Tuesday, April 4, 2017

From the Cutting Room Floor

I take tons and tons of pictures and there are just so many that never make it to the blog or to Instagram or any other social media for that matter.  When I saw that Mackensey was starting a link-up to share all of the pictures that get filed in a folder and never see the light of day, I was 100% on board. 

Let’s take a look at some randoms from my camera roll right now… you may recognize a few from Instagram, but none of these have ever made it to the blog… this is their blog debut!

This heart has been hanging in my rearview mirror for years, and on this particular day I had to snap a picture of it because it looked so pretty with that blue sky behind it!

Cleaning out the kids’ artwork from school and found this gem.  So stinking cute!

Probably my very favorite letter board that I’ve done so far and it never made it to the blog.  This was my board for Valentine’s Day and it holds a quote from my favorite movie, Love Actually.

Bag on the floor at the gym… I love that tile!

Selfie!  I rarely take selfies, but I had just gotten my hair chopped off and couldn’t resist.

Artwork on the wall in the acute care place when I went a couple of weeks ago when I was having those TERRIBLE allergy attacks.  Had to do something to pass the time and distract myself from drowning in my own fluids.  Lol.

Super Dad!

On Sunday evenings Jacob and Olivia love to pull out their dry erase boards that they keep at my parents’ house and Olivia is always asking my mom to draw princesses for her.  On this night she asked me to draw Belle and this was my best attempt.  

Pretty flowers in our front flower beds.  They bloomed super early this year due to the crazy warm weather.

This picture might look sweet, but really Olivia is trying to give Jacob some lovin’ and he’s pushing her off of him.  Haha.

File this under #RandomPhotosLindsayTakes  We were sitting at a red light on a street where they are widening the road.  I loved the contrast between the blue sky and the yellow of the equipment so I picked up my phone, rolled down the window, and started snapping.  The sky was so blue that day!  I didn’t even touch the color up on the photo!

Taking the first of many evening walks for this spring!

Two things I love… Brussel sprouts and my Georgia cutting board! 

In the dressing room at Old Navy… this one didn’t make the cut.  I loved it but I loved something else even more!

One of the many of the kids at Lego Land that didn’t make the cut for the blog.

Another Lego Land picture.

Aaaand another…

And one more.

Lilly Pulitzer store at Phipps Plaza on our ATL trip.

Phipps Plaza from the outside.

Olivia is completely smitten from Maui and she is constantly picking her up and saying that she has to take her to the vet.  Haha.  So sweet.

Breaking my calorie record on the treadmill last week.  I always go on my lunch break, so I only get 30 minutes.  I’m constantly increasing my speed and bumping up the incline to try to break my own calorie record and I finally broke 300 calories last week.  Not bad for 30 minutes!

Jacob brought this home from school from St. Patrick’s Day.  The sweetest!

Well, I guess that’s probably enough for now… I could go on forever!!  

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  1. Sometimes the ones that don't make the posts are the best because of the silly stories they tell. Love the heart photo and your mom did a great job drawing Belle. Wow!

  2. You should take more selfies, you look gorgeous girl! Love the hair cut so much. And that pot of gold from Jacob's class, Brayden had the same one the other week! I love that he said Olivia :)

  3. I love that you randomly snapped a picture of the CAT equipment - my dad works for them! Olivia and Maui are so cute - I always forget how tiny she is!

  4. Loved the photos of Phipps--one of my favorite malls to visit haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. What a great idea! So fun and still loving that tile board to pieces!! Your hair looks incredible but hey, you always look incredible almost your birthday GIRL!!!! ;-)

  6. I love your pictures. Even though they be the the ones that didn't make the cut they are the ones show our real lives behind the cameras. I love the idea if sharing the outtakes I will have to link up next week.

  7. Love that pic of Olivia and Jacob, even though he's pushing her away. Super cute! Lego land looks like a LOT of fun. We are planning a trip next year. :) These were great!

    1. Haha. Yep, it looks so sweet, but looks can be deceiving. I hope you guys enjoy... it really was a lot of fun!

  8. I love your short(er) hair selfie! I should link up for this and share all the screenshots I take, but then I would be #busted.

  9. You do such a great job with the photos. I tend to go in waves I am all in or none at all and it varies day to day. I really wish I could level out and find a middle ground. So fun to see a photo recap post.

  10. Love the heart and sky picture! I am always snapping pictures of sunrise and sunset looking for a little hello from loved ones who have passed. Have a fabulous Tuesday!

  11. I love this idea! I think I might do it today too. I love that photo of Olivia and Maui - too cute. And wow, that blue sky is gorgeous!

  12. I love the pictures. That cutting board is so neat. Also, way to break your record! I love how productive your lunch breaks are. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Jenna! Yes, I'm all about the productivity at lunch time! Gone are the days of actually eating lunch. Lol.

  13. Oh I love this idea! There really are so many photos on my phone that I snap and I never share because they just don't fit in a post! I really should do something like this!

  14. What a fun way to share what's going on that doesn't make the hightlight reel on IG or a blog post.
    Also... your dog is so tiny!

  15. I love how your outtakes are still gorgeous photos ;-) I LOVE your haircut by the way, just so clean and fresh, perfect for spring! And I about died over that little art project of Jacob's, so cute and also so funny! Thanks so much for linking up today!

  16. Such a fun way to share all of those extra pictures! I take thousands of pictures each month so most never make it to my blog or social media!

  17. I love the one of Brian walking with the kiddos. It's always fun to take a look back at those moments that you captured throughout the month. Love this!

  18. I always love when you post pictures! You have an eye for photography, friend!

  19. I have a lot of photos that I don't post - fun idea to share them! These are really nice too.

  20. Oh my goodness! What a great idea to share all the outtakes! I'm loving your hair, those blue skies, your walks through your beautiful neighborhood and your kiddos being so sweet to one another! Great pics, Lindsay!

  21. OH my goodness! I love this, I'm going to participate if she does any more of them. I have so many where too much time passes and then I don't put it on the blog and then it's like it never happened :) Love the random construction tractor and the blue sky, you're right so pretty.

  22. What fun these all are! I love the one especially of your two kids together! Precious! It's so true we take so many and then what! Great idea for a link up! Xoxo Erin

  23. What an awesome idea for a post! And yes - I totally remember some of those, like the treadmill lunchtime pic, go you!!

  24. This is so fun!! I think your Belle looks awesome! :)

  25. Still loving your hair cut girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  26. I love that photo of Olivia and Maui...


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