Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Day in the Life

I don’t know about you, but day in the life posts are always some of my favorite posts to read, and I often hear other bloggers say the same thing.  

Why is that?! 

I swear I’m not a creeper, but for some reason it’s just so interesting to see what time y’all wake up, what you eat for lunch, and how you allot your time throughout the day. 

Aaaand now I’m sounding like the creeper that I just said that I wasn’t. 

Anywho, I also like doing these posts for myself to look back on one day.  Here’s what a typical weekday looks like in the life of Lindsay in April 2016.

5:15 AM – First alarm goes off *snooze*

5:24 AM – Second alarm goes off *snooze*

5:33 AM – Third alarm goes off *snooze*

5:42 AM – Fourth alarm goes off *snooze*

5:51 AM – Fifth alarm goes off *snooze*

6:00 AM – Sixth alarm goes off *finally drag myself out of the bed and head to the bathroom where it’s shower, makeup, dress, hair.  In that order.* (And yes, I do intentionally snooze for 45 minutes every single day.  If I don’t, I can’t function.  And I actually do my best sleeping in between alarms.  There’s just something about glancing at the clock and knowing that you don’t have to get up quite yet…)

6:40 AM – Run to my office to make sure my blog post is live, share to Google+, share to Facebook, and link up with any link parties I’m participating in while listening to the sounds of Brian and Jacob butting heads about which lights to turn on downstairs while Jacob eats breakfast. 

6:45 AM – Run downstairs and flip on the lights because if Jacob’s gotten his way, the two of them will be eating their Apple Cinnamon Cheerios in complete and utter darkness.  He’s not a morning person in case you haven’t already figured that out.  However, I have to be able to see to make his lunch (and mine), so I’m usually the bad guy who comes down and floods the house with light.

7:00 AM – Run upstairs and wake Olivia (who would lounge in her crib until 9:30 every day if we’d let her) and get her dressed and ready for the day.

7:10 AM – Back downstairs to load the car, get some hugs and kisses from B and Olivia, and get Jacob into the car so we can leave by 7:15.

7:15 AM – Still waiting for Jacob to climb into the car and buckle his seatbelt…  Why oh why do kids always have to buckle their own seatbelts?  And why for heaven’s sake does it take an act of congress to get them to do it?!

7:20 AM – We are now leaving later than I like (as we do pretty much every day) but fortunately at the beginning of the school year I allowed for a little bit of extra padding, so we shouldn’t be late as long as the traffic gods are with us.

7:35 AM – Walk Jacob into school, head back to the car, and hightail it to work.

8:00 AM – Work and blah blah blah.

11:00ish AM – Leave for what is supposed to be my lunchbreak, but I will spend it grocery shopping, cleaning the house, or picking up some item/object/food item that is needed for some event/meeting/get together.  In the rare event that I don’t have any errands to run, then I’m at home catching up on my blog reading/crafting/preparing for a blog post.  And in some extremely rare instances, I might actually be eating lunch on my lunch break.  Imagine that.

12:00ish PM – Back to work where I actually get to eat lunch… usually a salad at my desk while I work.

4:30 PM – Quitting time, hallelujah!  Fly out of there like the building’s on fire, and head back to Jacob’s school to pick him up from the after school program that we are so lucky to have.

5:00ish PM – Burst through the door at home and turn into what I like to call the whirlwind of mommy – cooking, cleaning, emptying lunchboxes, looking through book bags, preparing for the next day – all the while burning a candle and listening to music... and some days enjoying a glass of wine.  Hey, might as well make it enjoyable!  Brian and Olivia arrive sometime during this hour and she and Jacob play fight as we finish dinner and get the table set.

6:00ish PM – Dinner’s on the table.  If we’re lucky it’s on the table out on the back porch with the twinkle lights turned on and a nice breeze a blowing.

6:30ish PM – B starts the dishes as I try to scrape the food off of Olivia’s shirt and out of her hair.  She’s never been a dainty eater.

6:45ish PM – Playtime in the back yard or a family walk around the neighborhood to burn off dinner if the weather’s nice or playtime in the living room if the weather’s yucky.

7:15ish PM – All four of us head upstairs.  B bathes the munchkins while I fold laundry, pick up, work on tomorrow’s blog post, etc. – somewhat similar to the whirlwind that I am when I first get home, but maybe slightly less whirlwindy.

7:30ish PM – Olivia is delivered to me all wrapped up in a towel and we immediately head into her room to grab her paci because she knows that’s the time that she’s finally allowed to have it and by golly, she will have it then.  We put on PJs, comb her wet hair, and head into Jacob’s room where Brian and Jacob are settling in to read.  She kisses and hugs them both, and she and I retreat to her bedroom for some one on one time.  We read, we say goodnight to all of her pictures, we pray, we snuggle, and I lay her down in the crib with all of her babies. 

