Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Day in the Life {9.22.2016}

Day in the life posts are always everyone’s favorites (mine included) so I have one coming your way this morning.  While I have discussed my daily routine a couple of different times here on the blog, I have never actually documented a full specific day until now.  And a short disclaimer before we continue… picture overload ahead… and please don’t judge me for the picture quality.  This is real, unedited life here, people!

Without further ado, I present to you, my day – last Thursday, September 22, 2016.  Enjoy, creepers!  I know I always do!  ;o) 

6:00 AM – my alarm goes off and I roll out of bed to get my day started.  I forgot to screenshot a picture until I went into the bathroom and saw the note that I had left for myself so I wouldn’t forget.  Thank goodness for the note!  I put in my contacts and quickly check Instagram and FB to see if I missed anything riveting overnight… news flash – I didn’t.

6:05 AM – jump in the shower, makeup, pick out clothes, hair.  While I’m doing all of this, B comes in and gets ready in, like, ten minutes.  Must be nice.  He gets Jacob up when he’s done getting ready (around 6:30) and they head down to get him some breakfast.

6:40 AM – head to my office, make sure my post has gone live (in today’s case, it was my Thursday Confessions post), link-up, post on social media channels.

6:45 AM – head downstairs where Jacob is sitting in complete darkness eating his Apple Cinnamon Cheerios with sunglasses at his side just in case of a light emergency, and B is unloading the dishwasher by candlelight the light above the sink.  In case you can’t tell, Jacob is not a morning person, he doesn’t like any lights on in the morning, and on summer mornings when the sun is already starting to come up, he wears sunglasses while he eats breakfast.  Lol.  However, he knows when I come down I’m going to ruin his day because I can’t make lunches in the dark, so I flip on the switch.  On this morning he doesn’t whine about it.  All right!  I quickly prepare Jacob’s lunch and snack for the day, along with my salad for lunch, and I silently curse myself for not doing my salad the night before.  B fiddles with the dishwasher because for some reason it didn’t drain during the last load and there’s a puddle of water in the bottom.

7:00 AM – head upstairs to wake the little princess.  She eats breakfast at school, so we get her up just before walking out the door.  She always greets me with a smile, she welcomes the light, and she always has to do 20 second of jumping up and down before I hoist her out of bed.  She still likes mornings, as you can tell.  She goes potty, gets dressed, and puts her paci up for the day and we head downstairs.  

7:15 AM – when we get downstairs, J is already completely ready (he and B usually go upstairs around the same time that I do to wake Olivia), and he is reading his Lego catalog in the middle of the kitchen floor.  We load up the car, get hugs and kisses from Daddy and Olivia, I snap a quick pic for my OOTD documentation (even though it’s starting to be too dark in the morning to do that now… that’s why this one is a little grainy) and Olivia joins me, while eating her jelly beans treat from going potty, and we head off to school while Daddy and Olivia wave goodbye to us in the driveway.  They load up and leave right after we do, but Olivia always likes to see us off before getting in the car.  Some mornings Jacob and I have dance parties in the car on the way to school and some mornings he talks my ear off, but on this particular morning he read his Lego catalog all the way to school and I listened to Bobby Bones… my favorite child-friendly DJ.  

7:30 AM – we arrive at Jacob’s school.  Since he’s still so small, I don’t like to drop him off in the car line, so we park and I walk him in, get him settled in to the early morning drop-off program, and it’s off to work for me!

7:50 AM – arrive at work, turn on my radio to listen to Elvis Duran, my favorite DJ who is not remotely kid-friendly, turn on the computer, and start responding to emails that I received over the weekend. 


8:05 AM – run to the break room to make breakfast – an egg with cheese, some fresh grapes, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries, and a huge glass of water.  I eat at my desk while working.

9:00 AM – on this morning, we have some nurses that have come in to give flu shots to anyone who wants one and I most definitely do.  It takes all of five minutes, and then it’s back to work. 

10:15 AM – head to the break room to get a water refill and to get some hot water for my green tea and local honey.  I drink this every single morning to keep my fall allergies in check.  It seems to actually work, because I used to have terrible asthma problems during the fall, but it seems to have lessened during the last three years since I started taking the honey.  Some people say it’s all in my head, but even if it is, then OH WELL – IT’S STILL WORKING!  On this day, one of my co-workers has brought in some chocolate dipped pretzel sticks and other goodies that his wife has made, so I splurge and have a chocolate covered pretzel stick with my tea.

11:00 AM – lunch break!  I, however, never actually eat lunch on my lunch break.  I always run errands or work out instead, and today was a gym day.  I arrived at 11:05, got changed in the locker room, and snapped a quick pic before heading to the treadmill… I wouldn’t have snapped the pic if someone had been in there.  Ha!

