Wednesday, February 6, 2019

What I Wore - January 2019

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I blinked and the month of January is over.  I know a lot of you hate January and it drags on for you, but it flew by for me this year.  I used to hate it, too, but in recent years I’ve actually come to love it.  It’s nice to have that fresh start, a clean slate, a newly cleaned house after the holidays are over, new goals to plan, an entire year stretching out before you.  I also love January because it’s one of the few months that we have nothing going on.  We have no birthdays, no holidays, no college football (although that makes me sad!), no soccer for Jacob, nothing to plan, nowhere to be… it’s actually kind of refreshing after five straight months of busyness in August through December.  The past few years I have started using January as my time to get lots of stuff done around the house and it’s so nice to actually have time to get things done without worrying that I’m neglecting something else that’s more urgent.

Well, I’m way off topic now as I’m supposed to be talking about clothes and what I wore in January, so let’s get back on track, shall we?  January started out and ended mild but there were a couple of bitter cold weeks sandwiched in between.  It was all over the board which is pretty typical for Georgia during the winter.  Here’s what I wore!  And, as always, I’ve linked as many items as I could underneath each picture.

January 1 - Zella Leggings // Adult Native Shoes // Olivia's Native Shoes

January 2 - Adult Native Shoes

January 3 - Olivia's Native Shoes

January 4 - Boots

January 5 - 

January 6 - Adult Native Shoes // Olivia's Native Shoes

January 7 - Zella Leggings // Adult Native Shoes

January 8 - Adult Native Shoes

January 9 - Boots

January 10 - Zella Leggings Dupes // Nikes

January 11 - Boots

January 12 - Olivia's Native Shoes

January 13 - Zella Leggings // Boots

January 14 - Boots

January 15 - Zella Leggings Dupes // Nikes

January 16 - Zella Leggings Dupes // Nikes

January 17 - Boots

January 18 - Boots

January 19 - Boots

January 20 - Boots

January 21 - Boots

January 22 - Zella Leggings // Boots

January 23 - Nikes

January 24 - Zella Leggings Dupes // Nikes

January 25 - Boots

January 26 - Dress (Only $43.99!!)

January 27 - Boots

January 28 - Boots

January 29 - Tunic // Zella Leggings // Hunter Boots

January 30 - Boots

January 31 - Zella Leggings Dupes // Nikes

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

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  1. Cute as always. Love all the puffer vest!

  2. I love all the athleisure! And lots of cute sweaters - kind of nice you have actually had the winter weather to break those out. :)

  3. I love when you share of your what you wore for the month post with us! Olivia always looks so cute too!

  4. You have so many cute tops! I love the day where you and Olivia matched.

  5. So many cute things and I was just thinking how much Olivia has grown over the years of you doing this :) She is getting so big!

  6. Love the white coat and that side tee shirt!

  7. Where is the white sweater from Jan. 30th from? So cute!

  8. Those pink Nike sneakers are so cute!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. I love the shirt from January 14th. So cute.

  10. Yes January was hard to get through but I don't even think it's because of the month but rather the weather! It gets so cold to want to be motivated or someone in the family gets sick. At least that's how it's been for us. Anyway, I love your outfits. The green plaid dress is beautiful! Let's not forget your little one is super adorable. So cute in her cheer outfit!

    Maureen |

    1. Thank you so much, Maureen! I hope y'all stay well this month!

  11. I am still loving your fancy ball gown so much. That purple top on Jan 14th is so cute! This LSU fan needs something like that!

  12. So many cute outfits; I really love that white sweater with the pink at the top.

    1. Thank you! It's a Target special from way back and I still love it after all these years!


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