Friday, February 5, 2016

Five On Friday - Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Brian and I don’t really go all out for Valentine’s Day.  We’ve always gotten each other a couple of small gifts and we used to go out to dinner before having kids (which was my favorite part), but these days, arranging for a baby-sitter and trying to get into any restaurant on Valentine’s Day is nearly impossible, so we’re all about keeping it simple. 

Even though we keep it simple, I still adore the pink and the hearts and the girliness of the day, and any day devoted to celebrating love is a win in my book.  I do also love giving and receiving gifts, so I thought that I would share a few of the cute ideas that I’ve come across during the last few days.

O N E – PJs 

One // I love a good chemise.  They’re perfect for the hot summer months.

Two // These are perfect for the in between seasons.  I sleep in tank tops pretty much every night and these look really comfy.

Three // These are way more than I would normally pay for PJs, but I LOVE that shirt.  And it looks really cozy.

T W O – Accessories

One // I actually already have this tote and I carry it with me to work every single day.  I love everything about it – the black and white stripes, the pink heart.  The size is perfect and it’s canvas which is really sturdy.  It’s held up quite nicely during this last year that I’ve used it.

Two // I’ve always wanted a dainty heart necklace and I’m intrigued by the gold/silver combo in this one.  You can wear it with everything!

Three // I love a good pair of heart sunnies!  I do already have these and they are just darling.  Plus, you absolutely cannot beat the price!  Such a steal!

T H R E E – Beauty

One // To me, this is just the perfect shade of pink and I’m loving the entire frost line.  So pretty!

Two // Another perfect shade of pink, which I would like to try.  This is my current go-to brand for lipstick.  The quality is really good and the lipstick stays on forever!  I wore this brand in a different shade for our ball last week and I never had to reapply.  Plus, the price is on point.  I just can’t bring myself to pay $20 for one tube of lipstick. 

Three // I’m a Bath & Body Works girl for sure, and they have their new spring scents out that I’d love to try.  This one sounds like it would smell amazing!

F O U R – For the Home

One // I drink a lot of wine, and we have a lot of wine glasses.  I typically don’t love or use stemless wine glasses, but I would change that in a heartbeat for this one!  Seriously, I need it!

Two // I don’t drink a lot of coffee, and when I do, it’s in a Starbucks cup, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense for me to have this mug.  I do drink a cup of hot green tea with local honey most mornings, though, so it would be totally acceptable to drink tea in a “latte” mug, right?!

Three // This candle.  You guys!  This candle!!  One word – divine.  And they’re on super sale right now.  Get you some! 

F I V E – For Your Guy

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about us girls… our guys need a little lovin’ too!  I came across this mug and it’s a hoot!  Man, I wish Brian drank coffee… ;o)

Finally, this past weekend Brian and I attended our annual benefit ball and I had mentioned that there was a professional photographer taking pictures in front of the step and repeat.  Well, the pictures are finally available and they look amazing, so I thought that I would share.  :o)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. These are all great gifts. I just night send this link to Luke. Haha! The pictures turned out great! You & your Mama could be sisters!

  2. Such great gift round up ideas! We don't really exchange anything either and are lucky to get out to dinner! Those pictures are gorgeous!

  3. love the gift round up my friend! great ideas! and you're so pretty! so happy i came across your blog!

  4. Awesome gift ideas! And I love the pictures - they all came out great!

  5. I am loving those pjs. They look so comfy and soft. And that Essie color is beautiful. I love pink nails all year and this would be a perfect color for it. That candle...yum! Great items all around. And some I definitely want to splurge on.

  6. We don't do a big Valentine's Day either! And those pjs look so comfy! Have a great weekend--PS You looked amazing in those pics!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small

  7. You looked so pretty at the gala - I love the dress you wore!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Those pictures did turn out really well!!! Gorgeous. That nail color and lipstick suggestion. I don't feel like mine stays on very well, so I definitely need to look into this kind!

  9. So I'm pretty much going to print this list out and hand it to the hubs! But seriously, I am. Love the pictures from your fancy night fun!

  10. The pictures came out great!! So pretty!! I love those sunglasses.

  11. Such great pictures! I actually gave my hubby that mug for Christmas!!

  12. You're so pretty! You always look ama int, girlfriend! Oh...and that mug...for the guy in my life, NEED!!!


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