11:15 AM – turn on my workout tunes and get down to business!  I always set the pace to the point where I’m walking as fast as I can without jogging or running, and I crank up the incline typically to a 7, which is almost as high as it goes.  On this day, I listened to my tunes while watching Access Hollywood.  #TiredOfHearingAboutBradAndAngie  When it’s over, it’s back to the locker room to change and freshen up.

12:00 PM – on the way back in to work, I grab my salad from the fridge, add some feta cheese and dressing to it, and take it back to my desk while I eat and get caught up on emails that have come in while I was out.  After finishing my salad, I grab a small handful of dark chocolate M&Ms… I have them every day after lunch.  <3

12:30 PM – werk werk werk werk werk.

3:30 PM – grab a quick snack of a Kind bar and a Gala apple (I forgot to take pics) and I pull out my planner to see what’s on deck for the rest of the day.  Then it’s more work until 4:30.

4:30 PM – hightail it outta work and head straight to pick up my Boo from extended day at his school... my favorite time of day (tied with bedtime with Olivia).  He greets me with a smile and then proceeds to run all the way down the sidewalk (with me shouting for him to stop running) and he falls right as he gets to the car.  Sigh.  I examine him for scrapes and bruises, and miraculously, no blood!  I get him buckled in his car seat and he pulls out his Lego catalog for the car ride home.  We talk about his day and discuss what to expect for the rest of the evening (homework, dinner, etc.) and it’s a pleasant and quick fifteen minute ride home.

5:00 PM – stop by the mailbox to grab the mail before pulling in the garage, and get super excited because Olivia’s Halloween PJs have arrived from GAP, and so have some pictures that I had developed.  My excitement quickly turns to disgust when I see that the postman has folded the package of pictures in half when it clear says in big, red letters – PHOTOS ENCLOSED DO NOT BEND.  Sigh

5:05 PM – turn into a whirlwind… open mail, get Jacob set up on the iPad for his math homework, snap one more quick pic of my OOTD since it was so dark when I took one this morning, change into my at home mom uniform (yoga pants and a tank, hold the bra… hehe), check Jacob’s school folder, go through all of the stuff he brought home.  On this day his school pictures came home… look how cute he is!

5:30 PM – Brian and Olivia get home and I get this greeting!!  I love her so much it hurts.

5:35 PM – start prepping dinner… pretty easy tonight, because last month I made Shay’s Taco Joe’s and I was smart enough to make a double batch, so all I had to do was unfreeze, reheat, and chop up some green onions to sprinkle on the top.  That’s what I call the best way to cook!  While those were heating up, I worked some more on clearing the crap off of the kitchen island (our catch-all for junk), I checked on Jacob who was just finishing up his homework, opened our GAP package to peek at Olivia’s cute new clothes, and went through Jacob’s new artwork that he had brought home.  

5:50 PM – once everything was mostly cleaned off of the island and put away, I lit my Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle, and turned on my dinner party playlist to set the tone for a cozy evening.  I then took a peek at B and the kids who were all happily sprawled on the living room floor doing puzzles.  After that it was back to my cookbook to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything, and then I chopped those green onions.

6:10 PM – dinner!  Taco Joe’s and Fiesta Lime Chips for us, and Taco Joe meat, separate buns, and banana slices for the kiddos. 

6:25 – Olivia declares she’s done after eating her bananas, so we clean her up and she brings her puzzle into the kitchen to stay close while we finish up.

6:35 PM – everyone is pretty much done, so B cleans up quickly and then starts watching YouTube videos to try to figure out what’s wrong with our dishwasher that still hasn’t drained.  I join the kiddos in the living room to work on Jacob’s planet puzzle with him, while Olivia somehow manages to get a hold of her new Halloween jammies and put them on over her clothes.  Never a dull moment!

7:00 PM – upstairs for baths… I get them started and B joins us and takes over after he realizes that the dishwasher just isn’t going to get fixed tonight.  I unpack and take the tags off of Olivia’s new clothes, and toss them in the hamper to be washed, and then Olivia comes running in her room buck naked and fresh out of the bath, climbs up on her crib, and grabs her paci.  I do believe that is her favorite time of day.  We get her dressed in her jammies (not the new Halloween ones, much to her dismay), and then we head into Jacob’s room for reading time where he and B are already waiting. 

7:45 PM – Olivia and I sneak out and get her teeth brushed, and then she heads back into Jacob’s room one last time to give the boys some night-night lovin’. 

7:50 PM – my favorite time of day… Olivia and I head back to her room, turn off the lights, and snuggle in her chair under a blanket, say our bedtime prayer, and then talk to God.  Most nights I just don’t want it to end. 

