Thursday, January 14, 2016

Things Olivia Says

A few months ago, I did a post to kick off a new series for the blog called “Things Jacob Says” to start documenting all of the hilarious and weird things that come out of his mouth.  I knew eventually that I would start a series for Olivia as well, but I had no idea that it would be starting so soon… she’s only 22 months old!   

But you guys, at 22 months she is already hilarious and she doesn’t even know it.   

Well actually, sometimes I’m pretty sure she does.   

O N E 

We’ve been working diligently with her to start following “yes” and “no” with “ma’am” and “sir” because down here in the south, that’s what people do.  Up until recently she’s always said “yeah” which drives me nuts.   

Well, just last week, she decided to take it to a whole new level.   

She has now started saying, “YAY-AH!”  And when she says it, she’s says it with gusto and waves her little hands in the air.   

It’s like I’m raising a tiny Lil’ Jon.   

Seriously.  Take a little trip down memory lane and think back to all of the Lil’ Jon party songs from high school and college… “Get Low,” “Snap Yo Fingers,” and who could forget “Yeah” that he did with Usher?   

No?  Just me? 

Well Olivia has started saying “yeah” with the exact same inflection as Lil’ Jon.   

We may just have a little rapper in the making. 

But I have to admit, she does get it from her momma.  ;o) 

T W O 

This one may actually be even funnier than her new-found Lil’ Jon idiolect, even though you would think that one would be pretty hard to top. 

This one also started last week.   

Every day when she gets home from school, she wants Brian or myself to play with her and she’s finally figured out how to (somewhat) verbalize it.  However, her vocabulary and pronunciation are still not quite up to par since she’s only 22 months old, but bless her heart, at least she’s trying. 

She apparently thinks that to ask someone to play with her she would need to say, “Play with you” even though it would technically be, “Play with me.” 

And because she can’t say super long sentences just yet, she shortens it to just, “With you.”   

However, she hasn’t quite mastered the word “with” yet, so it just comes out, “Eff.” 

Therefore, when she asks someone to play with her it comes out, “Eff you!” (emphasis on the "Eff").  And if you tell her to hold on for one minute she starts yelling it louder.  


I swear I can’t make this stuff up. 

And I’m convinced that she’s taking secret grammar and language lessons with Lil’ Jon.


  1. Bahahahahaha I'm laughing so hard over here! I wish I could see this all happen! Little kids are just the cutest!

  2. That's so funny!!! Little kids are the best!

  3. I am seriously laughing out loud at this. I love lil Jon - I mean those are all classics. And efff you haha well how do you even keep a straight face with that?!!

  4. Hahahaha!!!! That is the best. I'm secretly excited for Ben to start talking and saying hilarious things.


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