Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A Day in the Life {2.25.2019}

I try to document a day in my life at least once or twice a year so I can look back on it one day and see how my days changed through the years.  While it’s been almost a year since my last Day in the Life post, the days still look pretty similar at this point.

Okay, settle in, it’s going to be a long one!

6:00 AM – Alarm goes off and I pop up begrudgingly to start the day.  I’m not a morning person… can you tell? 

6:01 AM – I head to the bathroom to get ready for the day and I see my note on the counter to document my day.  If that hadn’t been there, this post wouldn’t be here today.  :o)  Anyway, I put in my contacts, shower, do my makeup and hair, and then check the weather to see which season it’s going to be that day… it appears that we’ll experience winter and spring in the same day.  <insert eye roll here>  Our weather has been crazier than ever this “winter.”  I walk over to my own bed (because that’s where Olivia always is in the morning) to give my girl some special birthday kisses before B takes her downstairs to have breakfast and then I head to my closet and layer up because how else are you supposed to dress for 36 degrees and 65 degrees in the same day?

6:51 AM – I’m ready so I head downstairs to get my breakfast started and make the kids’ lunches.  On the way downstairs I spy two kiddos getting ready for school like they’re supposed to be!  After getting downstairs I remember that breakfast for lunch is on the menu for the kids today so I don’t have to make lunches.  Woo hoooo!!!!  It’s one of the few days that they will eat school lunches.  I get their snacks and thermoses ready while I eat my breakfast (one egg scrambled in the microwave topped with a sprinkle of cheese) and then I head upstairs to check on their progress.    

7:11 AM – Both kids are ready, Olivia’s hair has been done (by me), and Olivia wants me to see the Hatchimal that she’s chosen to take with us in the car.  I head quickly into my office to do my blog link-ups and Facebook post, and then it’s a quick check of my planner to remind me of what’s on tap for the day.  Spoiler alert – it’s gonna be BUSY.

7:17 AM – I load up the car, snap my OOTD pic for the day, refill my thermos (I already got one thermos down!), and we all load up and head out. 

7:31 AM – We arrive at school and I drop the kids off in the drop-off line as we’re no longer allowed to walk them in. 

7:55 AM – Pull up in the drive-thru at Starbucks and I was super excited about trying a cinnamon shortbread latte, but sadly, they’re all out.  I opt for my usual Tall Decaf Caramel Latte instead.  I usually order them skinny now, but not today.  Momma wants the good, sugary, fattening one.    

8:00 AM – I arrive at my doctor appointment but I’m super early so I sit in the car for a few minutes listening to Elvis Duran while I answer a few emails. 

8:12 AM – Head on in to the doctor’s office a bit early.  Get checked in, pay my co-pay, and enjoy my coffee while updating my Instagram To Do list from the previous day and adding my new one.  My appointment is quick and it’s over soon.  It was just a follow-up from my SI joint injections so I hoped it would be. 

9:09 AM – Pull up at Hobby Lobby to grab some metallic gold spray paint and I also browse the furniture since I am looking for something very specific for our living room.  I stay there way longer than I should and then head to TJ Maxx and then Marshall’s.  Neither had what I was looking for, so I head home.   

10:49 AM – Arrive back at home to some happy mail!  I’m working with a company now on a little bedroom refresh and our first package has arrived!  I’ll be sharing more about this later.  :o)

10:58 AM – Head upstairs to my office to work and my little girl jumps up for some snuggles.  I stay there for the next three hours working on blog posts, and generally struggling because my computer wasn’t cooperating AT ALL.  I stopped long enough to get my lunch – Italian Wedding Soup, an orange, and a Luna bar – and I bring it back up with me to eat while I work.    

2:12 PM – Finally done with the computer work, so I spend the next 45 minutes tidying up the house, spray painting the framing for my bulletin board, and working on decorations for my bulletin board and before I know it it’s time to get ready to get the kids from school. 

2:43 PM – I quickly gather Jacob’s soccer stuff and Olivia’s ballet stuff, prepare snacks and water bottles for everyone, and then change my shoes since the season has suddenly changed from winter to spring this afternoon.  I load up the car and peel out of the neighborhood on two wheels because I’m later than usual to pick them up.  Whoops. 

3:07 PM – I sit in the car line, eating my apple, jamming to In My Feelings by Drake (yes, I am that mom) until I finally make it to the front of the line.  A quick glance of my gas gauge makes me regret not getting gas earlier in the morning… I only have 39 miles to go and that’s a little too close for comfort. 

3:16 PM – The nuggets are in the car with me and while we sit in the car line traffic (the after part is the WORST!) I dole out hand wipes followed by snacks and thermoses.  On Mondays we go straight from school to ballet so it’s the only day of the week that they have to eat snacks in the car.  

3:31 PM – We roll up at ballet and Jacob starts his homework in the waiting room while I help Olivia get changed into her leotard and tights in the dressing room.  We get her sent off with her teacher at 3:45 on the dot and then I spend the next hour going through the kids’ school papers, signing forms, working in my planner and responding to emails while Jacob finishes his homework and reads his AR book. 

4:45 PM – My girl comes out of ballet class BEAMING because she got a sticker (like she does after every class) but also because they sang Happy Birthday to her during class.  :o)

5:00 PM – Arrive at the gas station and breathe a sigh of relief that we made it.  My gas light never even came on, but it was just about to and I get soooo nervous when the gas light comes on so I never let it get to that point.  Fill up my car and then the kids and I jam on the way to Jacob’s soccer practice.

