Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Day in the Life {2.6.2017}

Happy Wednesday!  These day in the life posts are always some of my favorites to read (and I know I say that all the time), so I want to be better about capturing more of them this year than I did last year (AKA one).  Before reading any further, please note that these are unedited pictures (aside from watermarks) and the photography isn’t great because everything was snapped in real time with my iPhone as I went about my day, so please don’t expect this to be a Pinterest-worthy post!  Hehe.

Welcome to my day in time – Monday, February 6, 2017!

6:00 AM – Yes, I said that I wanted to start waking up earlier, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it.  I think that maybe summertime will be a better time to train myself since during the winter all I want to do is hibernate.  Anyhoo, I jump out of bed, head to the bathroom, and start to get ready.  B gets up about ten minutes after I do, and then a certain little someone who also crept into our bed in the middle of the night is now up, too.  She stays there all snuggled up with Elsa until she goes to wake up Jacob with Brian at 6:30.

6:45 AM – I’m all ready and I head straight to my office to make sure that my post is live, and then I share it to G+ and Facebook and then I join my link-ups for the day.

6:50 AM – Head downstairs to pack lunches.  On this day the school is serving steak burgers so Jacob is all in.  Good for momma because that means all I have to do is prepare his snack!  Granola bar and juice box for the win!

7:00 AM – Head upstairs with Olivia to get her ready for the day.  She picks out her outfit quickly today (a rarity) because her favorite shirt (floral with ruffles) is clean.  She puts up her paci and then we head back downstairs.

7:20 AM – On this day, Maui has her very first teeth cleaning (and extractions), so I load her up in the car along with Jacob and we head out.  Maui is not amused whatsoever because she knows this means that she’s going to the torture chamber.

7:35 AM – Drop Jacob at school… he’s not a morning person and it’s impossible to get a smile out of him on this particular morning.

7:40 AM – Drop Maui at the vet.  She is a complete spaz running all around the clinic.  I go over all of the procedures with the doc, they ooh and aah over how tiny she is, and then I head out.  

7:55 AM – Arrive to work just in time and turn on my computer.  Check my emails and assess the situation for the day and then I head to the kitchen for breakfast.

8:10 AM – Breakfast is a scrambled egg with cheese (not pictured) and a Kind bar because I forgot my fresh fruit.  Waaaahhhh!

8:20 AM – Work work work work work.

10:45 AM – Grab a glass of hot green tea with local honey (for my allergies) and head to my 11:00 meeting.

11:20 AM – The meeting was short today so I’m off to lunch.  I head straight home, take my OOTD picture for the day since the lighting is perfect in the driveway, and then set out to make the most of my lunch break.  And by make the most of it, I mean DO ALL THE THINGS POSSIBLE IN THE TIME THAT I HAVE!!!!  I pull out Olivia’s birthday presents and get them wrapped, I take stock on Valentine’s gifts/Valentine’s/Cards/etc. to make sure that we’re all set, and then I tackle the ironing pile that’s been waiting for over two weeks.  Woops.  I get about halfway through the ironing when the veterinarian calls to say that Maui is out of surgery and she is awake from the anesthesia.  Everything went well and she lost eight teeth during the cleaning.  Eight?!  I almost have a heart attack, but the vet assures me that it’s completely normal and OK for this to happen, especially with little dogs.  Apparently they have 42 teeth, so losing 8 is really no big deal.  Who knew?

12:00 PM – Get ready to head back to work, but then realize that a PB&J is calling my name instead of the salad that is in the fridge waiting for me.  I slap one together and then I’m out the door.

12:20 PM – Back to my desk at work to eat and do all the things!

4:30 PM – I’m out the door faster than you can say “WORK SUCKS!” and I head to pick up Maui.

4:45 PM – Poor girl is all sad looking when I pick her up.  The doc goes over all of the instructions with me and I’m baffled by everything that we have to do to keep her healthy/comfortable/pain free/alive for the next two weeks.

5:00 PM – Pick up J from school and he’s happy to see me!  I get a big ol’ smile!  We talk about his day on the way home, and he informs me that he got a strike for talking when he wasn’t supposed to.  Like mother like son, I guess.

5:15 PM – I let Maui out to potty and she looks so sad walking around in her bandage… they had to put that on after her IV, but we’ll be able to remove it later in the day.

5:20 PM – Jacob only has reading homework (which we do before bed) tonight so he’s off to play in the living room and it’s time for me to DO. ALL. THE. THINGS.  Dinner prep, checking on Maui to make sure she’s settled in, changing out of my work clothes and into my athletic clothes, throwing a load of towels that we didn’t get to this weekend into the wash, and unloading bags/bookbags… but not before turning on some tunes!

