – Grilled cheese and tomato soup since B had tennis
Tue – Sausage and Vodka Pasta with broccoli
Wed – Mexicali chicken, corn on the cob, green beans
Thu –Hot dogs at the school fall carnival!
Fri – Some kind of take-out
Sat – Hamburgers on the grill while we watch the Georgia/Florida game!
Sun – Momma and Daddy’s for Sunday dinner

What I’m Reminiscing About

This one is easy – our trip to Nashville!  B and I got away just the two of us earlier this month for a whirlwind trip to one of my favorite cities and, y’all, we had a BLAST.  We planned the whole event just so we could attend the Ed Sheeran concert (in the FOURTH ROW!) and then we did a bunch of other amazing things while we were there.  It was also our first experience with Airbnb and it didn’t disappoint.  The recaps are here, here, and here if you want to follow along with our adventures.

What I’m Loving

Jacob’s grades!  This is his first year getting “real” grades at school and he is completely rocking it!  He had a stellar report card and he also received several awards at school:

Report Card Grades – First Quarter:

PE – 100 A
Spanish – 100 A
Science Lab – 100 A
Art – 100 A
Science – 100 A
Religion – 100 A
Mathematics – 96 A
Language Arts – 96 A
Social Studies – 100 A
Drama – 100 A


Principal’s List
Advanced Reader Award (for meeting his AR goal)
Top Advanced Reader Award – he was third in his class of 22
Religion Award
All Day Every Day (he was never absent or late the entire quarter)

And to top it all off they just tested him and he is reading on a third grade reading level.

We are so, so proud of him for all of his hard work!

What We’ve Been Up To

Where to even begin?  I think October was our busiest month yet and it was also my favorite.  As mentioned before, we went to Nashville at the beginning of the month to see Ed Sheeran, we went to the mountains for a long weekend getaway (recaps here, here, and here), and we’ve been doing every fall activity we can get our hands on!  We went to a sunflower field, a corn maze, and a pumpkin patch, and we went to a place called Rock Ranch where they have loads of fall activities.  We have also been going to soccer games every Saturday morning for Jacob and he is still enjoying it!  I think soccer is a keeper!

What I’m Dreading

Nothing that I can think of off the top of my head.

What I’m Working On

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!!  Yes, I’m one of those, but it sure feels good to have a lot of it out of the way so the season isn’t so rushed.  We still haven’t pulled the trigger on this Lego Ninjago set for Jacob, though… I was hoping the price would drop!  We did get this Princess Poppy Style Station for Olivia as well as this Princess Poppy dress-up dress, and this Moana blanket.

What I’m Excited About

Brian bought a projector and a huge screen that allows us to watch TV on the back porch.  He has it set up so we can watch DVDs, Netflix, and cable so anything that we can watch inside we can now watch outside.  We watched our first movie on it Friday evening (Trolls, of course) and it was the best!  I put a couple of Instagram stories up about it and I had so many questions about it that I thought I would just go ahead and share the details here.  We have this projector and this screen and yes, the projector is every bit as clear as our HDTV.  It’s crazy.  But anyway, I’m reeeealllly excited to start watching football and more movies out there!

What I’m Watching/Reading

Watching – This is Us, Big Bang Theory, Shark Tank, Scandal, and a whole lot of college football.  And if B has his way, we’ll also be watching the new season of Stranger Things this Friday as well.  Womp womp.  Lol.

Reading – I just started Who do You Love by Jennifer Weiner a couple of weeks ago and I’m almost done with it.  Considering these days it usually takes me three months or longer to read a book, you can probably tell based on how quickly I’m reading this one that I am loving it.  I can’t put it down!

What I’m Listening To

I’ve pretty much had James Blunt's new album on repeat ever since we got back from his concert (he opened for Ed Sheeran) earlier this month.  I had pretty much forgotten all about him until we saw him in Nashville, and I was so impressed that I downloaded his album.  His song Don’t Give Me Those Eyes is incredible.

What I’m Wearing

This weather was definitely warmer than usual this month so I haven’t been wearing too many of my fall things, but this week it has finally cooled off, so I’m hoping this is it. 

What I’m Doing This Weekend

I’m hoping to carve pumpkins Friday evening and then Saturday we’ll be setting up our projector and screen to watch the Georgia/Florida game outside on the back porch!

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month

Everything.  November is my second favorite month of the year, and I’m really looking forward to all of the fun activities it brings – Thanksgiving, Chrismas tree lightings, cooler weather, more football games, decorating for Christmas, CHRISTMAS MUSIC ON REPEAT, and lots of cozy evenings at home… complete with a fire in the fireplace!

What Else Is New

I think this post is already long enough…

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

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