Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Welcome, Jacob's Birth Month // His First Year in Pictures

I’ve been working this last year to get some of our history on the blog, and since I didn’t blog when Jacob was a baby, I knew that I wanted to share some photos of his first year of life.  Many of you have been following along with me for this last year since I started blogging, and you’ve probably never even seen his squishy newborn cuteness!

In honor of his birthday month, I present to you, Jacob’s first year of life in pictures.  Warning – picture overload!  Although, aren’t all of my posts picture overloads?  #Oops

This first set was taken in the hospital when he was just a couple of days old.  His lips were frozen in a permanent duck face for the entire first week of his life.  Lol.

We then had some newborn pictures captured when he was a month and a half old by the same photographer who did our wedding.

Just after his five months birthday, our photographer captured his “heads up” session.  That last one of him is probably my very favorite picture of him of all time.  He looks like he could be in a magazine.  Look at those blue eyes, that perfect button nose, and those big juicy lips!

One day shy of his eight month birthday, our photographer did his “sit up” shoot and these pictures still crack me up to this day.  Why she had him in pot, I will never know, but I laugh every single time I see them.

We had to wait until he was over thirteen months old to do his “stand up” session because he took his sweet time learning to stand up.  Hehe.

We chose our favorite photo from each shoot and had a panel made to hang in our formal dining room.  That way we can remember all of the stages of our sweet baby’s first year!

In addition to the oodles of professional photos we had made, I also documented his monthly growth by snapping a few pics on the 23rd of each month.

And finally, some of my favorite shots… the ones that we snapped during his first weeks at home.  Just look at that sweet face!

Thanks for indulging me today as I mentally prepare to have a five year old in the house later this week.  Sigh.

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  1. Such wonderful pictures!!! I am just loving his duck face in his newborn pictures!

  2. The perfect amount of squish to start my day!! He was such a cutie!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  3. So sweet! Look at that little baby!

  4. You are making my ovaries hurt!! He was the cutest little bub!!! I laughed at the one in the pot too, but it's soooo cute!! And his cake smash, reminds me of someone I know, LOL!

  5. Oh my sweetness! This was so fun, Lindsay! I love his little face, especially in his third month in the collage you made! Those chubby cheeks and that smile - oh my gosh - the best! The one in the pot is hilarious! Oh man, I agree with Lizzie up above, my ovaries are on fire!

  6. Oh my goodness my ovaries are hurting too! Actually I just want a little baby that I can take photos of and give back to its mom. It makes me sad that I didn't take photos like I do now, when I had little bitties. He is PRECIOUS.

  7. OMG how cute!!! LOVE the shot of Jacob in the pot. That is seriously adorable. And that shot of the three of you standing - I have a very similar one with us and Mila! Love all of these pictures!

  8. Wow! He is just so precious!!! Love the photos! So perfect!! Xo

  9. I just love all of his photos. So cute. He was a handsome baby. I think I had the same shirt you wore in his newborn photos.

  10. He is precious!!! Baby fever is through the roof with all of these adorable pictures of him!
    The picture of him in the pot is so cute!!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  11. Oh Linds, the photos are amazing. It is so funny how much of Jacob now you can see in his newborn face. And, those eyes...those eyes are beautiful. What a sweet little newborn and a sweet little boy!

  12. I have no words. None. Oh my word... oh sweet boy!!!! the duck lips are so cute!!!! He definitely could have been in a magazine, he is beyond adorable!

  13. those lips!! too precious!

    1. Oh I know! I love those big juicy lips! They are one of my favorite things about him!

  14. There are never enough pictures! Oh newborn photos, how I love those. And holy blue eyes! You have one cutie there :)

  15. Look at baby Jacob! SO cute. Love all those pictures!

  16. what a sweetheart!!!!! it's crazy how quickly they change... time is going too fast


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