Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Birthday to My Favorite

We are still weekending today for President’s Day, so our weekend recap will be up tomorrow, but that’s good because today is a special day… it’s Brian’s birthday!  He is 39 today which means that one year from today, I will officially be married to a – gulp – 40 year old.  EEEEK.  Good thing he’s way older than me and I still have a few more years to go!  ;o)

In honor of his 39th birthday, I wanted to list 39 facts about him since I don’t often go into detail about him here on the ol’ blog.

1.    His family is originally from Minnesota, but they moved to here to Georgia right before he was born so he’s the only sibling in the family who was born and raised in the south.
2.    He is very athletic.  He played soccer for ten years and he has played (and still plays) tennis since he was eleven years old.
3.    He’s very competitive and he doesn’t like to lose.  I’m even told by his mom that when he was younger, he used to get mad and break tennis rackets.  Say what?!  You would never believe that if you knew the Brian that I know.  He has definitely mellowed.
4.    Aside from breaking tennis rackets, he also had a terrible temper when he was younger and he used to break video game controllers.  I just still can’t believe that.
5.    He has blue eyes, and Olivia inherited hers from him.  I hope hers stay blue forever.  Dark hair + blue eyes is always such a gorgeous combo.
6.    He was towheaded when he was little.  In all of his childhood pictures, his hair looks white.
7.    He was always really small for his age until college… like really small.  I’ve seen home videos of him when he was 16 and he looked like he was 10.  Now he’s 6’2”.
8.    The same lady has been cutting his hair since he was four years old.  #NotEvenKidding
9.    He played the trombone in junior high.
10. He graduated from University of Georgia the same year that I graduated high school… class of 2000, baby!  #AndLetsNotForgetGoDawgs
11. My dad knew Brian before I did. 
12. He’s typically pretty quiet, but when he does talk, he’s hilarious.
13. He never complains.  Like never.  You probably remember this from my Valentine’s Day post.
14. He also doesn’t get frustrated easily.  He’s always pretty much just go with the flow.
15. He also doesn’t seem to worry about much.  Must be nice.
16. He doesn’t cook, but he can bake like nobody’s business.
17. The one thing he does cook is eggs, and he makes them way better than I do.
18. He used to cross-stitch when he was little and we still have several of his pieces of work.  (And he’s probably going to kill me for posting this, but hey, can you blame him?  He has two older sisters!)
19. He’s been working with the same company since he graduated college in 2000 and his co-workers all adore him. 
20. When he’s out in the sun he never wears sunglasses, and during the summer, he gets tan lines where his eye crinkles are.  It’s one of my most favorite things ever.
21. He loves beer and he likes trying all of those fancy/weird/unique craft beers.
22. Pizza is his favorite food.  He would eat it at every meal if he could.  His first job was working at a local pizza place when he was in high school.
23. He likes cookie cake almost as much as I do.
24. He is a steak snob.  He will only eat filet mignon. Before he came along, I was perfectly content with sirloin, but his eating habits quickly converted me to a steak snob as well.  This is also why I have never once tried to cook a steak in my whole life.
25. And while we’re talking about being snobby, he is also a hotel snob and has turned me into one as well.  As a matter of fact, I might be worse than he is now.
26. He is a world traveler.  His job (and our vacations) have taken him all over the world – London, Paris, Cyprus, Ireland, Prague, Brazil, Bermuda, Toronto, and tons of different cities in the U.S. – NYC, LA, Chicago, DC, Vegas, Maui, NOLA, Malibu, etc.
27. His home office is still in the same state that it was the day we moved in our house 7 years ago – moving boxes everywhere, crap everywhere, nothing on the walls.  #IWashedMyHandsOfItYearsAgo
28. He collects coins.
29. He took my daddy to lunch and asked his permission to marry me before he ever proposed.
30. He is a math whiz!  Thank goodness because I suck at it.
31. He’s had the same best friend since junior high.
32. He loves music just as much as I do, and he loves going to concerts.  He’s seen tons of different bands live… most of them with me.  :o)  His favorite bands are 311 and 2 Skinnee J’s… they go waaaay back.
33. He has excellent relationships with both of his parents.  He has lunch with his dad every single Friday and we have lunch with his mom almost every Sunday.
34. His mom washed and ironed all of his clothes until we got married.  And we didn’t get married until he was 29.  And he didn’t even live at home anymore.  #HasNeverOncePickedUpAnIron
35. He sings or hums all the time.  I love it because he always sounds so happy.
36. He rarely says anything bad about anyone and he never gossips.  #MakesMeLookBad
37. He had only held one baby (his niece) before we had Jacob and he had also never changed a diaper before Jacob was born.
38. After Jacob was born, I had some injuries from childbirth and was pretty much out of commission for the first few weeks, and he picked up caring for a newborn like a BOSS… he dressed Jacob, changed every diaper, cleaned his belly button around the clock, brought him to me when he needed to be fed, and loved and comforted him when he cried.  It was amazing.
39. He loves our babies and is the absolute best Daddy I could have ever wanted for my children and he supports me and loves me so good, and we are so thankful to have him.

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole world.  You deserve only the best today!  The three of us love you!


  1. Happy birthday to Brian! I hope you guys enjoy a day of celebrating him. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Brian! Hope y'all have a great day!!

  3. Happy Birthday Brian!!! So funny that he was so small for his age for so long. Maybe Jacob is going to be the same exact way?!

  4. Happy birthday to your Mr.! What a guy and one loving couple you are! I love this. My daddy is a coin collector and has my sons doing the same now. Our oldest son has always been small for his age so I'm hoping this final Grossberg happens in college, ha ha. Enjoy celebrating your guy!

    1. Oh that's so neat! And yes, maybe your son will have a growth spurt in college... I think guys grow until they're like 22 or 23!

  5. Happy Birthday Brian!! Is it weird to say that I feel like I know him? LOL! So fun to learn more about him!

  6. Happy birthday to Brian! Hope you have a great day celebrating! Patrick turns 38 on Friday!

  7. Happy Birthday to Brian! You should mention how MEAN he was to me in my dream about UGA. LoL. :)

  8. Happy birthday to your hubby! How nice to have a long weekend to celebrate! Have a good one!

  9. Happy Birthday Brian! What a sweet post and how nice to have a long weekend to celebrate!

  10. Happiest birthday to Brian! So nice to get to know the man behind the blog. ;) Hope you guys have had a wonderful and long weekend!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  11. Aw, I love this! What a fun way to get to know more about Brian. Hope he has a VERY extra special Birthday. I know you guys will make it a great one. Enjoy the day together.

  12. Happy Birthday Brian! This is the sweetest post ever. It is so fun to learn more about your husband. Hope you guys have fun celebrating his birthday!

  13. awww, Happy Birthday! My Mr. is turning 40 next month, and I'm pretty sure based on these that they would get along really well if they ever met. And I played the trombone as well in high school and junior high and parts of college...

  14. This was so fun to read! Happy Birthday to Brian!!!!! Its funny the tan lines we come to love on our guys.. Neal gets the "farmers tan" on his arm from his summers playing baseball and being in his jersey all day... and I love it. :-)

  15. Awww!! I loved learning more about your man! The same person cutting his hair since he was four?!

  16. Happy Birthday to Brian! Hope you all had the best day celebrating! Sounds like you have an amazing guy there, such a sweet post. Beautifully Candid

  17. Tears so sweet and amazingly written BFF! The Durham's hope that you guys had an amazing day yesterday!

  18. Hope he had the best day - love getting to know more about him!


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