Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Best Wedges for Summer

I was originally going to take today off because my office tour post from yesterday was so exhausting that I decided I needed a little break.  However, I just can’t quit this blog – or you for that matter – so I thought that I would pop in and share these wedges with all of you because they’re just so darn perfect.  I can't stop wearing them!  They go with pretty much everything, they’re super comfy, they’re soooo cute, they’re affordable, and who doesn’t love gold?!  

And if you don't like gold (you weirdo), there are some really cute other options here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Target's shoe selection is, as always, on point!

Happy shopping!

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  1. Those are super cute! Love the mix of metallic and neutral.

  2. The little wedge really is perfect!! Love them! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love wedges and I like that these aren't super tall! Love them, so cute!
    I hate taking a day off from blogging, my day just seems so off if I do...the only time I take a day off from blogging is if I've taken off from work too. LOL!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  4. Yes ma'am, I need those!! Thanks for linking up today! xo

  5. Hahahaha, yes, how can you not like gold?! It's like kinda my thing ;) Very cute wedges. I'm looking for a pair for the summer!

  6. These are adorable!! I love Target for shoes and actually included a few of my current faves in today's post!

  7. Those are super cute! They would work for casual or for the office!

  8. Those wedges are adorable!!! Love the little wedge, not too tall!

  9. Ooooh love them and I love the fact that they're not too tall. Mostly for two reasons, so I don't tower over Jon and that I don't trip and fall on my face.

    1. Lol yes! I love that they're lower as well! They are perfect for work so my shoes don't look like they're screaming I'M HEADED TO THE CLUB! And also, so I don't break my ankles while carrying around two little rugrats!

  10. I just bought a similar pair, and am loving them. They are so comfy. The heel is just right! They'll definitely be my "go to" shoe this summer.

  11. I love these, but my legs are so short that the ankle strap and lack of heel make my legs look ENORMOUS! Like seriously, I looked in the mirror and thought SURELY THAT CANNOT BE ME!

  12. Oh these are perfect - to dress up or down! Yay - thanks for sharing!


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