Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What I Wore – October Recap

Where aaaare yoooou, faaaallll weeeeaaaather?! 

This has positively been the hottest and longest summer that I think we’ve ever had.  I honestly don’t know how you people in Florida do it.  It has been so hard to get into the fall spirit around here.  Trick-or-treating when it’s 86 degrees outside is just not my idea of a festive time.  And now I’m trying to get in the Thanksgiving and Christmas spirit and it’s just really hard to do that with weather like this. 

Thank goodness for our mountain trip this year… those were the only days that we have been able to wear anything remotely resembling a fall ensemble.  It’s been so hot here, I’m still wearing open-toe shoes, sleeveless blouses, and skirts most days.  I have a whole closet full of fun fall stuff to wear and I just can’t bring myself to do it when it’s this hot!  Sigh.

Anyway, here are this past month’s looks... if you want to skip over all the summer ensembles and just look at the four pictures from the days we were in the mountains I will certainly understand!  I’m tired of summer stuff, too!  Haha.

And as always, I linked as many of the things I could under each picture in case you see something you like... happy shopping!

October 1 -

October 2 - I Literally Cannot

October 3 - Pants

October 4 - Khaki Skinny Pants Similar // Watch

October 5 - Pencil Skirt Similar

October 6 - Tunic Similar //  Khaki Skinny Pants Similar // Watch

October 7 - Black Pants

October 8 - Skinny Jeans // Sandals // Watch // Olivia's Sandals

October 9 - GAP Skinny Jeans Similar

October 10 - Tunic // Watch

October 11 - Rose Skinny Pants Similar

October 12 - Khaki Skinny Pants Similar // Watch

October 13 - Army Green Skinny Pants Similar

October 14 -

October 15 - Black and White Striped Tee // Scarf Similar // Skinny Jeans // Olivia's Boots

October 16 - Merlot Tank // GAP Skinny Jeans Similar // Olivia's Sandals

October 17 - Grey Skinny Pants Similar

October 18 - Rose Skinny Pants Similar

October 19 - Black Pants

October 20 - Tunic // Olivia's Top // Olivia's Sandals

October 21 - Buffalo Check Tunic  // Denim Jacket // Hunter Boots // White Vest //
October 22 - Tunic // Olivia's Shirt // Olivia's Boots

October 23 - Nama-Stay In Bed // Cardigan Similar // GAP Skinny Jeans Similar // Converse // Olivia's Skinny Jeans // Olivia's Boots

October 24 - Khaki Skinny Pants Similar

October 25 - White Jeans Similar

October 26 - Army Green Skinny Pants Similar // Watch

October 27 - Pants

October 28 - Red Skinny Pants

October 29 (for family photos only) - Swing Dress // Booties // Tulle Skirt // Red Bow Shoes

October 29 (actual) - PJ Bottoms

October 30 - Pumpkin Spice Shirt // GAP Skinny Jeans Similar // Olivia's Shoes

October 31 - Plaid Shirt Dress // Booties

October 31 (Evening) - Boo Shirt

Well, there you have it.  Another month without repeating an exact outfit... Only two more months to go!  And it seems like each month for the last few months I have been ending these posts by saying something like, “Hopefully next month I’ll have some fun FALL fashion to share with you” but I’m not even going to say that this time.  At the rate we’re going, we're just going to be stuck in an eternal summer!

Recaps for past months are below.  Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Love all of your outfits! As usual I'm so impressed you can do this. I agree about the weather being crazy. I'm fine with 65-70 degree weather, but this 80-90 degree stuff needs to quit it.

  2. I love that buffalo check tunic! Super cute! We are supposed to have our last day in the 80s least for the foreseeable forecast. I hope that truly is the case and some of the cooler weather heads your way!

  3. Girl, your style is so stinking sweet and you have the best collection of graphic tees! Man I hope you get some more fall temps because your fall clothes are amazing as well with the buffalo plaid some cute scarves and oh my the hunters, love me the red hunters! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I cannot stress how much I love my Hunters!! I actually look forward to rainy days now!!