5:30 PM – Sign Jacob’s behavior chart for the day, and sure enough, there’s the strike for talking!  Look through his school work… apparently he thought his name was “Ja” that day.  Maybe his future rapper name?  Lol.  Pull out his snack box to put it away and realize that he never ate his snack that I worked so hard to prepare for him earlier in the morning.  Ask him why and he says, “I didn’t know I had a snack.”  Sigh.  (He has a snack every day.  If his snack box gets tucked under anything in his bookbag he just assumes it’s not there and he doesn’t bother to look for it.  #Kids)

5:45 PM – Brian and Olivia get home and she immediately runs to find Jacob to play.  She barely gives me this glance before moving on to him.

6:10 PM – Dinner is ready.  We eat dinner as a family every night and this is something so important to me.  :o)  And it's sausage, peppers, and onions tacos in case you were wondering.  ;o)

6:40 PM – B starts doing dishes and I get out the frou frou food that B picked up on the way home that we have to feed Maui for the next two weeks.  Man, she’s going to be spoiled!

6:45 PM – Lay on the floor and do puzzles with the kiddos until it’s time to head up to get ready for bed.

7:00 PM – Upstairs to get the kids ready for bed!  B gives them baths while I move the towels over to the dryer, tidy up Olivia's room, and work on my blog post for the next day.  

7:15 PM – Olivia is out of the bath tub, so I help her get into PJs and blow dry her hair, which she hates. 

7:30 PM – We meet the boys in Jacob’s room, and Jacob reads his AR book to us.  When he’s done, we still have a little bit of time to read part of another book… tonight?  Curious George.

7:50 PM – Into the bathroom for teethbrushing/ water/last minute pottying/whatever other excuses the kids can come up with to delay the inevitable bedtime.

7:55 PM – I settle in to Olivia’s rocker with Olivia and Elsa in my lap.  We say prayers and talk to God, and then I tuck her in.

8:05 PM – Grab Olivia’s video monitor and turn it on so I can make sure she doesn’t try to escape her bed and head into Jacob’s room for prayers.  Tonight is my night to stay with him (he likes for us to take turns) so B takes over Olivia’s monitor and heads out while I stay and talk to J while patting his back.  He falls asleep fast tonight.

8:10 PM – Back in my office to finish up my blog post (most of it was done over the weekend) and then head downstairs to catch up on The Bachelor.

8:16 PM – The second my foot hits the last step, I hear Olivia rustling around, and sure enough, she’s grabbed Elsa and hopped out of the bed.  I run up the stairs and meet her at her door, turn her around, and tuck her back in.  I tell her to NOT get out of the bed again.  She listens.  Huh!

8:21 PM – Finally fire up The Bachelor!  

8:47 PM – I literally cannot.

8:48 PM – Jump on my Simply Fit Board for a quick ab workout and also do some glute and leg work while we watch Bachelor.

9:25 PM – B brings me a bowl of Dulce de Leche Frozen Yogurt from Publix.  SO.  GOOD.  And I quickly reverse all of my hard work from the last 30 minutes in 20 or so delectable bites.

9:45 PM – Maui jumps up in my lap to snuggle and I wrap her in a blanket and let her lay with me until Bachelor is over.

10:00 PM – Put Maui in the bed, head upstairs, wash my face, contacts out, brush teeth, check alarms for the next day, etc. etc.

10:25 PM – Spend some time with my Daily Devotional.  Until I can get my ish together and start getting up early, reading it before bed will have to do.  I always read the current day’s devotional as well as the next day’s so each day gets read twice and I’m prepared for the next day.

10:35 PM – Start to read some of my book, but fail miserably as I’m so tired, and then it’s light’s out at 10:37 PM.  

Night night!

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  1. My very favorite type of post!!! I love how you go home over lunch to get things done. I need to think about doing that myself!

  2. Love these posts!! You pack a lot into your day. I always say working moms are rockstars!!

  3. What a sweet day! You pack a lot into one day--I would have to go to bed when the kids do haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. You had quite the busy day! Way to catch Olivia when she jumped out of bed. Nice job! Ha ha!

  5. I love this post! Man I wish we would've had video monitors when the boys were little. I could've watched the monitor why I was working out instead of standing over their beds watching them sleep, ha ha! You pack it in girl and you do it so well. Family dinners are very important to me as well. I think it's always where we learn the most and such a good habit to get the kids into. I hope you have a wonderful day beautiful!

    1. Girl, I do not know WHAT I would do without the video monitors!! It is so nice to be able to see that they're safe and sound!

      And yes, dinnertime is definitely when we hear the most about what happens at school, and we want to keep those lines of communication open for a long time to come!

