Friday, November 23, 2018

Five on Friday - This is My Grown-Up Christmas List

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It’s Black Friday, y’all!  I hope your bellies are full and your hearts even fuller after yesterday’s Thanksgiving festivities.  Ours was wonderful as always and I plan to get a recap up early next week.

Before I get started on today's post, if you've had your eye on a Simplified Planner by Emily Ley, she's having a major Black Friday sale today and you can get everything on the website for up to 50% off!!  You also get a free gift with a purchase today!  If you don't have your planner for 2019 today is the time to buy!

Today it’s all about my Christmas wish list… my family likes when I do this because it makes it easy to shop, so here it is!

O N E – Clothes

I always love getting new clothes and there are several cute items on Amazon that I’ve had my eye on.  First up is this twist-front tunic… color 000 in a size small!

Next up is this tunic with a hint of lace… color khaki in a size small.

Hearts are my jam, so this sweater is on my list… color beige (beige with black heart) in a size small.

I’ve had my eye on this dress forever… color dark green in a size small.

I already have one pair of these, but I could use one more… they’re pretty much the best leggings ever!  Almost identical to the Zellas with a much better price point… color black in a size small.

T W O – Accessories

I posted about these earrings (color Style A) in my gift guide last week and I love them so much I want them for myself.  ;o)

I’ve had my eye on these sandals for soooo long and never even thought of buying them because they were $79.99 when I added them to my wish list a few months ago and now the price has dropped all the way to $22.99!!!!  Need them in color Buff in a size 7.5.

Hi, my name is Lindsay and I’m a sucker for white things with black polka dots.  Hence the reason I want these.  I honestly don’t know what I would even wear them with, but I really want them.  Lol.

T H R E E – For the Home

I’ve been dreaming of these bowls for months, mostly to use for décor in the kitchen.  I just want two of them!

Maui has started keeping me company in my home office most days and she needs a good place to sleep.  This dog bed is just her size – tiny – and it’s decorative so it would look nice in my office.  ;o)

Hi, my name is Lindsay and I’m a Friends fanatic.  I looked online for YEARS for one of these door hangers just like Monica and Rachel had around the peephole on their door in their apartment and I couldn’t find one.  Now they’re everywhere!  I want this one to put on the door in my office.  :o)

I’m also in need of a pretty throw for my office, and I love love love the pom poms on this one!  I also love that it's true white and not cream!

I need two storage baskets exactly like these… white, plastic, and 14.5 x 11.5 x 8.5 (white X-Large).  These are pretty pricey so I’m thinking they could be found at Walmart or Target cheaper?  I haven’t been able to find one, though.

Another item that I want, but would want to purchase in my name is a Young Living Oils starter kit (although I'm not sure exactly which starter kit I would want).  I keep saying I’m going to jump on the oils train but I have yet to do so because it’s just so dang expensive!

And finally for the home… HAVE SOMEONE PAINT OUR KITCHEN CABINETS AND ENTERTAINMENT CENTER WHITE!!!!  Brian, this one is for you.  Not that you need a reminder or anything.  Hehe. 

F O U R – Media

One of my favorite authors has a brand new book!!  Eek!  This one is definitely at the top of my list for books!

JT is my man and he just put out a new book... it’s on my list for sure!

I’ve had this book in my wish list for a long time because I think it would be a great decorative book for the kitchen.

This book has me intrigued because I love making lists so much.

And I want this movie on DVD.  Yes, I know DVDs are a thing of the past, but sometimes you just want to be able to watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it and sometimes Netflix doesn’t have what you want available on streaming.  I LOVED this movie and I want it for my collection so I can watch any time I want.  :o)

I know it'll be a little late to have this book for this season, but I'd love to have it for next season!

F I V E – Gift Cards

Finally, gift cards…

Young Living?! 
Our local cabinet painting company!!!!


Anyway, today you can find us Christmas tree hunting, decking the halls, and being merry!  We’ve been in full Christmas mode over here for a little while and today it’s finally socially acceptable!  EEK!

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  1. Those polka dot socks are sooooo cute! I want JT’s book too. Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!

  2. I love those polka dot socks, also yes to the painting. And I love all of the books that you picked out...I would take any of those! Happy Friday!

  3. Such a good list!! We have similar style for sure- I am going to check out those sweaters because I have been trying to find something like them! Thank you tons for sharing all these other amazing ideas too :)

    1. Thank you! Amazon has great, great stuff! You should definitely check them out for sweaters!

  4. I hope you get your cabinets painted this year! I know you have been vying for them! Those leggings really are the best. I picked up the Jesus Calling Christmas devotional this weekend - the one you have linked sounds really neat! I hope you get everything you want for Christmas and more!

  5. I would love a peep hole frame! And that 52 lists book is something I'm interested in too.

  6. I sooo want that blanket. I am a sucker for all blankets. Loving your clothes finds.


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