8:00 PM – I lay Olivia down in bed, give her all 5,341 of her babies by name, kiss her a few times, and then sneak out.  I grab her baby monitor from our bedroom and then head straight into Jacob’s room where he and B are laying in the dark waiting for me.  We say the bedtime prayer there, give kisses and hugs, and then I tiptoe outta there while B stays with him for a few more minutes.  Jacob likes for us to take turns staying with him and that night just happened to be B’s turn. 

8:06 PM – back to my office to finish up tomorrow’s blog post, which in this case is my Five on Friday – That Southern Game Day Style post – which turned out to be one of my more popular posts… you ladies love some college football!  And a lot of you seemed to be intrigued/surprised by the fact that us southern girls wear dresses to the games.

8:45 PM – back downstairs to join B who is still trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with the dishwasher.  Some last minute preparations for the next day, and then it’s to the living room to do some ab work, squats, leg work, and free weights while also watching Friday Night Lights, as nothing else is on TV.

9:24 PM – grab my planner to have a look and get organized for the next day while finishing up our episode of FNL… oh Coach Taylor, why are you so smoking hot?!

9:51 PM – let Maui out one last time to start getting ready to go upstairs for the night and realize that I never opened my package of mailman bent pictures.  Fortunately they appear to just have a slight wrinkle, and once I get them in frames, I’m sure they will look just fine.

10:00 PM – upstairs, wash face, brush teeth, take out contacts, change into jammies, blah blah blah… why is it that there are 18 things I have to do before getting into bed?!

10:11 PM – finally, finally settle into bed with my current book while B watches some football.  I only get through a few pages before I can barely hold my eyes open anymore, so it’s one last quick check of social media, and then lights out.

10:33 PM – Nighty night!

If you’re still with me, then bless you, because that had to be one of the longest posts I’ve ever written, but that pretty much sums up my life these days – long and filled to the brim!! 

And I’m thankful for every single second.

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  1. Wow, girl! You have quite the day. That's such a great idea and dedicated way to get your gym time in for the day, during your lunch break. I love how dedicated B is to solving the dishwasher problem. Ours has done that before in the past too, but usually if I run it again, the water will drain. I have the same issue with the washing machine too. It'll retain water and I'll have to run it again, oh machines! Loving the picture on y'all on top of the mantle. I thought getting dressed up for games was a thing everywhere, no? Lol that's news to me.

  2. I loved hearing about your day! You really do pack it to the brim!! I totally feel you on those mornings when you have to get lunch together - it's always a "why did I not do this last night"? Those Halloween pjs are ridiculously cute. I love how Olivia put them on over her clothes. And Jacob's obsession with his Legos catalog. Love it. :)

  3. Loved reading about your day. You are busy! Those Halloween pjs are adorable. Such a typical day for a busy momma and it's great!

  4. What a day!! I love that Jacob wears sunglasses downstairs in the morning..it made me laugh! I seriously think you're a rockstar for being able to mom and also work outside the home! I hate the mornings too buddy. Funny enough I did a day in the life post today too and realize my life is boring compared to all y'all have going on. ha! Loved creeping in on your family and daily life :)

  5. These posts are always so fun and I'm so glad you did one! First, I cannot believe you get ready so fast...and with kids! And I am jealous that you get to workout during your lunch break--my lunch consists of 20 minutes in a loud cafeteria haha!! I love the days surrounding the beginning and ending of the school year without kids because we actually get to leave for lunch then! And I'm laughing at your husband watching Youtube videos on your dishwasher because that is my husband too! If Dustin needs to figure out something new, he watches a Youtube video and does it perfectly, and I'm thinking, "How in the world did you do that from a video?!" Good luck getting your dishwasher to work properly!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. First up, fellow UGA fan here! But we won't talk about last week's game! What a day, girl! Idk how you do it all. I think that's awesome you get time during the day to work out. I know that helps! Your babies are adorable!!!

  7. So much to say.
    #1 These posts ALWAYS exhaust me.
    #2 Jacob sounds just like Russ in the morning. He won't be growing out of that any time soon :P. He still does as much as he can in the dark
    #3 Your workout play list looks just like mine #ghetto #loveit
    #4 Olivia's Halloween stash is the cutest
    #5 Two workouts in one day?! You are amazing.

  8. I am amazed at how much you get done in a day! Like for real! I am always wondering why I don't prep Brayden's lunch the night before, or why I don't meal prep my lunches on Sunday for the week - one day I'll learn :) And B watching youtube videos, yep that's our go to as well when we need to figure something out LOL!

  9. I do love these day in the life posts. Reminds me, I should probably do one again. It's fun to see the little sneak peeks on what a day really can be like. Plus, I always find it helpful to see that no one is less busy than me and also that so much really does get done, even when it seems it isn't. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Yes, you should do one! I know that I'll love looking back on these one day so I'm going to start trying to do at least three per year!

