Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What I Wore - May Recap

It’s a What I Wore recap on a Tuesday!  I usually save these for Wednesdays but I thought it would be fun to do one for the Tuesday Talk link-up for those who only read my blog on Tuesdays!  ;o)

In case you are new to these posts, last year, I started documenting what I wear every single day and I have been doing these posts monthly since then.  I even went the whole year last year without repeating an entire outfit!!  You can see that post here and you can see all of my other fashion posts here.  

We have been enjoying lots of fun in the sun, so this past month was all about summer fashion – dresses, skirts, wedges, and lots of bold colors!  I definitely don’t hate it.

Before we get started on this month's looks, a few notes... as always, I have linked as many items as I could find in the captions under each picture.  Second of all, I had numerous people asked me where Olivia's red, white, and blue bombpops dress from Memorial Day weekend was from.  You can find it here.  I also had a lot of requests for her red "firework" shoes that she wore the last few days of the month.  You can find those here.  Her red, white, and blue plaid dress that she wore for Memorial Day weekend is here and it is currently on sale!  Several people asked about the quality of this gorgeous off the shoulder plaid dress that I posted in my What's Up Wednesday post this past week... the quality is excellent.  It is fully lined and you cannot see through the white parts of the dress.  It feels very sturdy and well-made and it is very comfortable.  The length is also good... I feel like I can wear it on the shoulders to church and it won't be too short and then I can move it off the shoulder for date nights!  I hope this helps anyone who may have been wondering!

Let’s see last month’s looks, shall we?

May 1 - Wedges

May 2 - Swing Dress // Necklace

May 3 - Wedges

May 3 (Evening) - Dress // Fringe Wedges Similar

May 4 - Necklace // Wedges

May 5 - Wedges

May 6 - Wedges // Olivia's Maxi Dress // Olivia's Sandals

May 7 - Shorts // Olivia's Shoes

May 8 -

May 9 - Wedges

May 10 - Wedges // Olivia's Shoes

May 11 - Wedges

May 12 -

May 13 - Shorts // Olivia's Maxi Dress // Olivia's Shoes

May 14 - Dress // Olivia's Sandals

May 15 - Swing Dress // Necklace // Wedges // Olivia's Gladiator Sandals

May 16 -

May 17 -

May 18 - Wedges

May 19 -

May 20 - Denim Shorts

May 21 - Denim Shorts // Converse // Toddler Converse 

May 22 - Swing Dress // Wedges

May 23 - Necklace
May 24 - Cardigan // Olivia's Gladiator Sandals

May 25 - Wedges

May 26 - Necklace

May 27 -  Swing Dress // Fringe Wedges Similar // Olivia's Plaid Dress // Olivia's Red Sandals

May 28 - Bomb Pop Dress // Olivia's Red Sandals

May 29 - Denim Shorts // American Flag Dress // Olivia's Red Sandals

May 30 - Necklace // Fringe Wedges Similar

May 31 - Wedges

Previous monthly recaps for this year are below or you can see all of my fashion posts here.  

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  1. SO many cute outfits.. and yet here I sit in pants and a sweatshirt wondering if we'll ever see the sun again. It's been a rainy, cold spring in New England.

    1. Thank you! We definitely haven't had that problem here in the south! It's hot and humid. Yuck!

  2. Loving all of your outfits! You have such great style!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! I am still swooning over all the red, white and blue. You have some great pieces friend.

  4. Love all the summer clothes you've been wearing! I think my fave is still that yellow one shoulder dress, just so pretty!!

  5. You are looking awesome, as always! Swing dresses and the wedges have been on repeat over here too~~

  6. You have such great outfits and always look so adorable! I wish my wardrobe was half as big as yours is!!

  7. Come pick out outfits for me! I'm with Hall Around Texas- my closet must be 1/16th of your's! Olivia's shoes are adorable!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I LOVE all of your outfits. I love the bold colors and all the dresses. I also love this time of year and the changing season. I am over my outfits by the time a new season gets here! Have a great day!

  10. I love that you do this - I seriously try to take photos for What's Up Wednesday and I fail miserably every month. You have so many darling prints in your wardrobe and that one shoulder dress might be my favorite this month :) xoxo ERIN

  11. I love how all of these outfits just scream SPRING! You are seriously amazing with how you manage to document all of your outfits. and how every day you manage to wear things worthy of documenting ;-)

  12. Interesting that off the shoulder dresses can also be worn on the shoulder - I never realized that!

  13. You have such pretty and girly outfits and always look so put together!

  14. I love your choices! Lots of fun colors, and i'm so happy to see someone else wear skirts so often. I've been documenting my outfits for June, and I've noticed how often I don't wear pants, hah!

    1. Haha. Yeah, during the summer it's too hot to wear pants here. Skirts and dresses it is!

  15. Awesome outfits! You have great taste. =}

  16. So many cute outfits!! I love that yellow one shoulder dress. You should swing by my blog and share your style. My new linkup just went live at http://ladyinviolet.com/2017/06/06/alternative-to-a-white-on-white-outfit/
    xo- Karen


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