Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What I Wore - January 2017

It’s a new year, and it’s the first of my monthly fashion recaps! 

All December I racked my brain for something clever to do for my fashion posts this year (like last year was to not repeat a single outfit for the entire year.  To see how I did that click here), but I just couldn’t come up with anything that felt right.  Maybe my brain is still exhausted from last year’s challenge?  Who knows.  In the end, I just decided that I would continue doing my monthly recaps on the first Wednesday of each month and call it a day.  I am still working to create new outfit combinations, but I’m not going to stress myself out over trying to remember which combos I have and haven’t worn yet.  If I repeat something, so be it!  ;o)

And may I also say that this time of year is positively awful for the picture-taking.  Too much rain, bad lighting, and dead grass have made for less than stellar back-drops, so I apologize if it appears that I’m not even taking my own advice for taking the perfect OOTD pics.  Haha.

January 1 - Skinny Jeans // Hunter Boots

January 2 - Hunter Boots

January 3 - Leopard Flats Similar

January 4 - Swing Dress // Booties 

January 5 - Plaid Shirt Dress

January 6 - Hunter Boots

January 7 - Swing Dress // Olivia's Boots

January 8 - Olivia's Boots

January 9 -

January 10 -  Black Pants // Black Booties Similar

January 11 -

January 12 -

January 13 - Skinny Jeans // Red Flats Similar

January 14 -  Black Pants // Olivia's Shoes

January 15 - Buffalo Check Tunic  // Skinny Jeans // Red Flats Similar // Olivia's Skinny Jeans

January 16 - Nama-Stay Top // Converse // Olivia's Skinny Jeans // Toddler Converse

January 17 -

January 18 - Leopard Flats Similar

January 19 - Black Pants

January 20 - Jessica Simpson Ballet Flats

January 21 - Swing Dress // Booties // Olivia's Shoes

January 22 - Skinny Jeans // Jessica Simpson Ballet Flats // Olivia's Skinny Jeans

January 23 - Jessica Simpson Ballet Flats

January 24 - Jessica Simpson Ballet Flats

January 25 -

January 26 - Olivia's Boots

January 27 - Jessica Simpson Ballet Flats

January 28 -

January 29 - Skinny Jeans // Olivia's Boots

January 30 - Red Flats Similar

January 31 - Swing Dress 
And there you have it!  One month down, eleven to go!

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  1. Cute outfits as always! My favorites are the ones that Olivia is in on. :)

  2. I love your red Hunter boots! I have the black ones but I may be the only person in the world who doesn't wear them haha! They aren't my favorite so they basically just sit in my closet. I tried to get Dustin to let me wear them hunting when I went the last time and he wouldn't let me wear boots that cost more than my hunting clothes haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. You always look so cute! The red hunters are precious. My question you ever just wear lounge clothes? haha! I know you work during the week so thats out but how about on weekends? I live in some leggings and comfy tops!

  4. I am with Sarah - the red hunter boots are my favorite. At least the rainy weather means that those get to make an appearance. I kind of love when I have the opportunity to wear mine! The swing dresses are super cute, too. They look comfy and I love stripes!

  5. Makes me so happy to see your bright beautiful colors! My red Hunter boots are my absolute favorite ever along with my striped knit dresses. You rock them so well beautiful lady!

    1. Mine too!! I love them so much! I actually have gotten to where I love rainy days because they give me an excuse to wear them. :o) And thank you!

  6. Can we just live closer and you let me borrow all of your clothes?? Pretty please?? :)

  7. I love all of your outfits. I love your fashion re-caps because I can always find some inspo. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Nailed it! LOVE the tassel necklace and the leopard scarf outfit! I also have that pink and orange top!

  9. So cute! Your polka dots and stripes give me pattern envy!

  10. I love your style and seeing your outfit combos. It inspires me to try new outfit combos.

  11. Love love love your style. Really! I think it's amazing how you style such basic pieces so well. A belt, a necklace or scarf. Love it all.

  12. I love every outfit! That floral scarf is so pretty and I need that Sunday Funday sweatshirt :)

  13. As always rocking every single outfit, and I see which dress you chose for your dance on Saturday!

  14. Adorable! How do those Old Navy swing dresses fit? True to size?

  15. Love these! So glad you are still going to continue to post them.
    I love the polka dots and leopard print together and little Olivia's fur vest is just adorable!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  16. So cute! I need to get adventurous with color! I always tend to wear black, white, and grey!

  17. It's fun to see a month's worth of outfits! I love your style and all of these colorful looks!

    Doused In Pink

    1. Thank you so much, Jill! I mostly do these because I think they'll be fun to look back on one day. :o)

  18. Girl you are such a fasionista and I love reading these posts!!

  19. I love the "namastay in bed" and then Olivia wearing a shirt that says "no" on the same day. Too cute! Love these posts.


  20. I love seeing all of your outfits! It's a major inspiration (and makes me want to get to the store to buy some new items).

    1. Thank you so much, Danielle! It never gets old hearing that you are inspiring someone! Thank you for being so sweet!

  21. I just LOVE the pictures where you and your little bit have on matching shoes. That is soooo sweet!!! I spied matching red flats, Converse, and brown boots😍


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