Friday, October 9, 2015

Five On Friday

First and foremost, let me shout it from the rooftops – I’M OFF TODAAAAY!!  Jacob is on Fall Break at school, so he and I are going to hang out and have some one on one time.  Now that we have another child this is a rarity, so I’m really looking forward to it. 

O N E 

Last week, I linked up with Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog (as well as three other bloggers listed below) for their Hit Me with Your Best Shot – Inspiring Fall Home Tours.  There were 520 entries, and I was one of eight chosen to be featured this week!  I’ve been following Abby’s blog for quite some time now, and she has always been very inspiring to me as a blogger and a DIYer, so I was tickled to see our home featured on the blog that I’ve been reading for so long. 

Decorating and creating is my passion, so it feels really good to know that I’m inspiring others while doing what I love! 

You can see the feature on the following blogs:

The link will also be featured on their Pinterest Board here.

And you can see my Fall Home Tour here if you missed it!


My girl, Marie, at Family and the Lake House also featured me on her These Are a Few of My Favorite Things post earlier this week. 

If you don’t already follow her, you totally should!  She’s super crafty and has the cutest kiddos… this is one of my favorite projects of hers so far and it was also featured on Abby’s blog a couple of weeks ago.

T H R E E 

I met my girlfriends for Margarita Night on Wednesday night at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and it was just what I needed to refuel and recharge.  We have been doing this for literally a decade… every week, same night of the week, same time, same restaurant, same core group of girls.  Sometimes there are four of us, sometimes there are ten or twelve of us depending on who can make it.  We know all of the waiters, the manager, and the rest of the staff, and they always provide the best service… and the manager always brings a free cheese dip to us.  That’s my favorite part.  :o) 

For the last year or so, our weekly visits have become less frequent because we are all deep in the mommy trenches – each of us now has at least one baby (some of us, two) so now instead of throwing back margaritas and catching up on the latest gossip on Wednesday evening we’re cooking, nursing, changing diapers, doing homework, attending school functions, and various other things required to our keep kids alive.  Our Margarita Nights have become monthly-ish occurrences rather than weekly, so that makes them extra special.

This past Wednesday night was one of those special treats, and boy, was that time spent with my girls good for my soul!  I wouldn’t trade those friendships for anything!

F O U R 

Yesterday morning, Brian dropped Jacob at his Dad’s house since he is on Fall Break this week, so I had a free pass from taking either of the kids to school.  Since I had a little bit of extra time before work, I actually had time to run by Starbucks and pick up a little treat!  That only happens once in a blue moon, so I thought that it was worth mentioning on the ol’ blog… .

And of course, it had to be a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Have I mentioned that I love fall?!

F I V E 

As I just mentioned, Jacob is on Fall Break now, so he and I are spending the day together, just the two of us.  The other night, I asked him what he wanted to do on our day off and he said, “Go to Chuck E. Cheese, play some games, get some new toys, go home, eat lunch, play, and then make some cookies… but we only need to make two because there’s just two of us.”   

Soooo, I guess we have quite a busy day ahead of us, so I better get going!

Happy weekend, friends!

Linking up with A Liz Adventures for Five On Friday and A Little Bit of Everything for Friday Favorites.


  1. Can't go wrong with Pumpkin Spice. Also, I LOVE your nail color! What brand/color is it? It looks so fallish. <3

  2. Aw so happy you have the day off to spend with your little buddy! You are going to have so much fun. What a wonderful start to the weekend! Congrats on the home tour feature. I really enjoyed that post, and loved a little look into your decor in your beautiful home!

  3. Mexican is always a good idea!! Congrats on all your features...that is super exciting!! Hope you have a fun day with your little guy!

  4. Guuuuuuuuurl! Congrats, congrats, congrats on being featured! Also, thanks for the shout out! You rock! Your home tour was awesome and I still loooooooove your idea of using your previous Halloween costumes as decoration!

    How fun that you and your friends get together. Any place that brings out free cheese dip is a winner in my book. ;)

    I totally understand how difficult it can be to get together. I try to get together with two other Moms for dinner, however we only ever seem to manage to meet up every 4 months or so. We see each other weekly for playdates, but for 2 hours for dinner...alone...forget about it! How are we all so busy?!

    I hope you and Jacob had a great time and enjoyed your cookie (<---singular). Ha! Have a wonderful Monday! :)

    1. Thank you thank you thank you so much! I was so excited! Probably a little too excited about it! Haha.

      And yes, Jacob and I did each enjoy our cookie. Lol.


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