Friday, November 16, 2018

Five on Friday - Gift Ideas for Every Single Person on Your Holiday Shopping List

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Last year I’d say at least 60% of the gifts we purchased for Christmas were purchased from Amazon.  They have pretty much everything and they beat pretty much every other retailers’ prices, so it’s a no brainer to use them for the majority of our shopping. 

Instead of sprinkling a bunch of different gift guides on the blog throughout the next couple of weeks, I decided that I would just go ahead and put together one big round-up so all of the gift ideas would be in one place.  Consider it your one-stop shop for Christmas!  :o)

O N E – For Her

1 // Amazon Echo – Alexa is all the rage and who wouldn’t want to have her hanging around?

2 // Earrings – these earrings are made of faux leather so they are super lightweight.  You can’t beat the price point for these either.

3 // Yeti Tumbler – these tumblers keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours on end.  Perfect for the water drinker and they come in loads of different colors.

4 // 90 Degree High-Waist Leggings – almost identical to the beloved Zella leggings, these are less than half of the price.  Leggings perfection that any woman would appreciate.  I ADORE mine.  There's a reason why they have 4.5 stars and 4,000 reviews on Amazon!!!!

5 // Ruffled Buffalo Plaid Vest – perfect for fall and winter, this is one of my favorite items in my entire closet!

6 // The 52 Lists Project – I adore making a good list and this journal has 52 different prompts to inspire you.

7 // Cozy Slippers – my feet stay cold, so I live in cozy socks and slippers in the winter.  These come in many different color options and styles.

8 // Hunter Boots – a bit pricey up front but they'll last your entire lifetime and they are worth their weight in gold.  And did you know that Amazon sells them way cheaper than other retailers?

9 // Native Shoes – I have owned these for several months now and they were my most worn shoe last month.  They are seriously magical.  One of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned and definitely worth every penny... which you'll save a few if you buy from Amazon vs. Nordstrom.

10 // Boot Cuffs – get the look of wearing stylish socks under your boots without actually wearing socks.

11 // Rose Gold Pop Socket – one of my favorite gifts from Christmas last year, my Pop Socket is still going strong and I use it all the time.  Amazon has hundreds of different designs to choose from, too.

12 // Cozy Socks – keep your feet nice and cozy all year round.

13 // Warm Hats – these are just as stylish as they are functional.  They come in sets of two for just $19.99 and there are loads of color combos to choose from.

T W O – For Him

1 // 50 States 5000 Ideas book – loads and loads of ideas for places to go, when to go, and what to see and do when you get there!  It's basically a bucket list for United States travel.  SO COOL!  I'd love to have this and see just how many of those things I've seen and done!

2 // Magnetic Wrist Band - screws and nails stick to the magnet on the outside so you never have to worry about losing them.  This is perfect for the handy man!

3 // If You Can Read This Bring Me a Beer Socks – well these just speak for themselves.  :o)

4 // Portable Bluetooth Speaker – lightweight and portable so you can take you music on the go.  Perfect for the traveler or music lover.  We have this exact speaker and we use it constantly.

5 // Yeti Tumbler – these tumblers keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours on end.  Perfect for the water drinker and they come in loads of different colors.

6 // Bluetooth Beanie Cap – your guy can keep his head warm while still listening to his favorite tunes.  This would be a great gift for a runner!

7 // Amazon Gift Card + Socks – perfect for the guy who is impossible to buy for... just give him something to shop with and he'll also get a pair of cool socks so at least you're including something thoughtful with the gift card!

8 //  Pizza Socks – because funky socks are all the rage and I’ve never met a guy who didn’t love pizza!

9 // Beer Chiller Sticks – freeze these prior to drinking and then slide one in a bottle of beer to keep your beer cold. 

10 // Original Ninendo Gaming System – because who wouldn’t want one of these?!  I didn’t even know they sold these anymore!

11 // Electronics Organizer – organizes all of the cords and accessories for the many electronics we all carry these days.

12 //  Hangry Man Kit – another gift that’s perfect for a guy who’s hard to buy for.  All guys love snacks and this kit will keep him satisfied for a long time!

T H R E E – For the Kids

1 // Hedbanz Game – fun for the whole family!

2 // Kinetic Sand – this stuff keeps our kids busy for HOURS on end.  And it sticks together so they can play with it inside.  It’s the perfect rainy day activity.

3 // Stomp Rocket – this has always been our gift of choice for birthday parties for boys and girls.  Our kids love theirs!

4 // Foam Pogo Jumper - these are already on our shopping list for our kiddos.  They are super popular and highly rated on Amazon and they hold up to 250 lbs. so Momma might just have to have a turn.  ;o)

5 // Karaoke Microphone - your little ones can sing along to music straight from your iPad!  No big karaoke machine to sit around taking up space.

6 // PlasmaCar - there's a reason why this item is a best seller on Amazon... they are SO COOL.  My aunt and uncle have one of these at their house for the kids to play with when we visit and it is definitely a hot commodity.  And it holds up to 220 lbs. so they'll never outgrow it!  This is high on our list for the kids and I'll be trying it out, too!  Haha.

7 // Hot Wheels Ultimate Car Wash - our kids have already asked for this and I'm just shaking my head because HOW MANY HOT WHEELS SETS COULD WE POSSIBLY HAVE?!  Lol.  But seriously, it's supercool and I'd totally be on board if we had a place to put it.  The play room is currently overrun with The Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage!  Ha!

8 // Tent with Projector - my parents got this for our babies last year and they still play in it constantly.  It comes with a projector wand so the kids can see stars in their tent.