5:15 PM – We arrive 15 minutes early to practice and B arrives about two minutes after we do.  Practice starts at 5:30 and we all hang around for a bit to watch and discuss plans for the rest of the evening since it’s Olivia’s birthday.  We decide to let her pick where to eat for dinner and she picks… Mexican.  Even though we literally just had it two nights prior to this for her birthday celebration with Grandpa.  Hahahaha.  B and I knew this would be a late night so we go ahead and decide it’s fine to just go again… it is what it is at this point!

6:00 PM – Ballet-clad Olivia and I head out from soccer practice 30 minutes behind while B stays with Jacob to finish up.  She and I head back to Hobby Lobby to return something since it’s right near our Mexican restaurant and then we head to the restaurant where B and J have already arrived and gotten our table. 

6:54 PM – Cheese dip and dinner time!!  Halfway through dinner Jacob says, “Mommy, I just realized it’s Olivia’s actual birthday!  That means she can wear the big hat and they can sing to her!!”  So we ask Olivia if she wants them to sing to her and she is ecstatic.  The kids ask over and over when they will come sing and then when they finally do Olivia has no early idea what to think.  Haha.  She looks like a deer in the headlights the entire time until the very end when she finally smiles… after I prompted her. 

7:45 PM – Normally the kids would be getting tucked into bed just now and instead we’re just getting the night started.  CRINGE.  Haha.  My cousin who is away at college surprises us with a call on Facetime to talk to the birthday girl and Olivia is soooo excited to see her!  They talk for a few minutes and then Olivia wants to open her birthday gifts from us.  She ends up wanting to color in her new unicorn coloring book and ride her bike all around the house.  Lol.  We knew this would happen… probably should have just given her gifts to her on Sunday instead.  Afterward, she chooses which leftover cake she wants and she chooses cookie cake… a girl after my own heart!  We light a candle and sing to her one more time.  All the while I’m simultaneously unloading book bags, putting stuff away, and tidying up the kitchen.

8:15 PM – I make an executive decision that there will be no bath time tonight because it’s far too late.  Plus the kids didn’t sweat since we didn’t quite experience the season of summer today and that’s a good thing.  Instead, they wash their faces and hands really well, put on clean undies and PJs, brush their teeths, and potty.  And then the birthday girl gets one more phone call… this time from my mom and dad! 

8:28 PM – Super fast prayer and kisses and hugs for our birthday girl and I snap one last picture of her for the day and head into Jacob’s room to say prayers with him and give him lovin’.  He still likes for one of us to lay with him for a few minutes each night so B and I take turns and on this night it’s B’s turn.  THANK HEAVENS.  Momma still has stuff to do.

8:35 PM – I head back into my office to tie up some loose ends for the blog while B lays with Jacob.

9:00 PM – I snuggle up on the couch with Maui and B in my PJs and a big blanket and watch The Bachelor while I post to Instagram and Facebook and scroll through various social media.  Sometimes I use this time to work on projects, work out, eat dessert, or whatever, but tonight I’m positively exhausted (I’ve been fighting a cold for eight days) so I literally do nothing and it feels great.  We are way behind on The Bachelor since we got such a late start, but we FF through all commercials and catch up just as its ending. 

10:00 PM – Upstairs to get ready for bed (which takes forever!) and then more scrolling through social media because I’m too exhausted to read.

10:34 PM – LIGHTS OUT a few minutes earlier than usual to get a good night’s sleep… and then I proceed to cough my head off until TWO IN THE MORNING. 

Such is life, y’all!

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  1. I love day in the life post. What a productive day and Happy Birthday to Olivia! Being home all day really does go by super fast!

  2. Whew! What a busy day, girl! I love reading these type of posts...I'm so nosy...LOL! Happy Birthday to Olivia!

    1. Whew! What a busy day, girl! I love reading these type of posts...I'm so nosy...LOL! Happy Birthday to Olivia!

    2. Haha, I'm nosy, too! They are always some of my favorites, too!

  3. I love day in the life posts!! And dang girl, you are busy!

  4. What a busy day and happy birthday to your girl! I love these posts because it is always so fun for me to see how other mamas find and use those pockets of the day for getting things done! Your IG to-do lists are great!

    1. Thank you! And I feel the same way! I love seeing how other mommas allot their time each day!

  5. Wow that really is a busy day! Happy birthday to Olivia! So dang cute! I love these kinds of posts, I think I have one scheduled for next month :)

  6. Very busy, mama life! I enjoyed reading along! I think I'm going to be posting one soon because there is a link up for one next week!

  7. Busy BUT fun day for sure! Sounds a lot like me! (and now I'm simply craving a HObby Lobby trip asap)

  8. What a day lady! Busy. fun. hectic. celebratory!

  9. What a fun day to document. I love that you chose Olivia's Birthday.

  10. Full day for sure!! I think fast forwarding through commercials is one of lifes greatest pleasures LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  11. Love DITL posts - and happy birthday Olivia!

  12. I love day in the life posts... they always make me feel pretty proud of all I accomplish in the day too. Sounds like a busy one and how fun that you documented her actual birthday!

    1. Yes! And yes, I thought it would be neat to document her actual birthday so she can look back on it one day. :o)

  13. I just love these kinds of clothes post and how fun to do on Olivia‘s birthday. I love that she got the hat and got sung to!

  14. Day in the life posts are the BEST. You NEED to do more than one a year - maybe one a quarter?! :)

  15. What a busy and productive day you had. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful rest of the week.

  16. You are a busy momma but I LOVE how you use all your "fringe hours" so efficiently. Your office just looks like the best place to be creative.

  17. Phew, girl! I'm exhausted from your busy day! You crushed it!!!

  18. Thank you for linking up with us! I loved your day in the life post. You are BUSY! Happy Birthday to Olivia!


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