  6. You know I love these posts so much!! I'm always amazed at how much you accomplish in a day! I feel like I don't do half of that and I'm home, LOL!! We eat dinner every night as a family and it's super important to me too but sometimes I just want to say eff it! ha ha. It can only get better, right?? Poor Maui, 8 teeth!!

  7. I love these type of posts! You fit so much into a day and seem so organized! Love that you can have such a productive lunch break. Also, I had no idea that dogs had that many teeth! Hope Maui is feeling better soon!

  8. Oh my gosh! This was so much fun! Okay, so do you do most of your blogging in the weekends? You're constantly in the move! How in the world do you have time to breathe?!

  9. These posts always leave me completely exhausted. I mean it is CRAZY to see just how much we cram into one stinking day, right?! Being close to work is so nice I bet. I would totally do ALL the things on my lunch too.

  10. I love these posts bc its always need to see the similarities in our days! Also, can you just bring your kiddos over to my house to play? They are so dang cute!!

  11. I LOVE these posts as well! We have a very similar day. I am so jealous of your lunch break. I am trying to fit in making copies, getting lessons ready for the afternoon, and getting my lunch ate at warp speed. I have less than 30 minutes. We have very similar days. Looking at your post reminds me just how much we cram into our days and also try to carve out time for our kiddos. I think that can be the hardest part for me of working outside of the home is trying to make sure that my kiddos get enough of me and so does my husband. Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh my goodness, I don't know what I would do with less than 30 minutes! I am definitely thankful to have a full hour! It's nice to be able to go home and get some things done around the house, or go to the gym, or run errands!

      And yes, I agree 100%. It is SO hard to get any kind of time with the kids during the week since I work full time. It feels like we see them at dinnertime and that's it. Because then it's time to get ready for bed. Makes me sad. I'm so at the point where I don't want to work anymore!

  12. I enjoyed reading about your day! I, too, am reading Jesus Calling right now! And I, too, read it at night because I can't seem to make time in the morning. I really like how the readings correspond with bible verses! Have a great rest of your day!

    1. Thank you, Mel! Yes, I am loving it so much, too. I would love to be able to start my day with it eventually, but I'm just not a morning person! Maybe one day I'll get there!

  13. Oh hey there super woman!! You do it all girl! And you do it well! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  14. Poor little Maui! And you are cracking me up eating the ice cream after the exercise! I so need to get back to rising hard!

  15. These are my favorite posts!! I love getting a peak into people's lives -- LOL!
    Poor Maui, I can't believe she lost 8 teeth! My mom's dog eats nothing but Ceaser's -- it's her favorite! Charlie eats the canned Purina Pro Plan -- he devours it!
    You and Brian are such good parents!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  16. You just made me exhausted! HA!
    Poor Maui!
    I can't take the Bachelor this season. It's killing me!

    1. I know! I made myself exhausted just from typing this up! haha. And yes, girl, Bachelor is a train wreck this season! And Maui is doing much better now. :o)

  17. Girl I'm exhausted just reading this, look at you go! I'm soooo not a morning person so your 6:00am wake-up call is super impressive! And I so cannot with Corrine either, I seriously think she's on the show to be "oh so famous" and the producers are keeping her around for drama :-P

    Green Fashionista

  18. Love this post. I love how detailed it is. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Such a busy day! I can never commit to a day in the life post because every single day is different! And, mama, 6 AM is plenty early enough to wake up!

  20. I was reading and the whole time wondering where Olivia was.. then you mentioned her and B arrived home together. I was like did I miss something? Where is the baby girl?!
    What grade is Jacob in?

  21. Dang Lindsay, you get so much done during the day! That is so smart to use your lunch hour to get things done. It's impossible to do a lot of that with a little one (or two) running around. Love seeing the kids sweet little faces throughout the day. Thanks for sharing! Love following along with these.

  22. Okay SUPER WOMAN! Whoa, mama! I have so. much. respect for working moms. You are incredible and do so much. I have so many things i want to comment. #1 - I want to know more about that board. I remember it on Shark Tank. You should do a blog post on it! Also... Hadley has that doll set and it's adorable! Okay, you rock!

  23. Man, you are busy, busy and more busy!!
    Our kitty has to go get 2 or 3 teeth out next week---it breaks my heart!

    1. Oh no! Good lucky to your sweet kitty. It's always so sad when your fur babies have to have work done because you can't explain to them WHY.

  24. You're amazing!! I was impressed with the 6am wake up and then you said you were hoping to be up earlier. You get so much done in day and it looks like you've got a great routine going. Your dinner looked delish and I am really enjoy reading through Jesus Calling this year.


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