7:55ish PM – Head into Jacob’s room – but only once Brian has turned off the light and cracked the door… that’s my cue, otherwise chaos ensues – and give him some lovin’, say prayers, and then scratch, pat, and rub his back if it’s “my turn” to do it.  Jacob has a pattern for who stays with him each night.  Right now his pattern is mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy, and so on.  Sometimes he’ll get crazy and do something like mommy, daddy, daddy, daddy, mommy, and boy is that exhausting for whoever has to be in there three nights in a row!  Whoever isn’t scratching his back that night heads outside to water the ferns.

8:30ish PM – The babies are (hopefully) asleep, so B and I meet in the living room for some “down time.”  My down time consists of working out while catching up on TV.  I do scissor kicks, calf raises, a few hip strengthening exercises, some light work with weights, and a heap of squats followed by 15-20 minutes on my abs board.    

9-9:15ish PM – I blog, catch up on social media, and sometimes enjoy a bowl of frozen yogurt or some other dessert (you know, to undo all of the calories that I just burned) all while watching TV.

10:00ish PM – Upstairs, wash face, brush teeth, PJs, etc. and collapse in the bed where I do some last minute social media catch up or reading, and then it’s lights out around 10:45ish PM. 

Then the next day I get up and do it all over again!

And there you have it, folks!  That’s my day!

And if you want to see what my day looked like around this time last year, you can see that post here.

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  1. You are right - everyone seems to love these posts! I know I do! You had a busy, busy day! So nice you are able to get home for lunch to get things done!

  2. I'm so envious of your lunch break! I've got about 15-20 minutes to shove my food down my throat while trying to manage the only adult conversations I'll have during the day haha the life of a teacher, right?

    And I think it's so funny that you hit the snooze so many times! I used to be just like that so I totally get it--and I get the best sleeping in between alarms!

    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. I love these posts too! It's so fun to see how others spend their days. You are a busy lady! I've never been a snooze person but my hubby is. He now puts his alarm across the room so he can't. He grumbles every morning. Ha ha

  4. I need to get my act together & get a DITL post together. The last one I did was in November & my how things have changed since then. Work must be super close to home? How nice!

  5. I love these posts! I've been wanting to do one for awhile. Now if I can just remember to document it! You are one busy lady! I do t know how you do it...superwoman for sure!

  6. I loooove these posts! #totalcreeper. Wow you get a lot done in your day!! Seriously that's awesome how you use your time, and that's great you work out at night! I would never have the energy. And the bedtime routines, ohhh how I get it! Right now Ella is on a Mommy only phase, poor Rick!

  7. I love posts like this. And my alarm snoozing looks quite similar to yours. ;)

    The Starving Inspired

    1. I wish I could stop but I've been doing it my whole life! Haha.

  8. Holy moly girl you're a machine!! I love reading these posts, but when it comes to alarms I can only handle that noise once lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. Man alive, you're an inspiration! This was so fun to read.

    If I posted a day in the life post, it would consist of me telling the kids no all day while simultaneously cleaning up the mess I told them not to make. Haha! I then would talk about how proud I was to have brushed my hair that day and how I went to the car wash for a "break." Haha!!

    1. Haha, I'm sure that's exactly how I would sound if I stayed home with the kids as well!

  10. I'ma total creeper too! Haha! I LOVE these posts! My days aren't as hectic, since we don't have kids...you are one busy lady!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    1. Yes ma'am, but it's the best kind of busy! I sure wouldn't trade it!

  11. I love DITL posts too! I've been meaning to do one for ages, so this is a great reminder. MUST DO THIS. You guys are so busy! And I'm glad to see that I'm not the only mom who runs errands on my lunch break and eats lunch back at my desk afterwards! How else would I get anything done?!

  12. Our days are so similar!!!! I wish I could hit the snooze.. we have to leave the house at 6:30am (ugh) so the days I do hit snooze, I'm just a hot mess trying to get ready that quickly!!

  13. I used to do the SAME thing with my alarm! I don't use one anymore because my daughter wakes me up for sure before 7:30 haha but I agree snooze is necessary!

  14. I love these posts. One day I am going to remember to link up to this! In the meantime, I'll just keep stalking what other people eat for lunch!

  15. I somehow missed this the other day. We have pretty similar work days! I'm so jealous that you get out of work at 4:30 though. I work 8:30 to 5:30. I leave the house every day at 7:20 and get home at 6:30. By the time I get home, it's a huge rush to get dinner cooked and Mila fed before we head up for a bath at 7:00 and bedtime at 7:20/7:30. I really need to start working out while watching TV at night. I've been slacking big time. Maybe this post will motivate me to do it! :)


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