9 // The Wonky Donkey – have y’all seen the YouTube video of the grandmother reading this book to her infant grandbaby?  If you haven’t then you must look it up immediately.  It’s hysterical.  Our kids love watching that video so much so they are going to flip when they get the actual book!

10 // Play Doh Sweet Shop Cookie Creations – another item that keeps our kids occupied for hours on end.  Another perfect rainy/cold day indoor activity.

11 // Lego Ship in a Bottle – what on earth will Lego come up with next?  Just when you think they’ve thought of everything they go and invent something awesome like this!  This is going to be one of the hot toys of 2018 so better get yours while it’s in stock!

12 // Water Beads – yet another activity that keeps our kids busy forever.  And this set comes with special tongs which would be nice to have!

13 // Yeti in my Spaghetti – fun for the whole family!  Every time our kids see this commercial they always talk about it so I’m thinking of adding this to my shopping list.

F O U R – For the Babies

1 // Xylophone – babies can make their own music and pound the balls with a hammer.  

2 // Teethers – how adorable are these?

3 // Hip Hop Dancing Goose - it dances and raps, y'all.  Absolutely precious!  I wish this had been around when our kiddos were small!

4 // Car Seat Hanger - hang these colorful characters on baby's car seat to keep them busy.

5 // Play mat - lay and play, tummy time, and sit and play all in one!

6 // Star Projector Night Light - we've had a version of this in our kids' rooms since they were tiny and they still want their stars turned on every night before bed.  This is definitely a gift that will grow with them for years to come!

7 //  Balls, Blocks, and Buddies Play Set - the best of all worlds, balls, blocks, and little characters to play with!

8 // Poppity Pop Musical Dino – this was one of our kids’ favorite toys EVER!  They both played with it tons when they were small.

9 // Sit-to-Stand Walker – this is perfect for the little ones who are just learning to stand and walk.  It’s sturdy enough for them to lean on and walk behind even if they can’t completely hold themselves up yet.  We had this for Olivia and I loved it so much I saved it for our future grand babies!

10 // Ball Pit – another one of our kids’ favorite toys was their ball pit when they were smaller and this one looks awesome! 

11 // Headband Set – these are darling and you can’t beat the price for this eight-pack!

F I V E – Dirty Santa/Gag Gifts

I didn’t originally plan to have this as one of my categories in this post, but as I was browsing Amazon I found some of THE funniest gag gift ideas and I couldn’t not share them!  Some of these are R rated, so just make sure you don't have your babies nearby when you read this part!

1 // What the FXXK Should I Make For Dinner Recipe Book – real recipes that are perfect for the non-cook!

2 // The Official BS Button - my old boss used to have one of these sitting on his desk and he'd pull it out during meetings sometimes just for fun.  Lol.  Maybe you don't work in that kind of office, but if you do, these are hilarious!

3 // People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book – y'all, I had to do a double-take when I saw this.  Lol.  This is absolutely hilarious.

4 // Toilet Coffee Mug – a great novelty item that would be a hilarious gift for a Dirty Santa party.

5 // Beer Belly Fanny Pack – can you even imagine if you saw somebody walking down the street wearing one of these?!  Lol.  Love this!

6 // Prescription Pill Bottle Drink Koozie – another funny one... you have to read the actual label... it's hilarious!

Happy shopping, y’all!  Knock it all out!!!!

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  1. I never thought about gifting someone a Yeti cup but that's a great idea! I have a knock off one I keep at work and use it every day, so I'm definitely going to give a few as gifts these year! LOLing at the last section haha!!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. GIRL!!! So much work put into this goodness to bring us GREAT Gift ideas!! I am saving this as I get perplexed what to get certain someones sometimes. Happy Happy weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness what a great post!!! I am just going to do all of my Christmas shopping from your post!!! I have not even started shopping yet!

  4. Great ideas. I want that 50 states book now!

  5. Such great gifts! All that baby stuff - yes! Tatum got that ball pit for his birthday and loves it. The yeti cup is one of our favorite things - Derek loves bringing a drink to the pool in it over the summer!

  6. Those slippers are a great price and I have yet to hop on the popsocket train but I like the rose gold one. My kids love yeti in my spaghetti too!

  7. Those dirty santa gifts are hilarious - I love the fanny pack, hahahahah! I LOVE my yeti - they are so worth it. And I want so many of the items in your gift list for her. And some many things in the kids section for Jack, haha! Great lists!

  8. a yeti cup has been the most coveted item for the past few years at the gift exchanges I've been to! I love the man ideas I saved a few, and my niece and nephew will be getting that pogo jumper!

  9. Definitely a one stop shop for sure! You covered it all and I love it! The boys have those plasmaCars and love riding around on them. They also asked for the hotwheels car wash but after seeing there is a mess that can come with it we went with another set. So many hotwheels lol. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  10. Can I just say how DANG IMPRESSED I am that you have this massive post all put together?!?! I know this took an eternity to do, and your graphics are so pretty and organized! Well done! I know this guide will undoubtedly be so helpful to your readers!!

  11. I love all of these gift ideas. So many good options. I am definitely getting the kinetic sand for the girls.

  12. So many great gift ideas! I LOVE THE EARRINGS! We still have an original, original Super Nintendo!

  13. Great ideas! I do lots of Amazon shopping too but am having such a hard time with my tweens and teens this year.

    1. Oh man, I'm with you! All of our teen and tween nieces and nephews are impossible to buy for so we always just gift cash or a gift card. That's what they always seem to want anyway!

  14. Those adult gift ideas are hilarious. I pinned this to my Gift Guide Pinterest Board!


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