  10. Somehow I missed this post hehe. Kudos for working out during lunch! It takes me at least 30 minutes to get ready so I always figure an hour wouldn't be enough to get presentable again haha

    1. Yeah, fortunately I don't sweat a ton, so I don't shower after I work out. I just freshen up so it only takes about 15 minutes! If I had to shower and all that I'd never have time either!

  11. How adorable are the kiddos in the morning? And yay for getting your flu shot! Don't you love it when jobs offer the free clinics which make it even easier to protect yourself? And lunchtime workouts are my fav, so much easier and when I have the most energy :-D
    Green Fashionista

  12. Love these types of posts!!!!! Your kiddos are so cute.. I love how Jacob is reading his magazine! We get free flu shots at work too..that reminds me I need to sign up to get one. Ugh. Not my favorite 10 mins, that's for sure. We just had that same thing (of course #twinning) happen to our dishwasher. Twice, actually. Neal did the same thing and watched YouTube videos. He ended up having to disconnect the drain hose and the first time there were stickers stuck in there (probably from the bottom of plates or glasses that we didn't notice) and the second time it was a pebble stuck in the hose... that one I have no explanation for, other than #kids. Hope you guys get yours fixed! xoxo

  13. I love these type of posts. I have been meaning to do a day in the life post all summer long & yet, I still haven't put one together. This fall fore sure! haha!

  14. I love these too! That screenshot on your phone has to be the cutest photo of them. You definitely have a busy day! But you are definitely so organized, so that evens things out. I just like seeing how the flow of everything goes. Great job!

  15. I never eat lunch on my lunch break either - I'm usually going to the gym or running errands and then I scarf down a salad when i get back LOL!! You get so much done and you are so organized - I love it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  16. What a great day!! But I'm exhausted just reading it! HA.
    Where do you order your pictures from??
    Thanks Lindsay!

    1. I order them on Mpix.com. They are professional grade prints but they're cheaper than Walgreens!!!! They are amazing and I cannot say enough good things about them!

  17. I enjoyed this! I like seeing what an average day is for other people. I need to do one soon. I also have to do a bunch of things before I can get in bed. We aren't allowed to have phones at our desks (a girl took a selfie in her cubicle and had left a person's private information on the computer screen in the background; it was found online somehow). I am thinking about getting an Erin Condren planner for 2017.

  18. I always love day in the life posts but I can never commit to finishing one. Of course, these days most of my recap would involve driving! Haha! Loved seeing what your day is like!

    1. You should totally do one! I would love to see yours, but it would probably be a mile long because you are SO BUSY!!

  19. Hi, I'm a new reader and I love your blog! Your family is so sweet and I love hearing about other working moms' lives. How do you make the egg you showed for breakfast - microwave? Do you ever have issues with your kids sleeping through the night? It seems like you have a great bed/am routine with them...I'm struggling with a wakeful toddler :)

    1. Thank you so much! My egg is super easy to make in the morning. I crack one egg into my bowl, scramble it with a fork, and then pop it in the microwave for 40 seconds. Comes out perfect every time!

      As far as sleep issues, we've had our fair share of them over the years. Jacob is now five so we rarely have issues with him anymore. He will have an occasional nightmare and he'll come and get in the bed with us, but other than that he typically sleeps from 8 PM - 6:30 AM on the weekdays.

      Olivia has always been an incredible sleeper, but lately she has been waking in the middle of the night a few times per week and calling for me. We think she's having nightmares, so there's not much we can do about that but just ride it out and hope they stop soon!

      The key for us has always been routine routine routine. And also consistency with bedtime.

      Thank you for stopping by! XO

  20. I love this post so much! Totally creeper here, hehe. And we go to the same gym, just different states. I love it there, wish I could go during lunch, and is it right next door to you, only takes you 5 minutes to get there? That's pretty awesome. I think you and I have pretty much the same end of the night routine. Love it.

  21. These are my faves! I giggled at Jacob in the dark, eating cereal. That is too funny. It looks like you and B have such a good routine. He is such a big helper, definitely a keeper! Olivia is darling and I love that she wakes up with so much joy and energy, and your night-time routine with her is precious. I just adore your little family, Lindsay. Y'all are the cutest. Thank you for sharing your family with us and your day. You handle everything so well and you're such a hard worker.

    PS - My total creep status saw those Jolly Ranchers and was reminded that I need to stock my candy/sweet drawer at work. LOL! I'm telling you my sweet tooth is bad! I always have to have candy after lunch and dinner.

    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  22. I love these posts and it makes me want to do a more updated one. You do a lot during the day. I love seeing all the things you eat, do and your routine. Thanks for sharing with us creepers!!!


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