  4. It is funny how those four mountain pictures really stuck out :P. It was 82 here yesterday. I literally can not believe that. It just flat out sucks. The good news is after today we have 10 days of upper 60's to 70 degrees. That will be MUCH better.

  5. Loving your choices this month!! I love those purple tunics with the scarfs, and of course all the graphic tees!

  6. I can't believe all the sandals you can still wear! The outfits with the olive pants are my favourite. I need me a pair.

    1. Ugh, I'm soooo over sandals, girl! I don't want to wear them anymore! I'm begging for boots!

  7. I love the buffalo checked shirt you wore on October 21. So cute! I agree about the warm temps putting a damper on the holiday spirit. I can't wait for some crisper fall weather in the South to pull out my boots and scarves! Cheers, Laura

  8. I love all of these looks! You have such great graphic tees!

    xx, Elise

    1. Thanks, girl! I love my graphic tees! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. My fav posts from you! Purple with baby girl in gingham for the win! Also, did you ever tell me where your coach Taylor tee came from bc I need it! :) ha!

  10. GIRL...same here! It's still hot in Texas and I have had enough! I'm so ready for some cool weather.
    I love your similar to mine! And little Olivia is just darling!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  11. I love all of these looks and I am really excited to see what you come up with for this month and December.

  12. I am more impressed by your ability to do this every single day! Sending cooler weather your way-hopefully you get to start enjoying some 'fall' soon!

  13. such great looks! I feel you on the weather NY has gone and lost its mind tomorrow its suppose to be 75 degrees IN NOVEMBER! What the Heck

    Life is just Rosie

    1. Seriously, girl! I just can't take eighties in November!! It's absurd even for the south!

  14. Love all the outfits. Especially love the buffalo plaid tunic and pj pants! Need to order those. :)

  15. Girl you have the CUTEST outfits and the best style! I need to take some classes from you! haha!

  16. Looking adorable, as always. I sure do love the plaid dress too ;) Hope some cooler temps head your way so you can enjoy more!

  17. Loving the outfit from October 21st! Where is that shirt from??

    1. Thank you! It's from Kohl's and the link directly to the shirt is in the caption under the picture. Have a great weekend!

  18. As always, such cute outfits! It's still in the 70s here and people are mad but I am LOVING it! I know temps in the teens and twenties will be here soon enough so I am soaking this up!

  19. Still way too warm here too! Loving the black and red combos!

  20. I cannot even pick a favorite one...the I literaly cannot shirt, love that one! We're finally getting some cooler weather where I am and I could not be happier! I hope yours comes soon!

  21. Oh my goodness I can't get over the mommy and me outfits, can't wait to do the same with baby girl! It has taken longer to cool off this year, even here in FL we usually have had a cold snap by now where I'm breaking out the jeans and boots but not yet. Growing up in the northeast, I appreciate the warmer weather year round but am surprised at how warm it has stayed so late in the year. Sending some cooler vibes your way <3
    Green Fashionista

  22. I am convinced that you have the never-ending closet. Seriously! And you also have the best outfits.

  23. Love all the outfits! The green plaid dress from Target is so cute! I'll have to keep my eye out for that one.

  24. I love these these monthly style linkups you do, Lindsay. So many great looks. I especially love it when you include your toddler daughter. I love all the outfits when you both have on red, burgundy and coral. Great colors on you both! =)

    A brand-new linkup is currently on the blog. I'd love for you to linkup this great post and share your scrumptious style with my readers. I miss you on my linkup. =) Thanks and enjoy the weekend!

    Ada =)

  25. The fall weather is up at my house! We've had so much rain I can't stand it! Love all your outfits, and your graphic tees are adorable. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  26. What a fun post! I live near Savannah, so I'm totally with you on the crazy temps we've had. Tonight, though, I wore a HOODIE!!! Hallelujah! Cooler temps have finally arrived. #bootseveryday #burnallthesandals (Stopping by from the Blended Blog link up.)

    1. Thank you! And yes, we have finally gotten some cooler temps here, too! It was so wonderful to wake up to low 50's this weekend! Yay!! Thanks for stopping by! I love meeting fellow Georgians! :o)


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