Thursday, June 21, 2018

Girl Chat - Favorite Hair Products

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Welcome to another edition of Girl Chat!  Today we’re discussing our favorite hair products and we hope you’ll join us!

As I’ve mentioned here on the blog before, beauty products are not something that I typically splurge on, so my list of hair products are pretty basic.


My hair is extremely fine, so I’m constantly looking for products to boost volume.  I stumbled upon this Loreal Shampoo a few years ago and I could not love it more!  It truly does make my hair feel thicker!

The older I get, the dryer my scalp has gotten, so I have also recently started using the Dove Dermacare line and I love it so much as well!

Hair Spray

Even though my hair is long, I do still use hair spray every day.  It gives my hair some extra texture and protects it from the horrible humidity that we have here in the south.  I have been using this Pantene volumizing hair spray for years and it’s my favorite!!  It holds well, but it doesn’t make my hair stiff, and it still allows my hair to move naturally.


Y’all, if you don’t have a Wet Brush, drop what you’re doing and buy one this instant!!  It is a complete game changer, and I will never ever use another brush again as long as this one is in existence.  It’s pretty much magical and it just glides right through my long hair no matter how tangled it is.  I love mine so much that I bought one for Olivia.  And I actually prefer the paddlebrush to the standard brush because it even feels better than the standard brush.

The cheapest I’ve ever found it is right on Amazon!  They come in lots of different colors and they even have mini Wet Brushes that you can take in your purse!  Love love love!

Curling Iron

My hair gets curled every single day.  I use a 1.5-2 inch barrel curling iron to do a few big fat curls in my hair every morning just to give my hair some extra body.  My hair doesn’t actually look curly when I’m done, but without the curling iron it looks flat and downright gross.  I only buy a curling iron once every few years, so I don’t really have a loyalty to any particular brand, but this one right here is the one I have my eye on the next time I need one.

Hair Dryer

Because my hair is so fine, it needs all the help it can get, so I also have to blow dry my hair every day.  Since I have to dry it every single day, I like a hair dryer that works quickly, so I’m a big fan of the quick-dry hair dryers like this one.

See?  I’m a no-frills kind of gal!  One of these days I’d like to try a good hair texturizer since my hair is so fine and doesn’t hold a style, so if anybody has any suggestions, send them my way!

What are your must-haves for hair care?

And fine haired girls, what are your favorite hair products to thicken and volumize?? 

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  2. I really like that aquage for a little lift, and there are a few other less expensive products I have tried and really liked. Which I of course can't think of now. :)

  3. Ella and I both use a wet brush. We love it! It really is a game changer.

  4. Woohoo! Just ordered my wet brush since several gals have mentioned it. Like you, I'm no frills- just want something that will do the job!!! Great products :) - Shannon

  5. Wet brush is a must especially for E's hair. Thin fine here too.

  6. I love using the Wet Brush! Also, I use the L'Oreal sulfate free shampoo and love it!I'm going to have to check out that hairspray because I would love an item that adds volume and hold to my hair!

  7. I am such a weirdo because I don't know why wet brushes never seem to work for me. They always get stuck in my hair :( Sierra Beautifully Candid

  8. I really need to get a wet brush! My hair stylist uses it on my hair. Do you use it even when your hair is dry? (That's probably a stupid question ha)
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  9. Wish I could take your advice but I have super thick hair! We do still use the same brush though!

  10. I didn't even think about putting my straightener, curling wand, brush, etc. Love the wet brush so much!

  11. Wet brush for life!! As you'll see, I'm no frills either, so I'm excited to find more products today!

  12. My stylist has been telling me to get a wet brush for a while now. I really need to buy one!


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