Thursday, June 28, 2018

30A Beach Trip - Day 2

We began day two of our beach trip by getting up and getting into our swimsuits and cover-ups and driving a couple of miles over to Alys Beach to Charlie’s Donut Truck for breakfast.  They are famous in 30A for their yummy donuts and they definitely didn’t disappoint.  B got a red velvet, I grabbed a blueberry, and the kids opted for the glazed donut holes in little plastic cups.  Since the donut place is quite literally in a truck, the only seating is outdoor picnic tables around the little town square next to the splash pad, so we did just that.  It was a gorgeous day and the view while we were eating was perfectly adorable.  Once we finished up, the kids took a peek at the splash pad but we didn’t hang around long because we were so ready to get to the beach!

We made the five minute drive back to our condo, loaded up our beach wagon and headed out!  This year’s trip was much different than all of our beach trips in the past because for the first time ever, we had no children that had to nap!!!!  In year’s past, we always squeezed our beach time in for the day before lunch and then after lunch B would stay in the room with the kids while they napped and I would head back down to the beach alone to read for a bit.  Well this year was so much freaking fun because the kids were able to hang all day!  Not to mention we had way more room on the beach to spread out.  It was wonderful! 

Anyway, we got down to the beach around 9 AM beach time (10 AM back home) and set up camp for the day.  The next few hours were spent playing in the sand, playing in the waves, and laying out and reading my book.  Heaven. 

In the past the kids always enjoyed the beach for a little while, but they seemed to get pretty bored after a while and they always wanted to go up to the pool or the room.  Well this time, all they wanted to do was stay on the beach!!

A little after noon, we left all of our beach equipment by the water and we headed up to the room to make a quick lunch of sandwiches, fruit, and chips.  Once we were done eating, we headed straight back down for several more hours.  The kids loved it so much, I think they would have been perfectly content eating lunch on the beach, but I wanted them to get a little break from the sun since it was so hot.  We barely saw any clouds the entire trip!

The thing that the kids loved the absolute most this year was finding shells.  In the past, we’ve always found a few to bring home, but this year they were pretty much on the hunt nonstop.  B was a master shell-finder this year, too, and he even found a few live sand dollars!  We put them back in the ocean, of course.  :o)

Around 3-ish we decided it was about time to head up to the room for the day.  The kids got their baths and then they relaxed on the couch and watched cartoons on Netflix (so nice that we were able to get it to work in our room!) while B and I got ready.

We headed out around 4:30 PM beach time (5:30 PM back home) so we could have an early dinner before the crowds settled in for the evening.  We decided to spend that evening in Rosemary Beach, the quaintest little town I think I’ve ever seen!  It was about a five minute drive from our condo to Rosemary and then we set out to find some food. 

Rosemary Beach is one of the most picturesque little beach towns that I’ve ever seen!  All of the architecture is stunning, there are big beautiful trees shading all of the streets, and there are little shops and restaurants on every corner with outdoor seating underneath strings of lights.  People walk or bike everywhere and everyone is just so friendly.  If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I’m going to do is snatch up a beach house right smack on the beach there!

We had our hearts (and tummies) set on Southside Slice (pizza), but we strolled around for a bit to take in the sights before heading that way.  The post office is right in the heart of Rosemary Beach and it was a big beautiful white building with the cutest little courtyard so we headed into the courtyard to take some pictures.  Jacob was being a grumpy pants (or more like a hangry pants) so he wouldn’t cooperate for pictures at all.  And by not cooperating I don’t just mean not smiling… he wouldn’t even open his eyes.  Lol.  He did happen to find a tree to climb after that which perked him up a bit, so I was able to get a few shots of him looking dapper in his crisp blue shorts and lime green polo… and with his eyes open.  ;o)

Just as we were getting ready to head out, a nice lady and her daughter came strolling through and she offered to take a picture of our whole family, which I thought was so sweet!  Jacob actually cooperated for the stranger, so I guess we just need to get strangers to take our pictures more often! 

We walked over to the pizza place after that because we didn’t want to press our luck and have the kids get even hangrier than they already were.  Southside Slice was the cutest little pizza place EVER and the pizza was delicious.  The menu was on tiny individual chalkboards, they had a huge selection of craft beers (our favorite!), and it had a sort of hipster vibe to it.  Not to mention they played 90’s pop music the entire time we were there.  Could that be any more perfect?!  #BoyzIIMen4Evah

We ordered the largest pizza they had and topped it with pepperoni and sausage and B and I tried two of the craft beers (we both agreed that his was the better one), and we were shocked when they brought the pizza out because… it was MASSIVE.  Haha. 

