Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Lucky Onesie

This weekend we (Georgia) are playing Florida, and it’s going to be a difficult one for us as Florida’s been looking pretty good all season.  Our record against them has been pretty good the last few years, and we owe it all to one thing - the onesie that Jacob’s been wearing since he was a baby. 

It was given to us by my cousin when I was still pregnant with him, and he has worn it every year of his life. 

Before this lucky onesie came along, our record against Florida was less than stellar plain horrible.  Our heartbreaker of a loss to them in 2010 made three losses in a row and an overall of 18 losses to them during the last 21 years (since 1990).  Ouch. 

Enter the onesie. 


Jacob is a mere three months old.  The onesie is size 18 months.  But no worries, he’s big for his age, so he can wear it a little large.  We put him in the onesie, ooh and aah over him, and wish for the best. 

We win.


Jacob is fifteen months old and rather large for his age.  It fits perfectly and we figure we might as well get one more use out of it. 

We win.  We upset a #2 ranked Florida, and crush their chance to play in the SEC Championship game, and possibly the BCS National Championship Game. 

This thing is magical.


It’s no longer appropriate to speak of Jacob’s age in months as he’s now two years and some change.  He’s an active healthy toddler, and he hasn’t worn a onesie, ohhhh, since the last time he wore this one.  A year ago.  Tough.  We squeeze him into it, and I’ll be darned if the snaps don’t even close!  It’s a sign.  

And we win again.  Barely.  But we win.  23-20. 

Brian and I devise a plan to sew this thing onto another shirt, because, by golly, he’ll be wearing it again next year. 


Jacob is now three years and three months old.  The onesie is still size 18 months.  We have an eight month old Olivia who is the perfect size for it now, but she gets the shaft because we don’t want to mess with the system.   

Fortunately Jacob’s now itty bitty for his age so we don’t even have to initiate “operation sew the onesie on a t-shirt.”  He fits into it surprisingly well, but we have to leave the flaps hanging as he's now too tall and it won’t stretch under his crotch. 

We lose.  NOOOO! 

Was it because I gloated on Instagram?

Was it because we left the flaps hanging?  Was it because we didn’t put it on Olivia instead?  Or was it because the onesie had just lost its magic? 

I guess we’ll never know.   


The predicament for this weekend – do we put it on him again since it has a winning record or do we burn the thing since the streak is over?   

Decisions, decisions…


  1. Banana oh my gosh I diiiied reading this post! Too funny, and he is too too cute! If you're asking for opinions...I'd say burn it, don't want that unlucky juju to continue! hur maybe don't burn it since there are so many fun memories....and it could possibly still be lucky...

    1. So totally just realized it says banana. Bananas are not all that funny, I meant to say bahahaha but it auto corrected me before I could catch it...maybe these smart devices are smarter than me...

    2. Hahahaha, BANANA! Yes, auto correct sucks sometimes!

      We still haven't decided what in the world we're gonna do! And so far, the poll that I've taken is split right down the middle... some are saying to put him in it and some are saying to get rid of it! What to do?!

  2. Ok so I guess this weekend we aren't friends :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. As a GA fan I'll take this good luck charm any day! Fingers crossed that it works it's magic!!

  4. haha LOVE this! Too cute! Ya'll have a great weekend! xo


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