Thursday, July 21, 2016

This is Five... Jacob's Birthday Interview

A tradition I started last year, and one that I will continue for quite some time because it’s always entertaining… the birthday interview.  Here are Jacob’s responses just a few days shy of his 5th birthday, with a commentary by me.  And P.S. That picture up above?  That's about as good as it gets these days... and just for the record, he's yelling out, "POOOOP!"

1.    What is your favorite toy?  “Hot Wheels Garage!”
2.    What is your favorite stuffed animal?  “Tri-cer-eeee!”  (His stuffed triceratops that he has been sleeping with this last month.  He changes up which stuffed animal he sleeps with every month or so.  And funny that he called him “Tri-cer-eeee” because he’s never once said that until this interview.)
3.    What is your favorite game?  “Chutes and Ladders, m’kay?”  (Why he added the “m’kay” at the end, I have no idea.  Never heard that out of his mouth before either… apparently conducting an interview makes him come up with even more humdingers than usual.)
4.    What is your favorite sport?  “Baseball, okay?  NO, ummmm football, okay?”  (What’s with all the m’kays and okays?!)
5.    What is your favorite book?  “Ummmm… my comic book of superheroes that shows you all the superheroes.  It’s the big book.”
6.    What is your favorite TV show?  “The one that has the superheroes on it.”  Me: “Do you actually watch that though?”  Jacob: “No, I’m not allowed to.”  Me: “So what’s your favorite, then?”  Jacob: “Transformers.”  (He watches the Rescue Bots version that is made for toddlers.)
7.    What is your favorite movie?  “The Lion Guard.”  (I’m not even sure that he’s seen that… is it even a movie?  I know it’s a book…)
8.    What is your favorite song?  “Gots to Get Her by Blake Lewis!!”  (B and I constantly introduce the kids to different genres of music to ensure that they are well rounded musically, and this one is his current fave.  Anybody remember Blake Lewis from American Idol?  His first album was actually really good and B and I used to listen to it all the time when we were dating.  Brings back sweet memories!)
9.    What is your favorite band or singer?  “Muckey!  Dave Matthews Band!”  (Who the heck is Muckey??  But good save with DMB.)
10. What is your favorite holiday?  “I think… Valentine’s… no!  Christmas!!”  (I was gonna say…)
11. What is your favorite season?  “Winter.”
12. What is your favorite color?  “Red and orange and yellow!”
13. What is your favorite animal?  “Lion, and tiger, and cheetah!”  (I’ve never known him to ever speak of cheetahs so this is brand new information.)
14. What is your favorite shirt?  “My five one that has storm troopers on it for my birthday.”  (He’s never even worn it yet, but good to know that he’s excited about it.)
15. What is your favorite fruit?  “Umm… I think kiwi and pears… and strawberries!”  (Accurate.)
16. What is your favorite vegetable?  “Umm… broccoli.”  (Two years running!)
17. What is your favorite snack?  “Fruit snacks!”  (Again, accurate.)
18. What is your favorite treat?  “I think it’s a Star Wars cookie.”  (Huh?)
19. What is your favorite drink?  “Orange juice and apple juice.”  (This kid just can’t get enough OJ these days.  I’m starting to worry he’s going to get boils from drinking too much acid.  Hehe.)
20. What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner?  “Sausage and mashed potatoes!”  (Which I never make together, so clearly I need to revise my menu.)
21. What is your favorite restaurant?  “Chuck E. Cheese!”  (I’m not sure that this qualifies as a restaurant, but more of an entertainment venue, but I guess we’ll go with it.)
22. Who is your best friend?  “Garrett and Kyle and Liam!”
23. What makes you feel happy?  “Laughing!  No… being funny!”
24. What makes you feel sad?  “Biting me… when somebody bites me.”  (Ahem, Olivia, I think he’s looking at you…)
25. What are you afraid of?  “Monsters and googolplexian eye monsters!”  (Yes, he knows and mostly understands what a googolplexian is… as a matter of fact, he’s the one who taught me what it was and I had to google it to make sure that he was right.  And yes, I agree that a monster with googolplexian eyes would be petrifying.)
26. What are you thankful for?  “Um… tee tee!”  (Uh oh, this is about to go downhill fast if he’s starting to use the potty words.)  Me: “No potty words, Jacob.”  Jacob: “Hot Wheels Garage… umm… foodie!”  (I’m assuming he means that he’s thankful for the Hot Wheels Garage and food.)
27. What are you really good at?  “Doing puzzles!”  (Yes, he most definitely is… it’s kinda scary how well he knows the United States puzzle map already… names and all!  And Olivia, too!  It’s quite unbelievable, actually.)
28. What is your best memory?  “Umm… treasure!”  (Huh?)  “When I got on a sunny day at the first time I went to school!”
29. What do you want to be when you grow up?  “FLASH!”  (While raising his little index finger to the sky.)
30. If you could have one wish, what would it be?  “Treasure that I have at our house.  A Batman house.”  (What is the sudden obsession with treasure?  And yes, he does want a “Batman House” that he saw at Barnes & Noble very badly.)

If you missed his interview for his 4th birthday, you can see it here.

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  1. Such a fun idea! It is going to be so special to look back on these interviews!

  2. I LOOOVE this! I just did Brayden's last week and will start Ella's this year since she's turning 4! I love all of his answers! Treasure, seriously him and Brayden are like the same kid! It's all Brayden talks about too! And this was the first year Brayden didn't say superhero when I asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, LOL! That's so impressive about the United States puzzle! And Lion Guard is a show on Disney, LOL!

  3. Sooo fun!! I have a Jacob too!! He always loved puzzles, still does at 18!! ;-)

    1. Aw so exciting! I hope our Jacob always loves his puzzles as well!

  4. I love reading these interviews and hearing all the responses. And he is being so clever and funny!

  5. Baha ha! Oh my goodness he is so full of energy and personality. I love that he loves broccoli too. My oldest has always been a huge fan. Weird little kids :P. Such a great way to document him each year.

  6. This is soooo cute! I love how his personality shines through his answers. When is his actual birthday again?! Almost happy Birthday buddy!

  7. Oh my goodness, he is too cute! The Lion Guard is a new show on Disney Junior and Mila actually likes it too! I love the random things he added that he's never said before this interview. I actually just did one of these with Mila for her birthday (it's on Tuesday) and she gave some random answers too (that I actually made her re-answer). She said her favorite food was broccoli. Girl has NEVER eaten broccoli ever - she refuses to! lol.

  8. Oh, Jacob, you are so adorable!
    I hope he has a wonderful 5th Birthday on Saturday!!!

  9. This is great! So sweet! Cash loves broccoli & Rescue Bots. There is Superhero Squad on Netflix. It's little superheros. I think they call themselves squaddies? Cash loves it.

  10. I love all his answers!!! and that some of them are totally out of the blue. I do interviews with Austin too and one year he said his favorite color was white. huh?? it was so random!!! You are going to love looking back at this over the years! PS- Find Star Wars cookies, STAT :-)


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