We ended up putting a good dent in it, and then we headed back outside to stroll around Rosemary Beach some more to walk off all of those calories.  The kids climbed up on the bench outside of the post office so I snapped a couple of pictures of them.  Those faces!  They were much happier with full bellies.  ;o)

After that, we walked down the street to the town square.  They were having some kind of family friendly event that evening and there was face painting and a couple of other activities for the kids.  We snuck a quick peek at the beach and then we headed back to the car.  We had promised the kids that we would go to Pier Park in Panama City to go to the carnival so we had to deliver!

The drive into PCB was pretty quick and we headed straight down to the beach just outside of Pier Park first.  It’s been our family picture-taking spot for many years (with the exception of last year) and we had come dressed and ready for pictures!  We have a small tripod that’s really easy to transport and it sets up in a jiffy, so we always bring that with us to get our pictures.  As we were taking our pictures, the sun was setting and everything was just gorgeous.  I got some of the sweetest close-ups of the babies that I’ll surely cherish forever.  Just look at that smattering of freckles across Jacob’s nose and cheeks and those rosy pink cheeks of Olivia’s.  Our babies are just so beautiful.  <3

After we watched the sun set, we headed back up to Pier Park where we let the kids pick out souvenirs from the Toy Store (AKA junk store) there.  Lol.  B and I were tripping out because the toys were clearly not made in the USA as the grammatical errors on the labels were horrendous.  Most of the words didn’t even make sense!  Haha. 

After we left the toy store, we stopped for shaved ice for the kids and then B ducked into Kilwin’s to grab ice creams for the two of us.  The line was ridiculously long so there was quite a long wait, but I got to have my beloved s’mores ice cream and it was worth the wait!

Upon arrival, we had noticed that a huge sky wheel was under construction right where the kids’ beloved carnival once was, and we were all pretty bummed that the carnival was gone.  We’ve been going to that carnival every single year since Jacob was teeny tiny so the kids were pretty disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to continue the tradition.  They did have a new feature – bumper boats – nearby instead, though, so we let the kids ride those a couple of times since they couldn’t do their carnival things. 

By the time the second round of bumper boats was over it was already 8:45 local time which meant that it was 9:45 back home, so it was waaaay past the kids’ bedtimes.  We hopped in the car, made the short drive back to our condo, and the kids were both out cold in mere minutes!  That’s what the beach will do to you, I suppose!

Stay tuned for day three…

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  1. What a great day at the beach. Rosemary Beach looks like the cutest little town. Great sunset beach photos! Aren't camera self-timers the best? :)

  2. Day 2 sounds like a huge success! I so want to go to Rosemary Beach - especially after hearing about that pizza place. Sounds perfect!

  3. I've heard so much about Rosemary beach -- sounds like the perfect travel spot! Definitely adding this one to our list!

  4. I love all the pictures! I think it's funny that we both posted about beaches in Florida today!

  5. Omg that pizza is HUGE!!! And you got the best pics from PCB!

  6. What a fun day! The beach pictures are beautiful, and that pizza is HUGE! Seriously, the biggest pizza I've ever seen!

  7. Ahh love the beach!! There is something so special about being down there. We can't wait to head back. I love all of the pictures and how cool that you found a sand dollar! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  8. Holy flat stomach, girlfriend!! You have a rockin' bod! Good for you! Jacob and Olivia look so happy... heck, you ALL look so happy!!

  9. This looks so fun! GREAT photos! This brings back so many childhood memories for me. There's nothing better than surf, sand, and shells! I love your blue striped dress. Where did you get it?

    1. Thanks, Ashley!! I got the blue striped dress at Old Navy! It was just a couple of months ago so they may still have it!

  10. I love your description of Rosemary! We will have to eat at that pizza place! And woohoo rockin' that bikini!!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  11. It looks like you had the beach to yourselves! So pretty! And Rosemary sounds like a dream.

  12. New reader here! Love the photos! We were just in PCB last week for the first time. I didn't realize there was so much fun stuff in Pier Park. We'll definitely have to plan a whole evening there next time we go!

    1. Yes, there's lots of fun stuff there! It's so HUGE now!! Definitely go back next time you go!

  13. Oh my gosh - so. much. fun!!! I love, love, looooove the pictures you captured of you and your family on that beach in Panama City! Those faces. Those precious, little angelic faces. So sweet!!! I especially love the silly faces your kids were making - and oh my gosh - the one of the two kids after they had that large pizza - literal LOL! Also, sidenote - Guess what?! With all this talk of Rosemary Beach from you and so many other bloggers Jon and I have since rented a house down there for this winter!!! We need to know what it's all about! Tell me where to go and what to see, because I have no idea what I'm doing! Haha! I'm sure I'll be stalking your recaps for months to come! ;)


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