Thursday, November 24, 2016


I’m taking the day off today to enjoy the day with my family, but I couldn’t let the holiday go by without saying how thankful I am for this little life of mine.

Today and every day I am thankful for…

A God who has blessed me with more than I could ever need.
A husband who loves me unconditionally.
Two healthy and brilliant children who make me happier than I ever thought possible.
The sweetest little doggie who also loves me unconditionally.
An amazing family who supports me no matter what.
A wonderful group of girlfriends who I can always count on.
Good health for myself and our whole family.  I will never, ever take this for granted.
A good education.
Jobs with salaries to provide for the things that we need and want.
An abundance of food and a refrigerator to keep it all cold.
Closets stuffed full of more clothes than we could ever need.
More toys and beautiful things than we know what to do with.
Clean running water.
Air conditioning and heat to keep us comfortable in any type of weather.
Cars to get us wherever we need to go.
And a gorgeous house to hold it all.  

And last but certainly not least, this blogging community.  What a wonderful group of women I’ve met on this crazy adventure!

To you and yours, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  

I hope your day is full of family, laughter, and good food! 


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  1. Happy Thanksgivinf Lindsay!! Enjoy your day with your cute family!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you have a great day.

  3. Happy {late} Thanksgiving!! I hope you had a lovely day!

    1. Thank you, Brandi! We did! I hope yours was wonderful, too!

  4. So much to be Thankful for. I hope you had the best Thanksgiving!

  5. Such a great list. It makes me happy just reading it!

  6. Playing catch-up! I’ve been traveling and have gotten so behind. I love this! I hope you guys had the best Thanksgiving ever.


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