Friday, April 5, 2019

Five on Friday - April Goals

Happy Friday, y'all!  Today is my birthday!  Woop woop!  Yesterday, in honor of my birthday, I posted 37 random facts about myself that you probably don't know.  There are some weird ones, some funny ones, and some embarrassing ones.  You can read the post here if you missed it.  Now onto the monthly goals!

Oh March, you pretty much sucked.  Between hospitalizations and allergies and asthma and reflux issues, I reeeeally struggled this past month.  I did still manage to have a pretty productive month, although, not quite as productive as I would have liked.  Let’s see how I did, shall we? 

And as always, I’m using a Y for YES and N for NO to indicate whether or not I accomplished my goals.

March Goals – How I Did


N  Positivity, worry less, complain less, be kind, patience, relationships. – Uh no.  I was under tremendous stress this month from massive  tornadoes hitting right down the street from our house and health issues and lots of other crap that happened this month and I pretty much worried my head off.  Thinking you’ve had a heart attack at the age of 36 will do that do you, so I’m giving myself grace with this one.
Y  Plan and have a girls’ play date or dinner. – Margarita nights with my girls are good for the soul! 
Y  Find a new bathing suit for the summer. – I found three that I loved, but I couldn’t keep all of them, obviously.  I did keep, two, though. 
Y  Start researching and pursuing my new interest… sorry to be so vague! – YES!  Remember this one?  This was all about my interest in essential oils.  As I’ve said before, I have been researching for two years but this was the month that I finally bought my starter kit and started using them.  Spoiler alert, I’m completely and utterly obsessed.  They are so good.


Y  Drink 4 thermoses of water most days.
Y  Eat an apple most days.
N  Go to the gym or work out at home at least 2 times per week. – Well, I started the month out on the right foot and I worked out so good for the first two weeks, but then I had my whole “heart attack” situation which hopefully was just an esophageal spasm, but until I have my stress test with the cardiologist I’m not allowed to do anything too strenuous.  This one was also out of my hands, so again, GRACE.
Y  Eat less sugar overall. – I did pretty good with this one all month.  I did splurge a good bit in Atlanta this past weekend, but that was vacation and I never count sugar intake on vacation.  :o)
Y  Moisturize my neck and chest every day. – Yep, every single day!
Y  Start newly recommended allergy meds from ENT doc to try to decrease ringing in ears. – Yep, took all of my steroids as prescribed (except for the last day because that just so happened to be after my ER visit) and I’ve been diligently taking my Zyrtec D.  Unfortunately the ringing has only gotten stronger because my allergies are apparently trying to kill me this spring.  Back to the drawing board.


Y  Continue working on kindness and good manners with the kids. – Jacob is so good in the manners department.  Olivia still needs a good bit of work. 
Y  Create habits of asking to be excused and taking plates to the sink for the kids. – They are both doing pretty well with this.
N  Label everything that they take to school, take two. – I give up on this… school is almost over for the summer anyway.  Haha.
Y  Try a new restaurant, take three.  Haha. – Yes, we ate at Rock’s Chicken in Atlanta.  Not exactly what I had in mind when I said to try a new restaurant, but hey, it still counts!
Y  Attend the Mother Son Dance with Jacob. – Yes, and we had a great time!
Y  Start taking family walks after dinner again since the time will change! – Well, technically, we haven’t been able to take family walks since B injured his ankle earlier this month, but we have been soaking up lots of time hanging out on our street and in our culdesac!
Y  Encourage Jacob to ride his bike more. – Yes!  We got out there several times this month with the kids and they have both been requesting to ride their bikes a lot!
Y  Encourage Olivia to ride her new bike so she will get comfortable with it. – Yes!  She is riding like a BOSS!
Y  Take a little trip during Spring Break and do some fun stuff. – Yes!  We went to Atlanta for a long weekend and had a blast!  Candytopia, Zoo Atlanta, Stone Mountain!
Y  Start preparing for Easter – décor, kids’ baskets, etc. – I bought several things for their baskets and I only need to get a few more things!
Y  Start preparing for summer – summer camp, swimming lessons, VBS. – I have already gotten the paperwork ready for summer camp… all the kids have to do is pick the week they want to go!  I also emailed our swimming instructor and I’m just waiting to hear back from her about dates for swimming lessons!


Y  Start uploading clothes to sell on Poshmark. – I got a few things uploaded so it’s a start!  You can follow me here.  I still have tons of kids’ clothes and maternity clothes to post so stay tuned!
N  Complete my office makeover. – This is so close to being done that I feel like I can almost check yes.  The only reason it’s not done is because I don’t have my new desk or desk chair, or a comfy chair to put by the window.  Since we’re budgeting carefully my office is as complete as it can be for now until I can buy my last couple of items.
N  Complete Olivia’s bedroom makeover. – This took a major hit because I was due to start on it the weekend that I ended up in the emergency room.  It got put on the back burner and I just plain ran out of time because of that.  It’s 90% done, though, so I feel like I can almost give this one a yes, too!  Yet another thing to give myself grace on, since it was out of my control.
Y  Master bedroom refresh – new bedding. – We surely did do this and I shared the update here.  It looks fantastic!
Y  Clean out kitchen closet under stairs. – I got the whole thing cleaned out… there wasn’t a lot to clean out since I had majorly overhauled it last year, so it was nice to have it done quickly this year!
Y  Clean out master bathroom cabinets. – Yes!  I cleaned it all out, rearranged a couple of things for maximum functionality, and I moved the kids medication and band-aids in here, too, which I am LOVING.
Y  Do 20 things on Master To-Do list. – I didn’t just do 20, I did 40!!  However, as with prior months, I also added 18 new things (If you give a mouse a cookie…), so for the sake of cutting down the list for the year, it’s like I did 22 things.  Still beat my goal, though!  Woop woop!  A few things that I did this month from the list were adding new throw pillows to our living room couch, adding a boxwood wreath to the door under the stairs in the kitchen, putting all of our kitchen soaps in a little dish to get them off of the counter, changing out the flowers in the hanging baskets in our bedroom, switching around some shelves in our bathroom cabinet for better functionality, moving the kids’ medicine into our medicine cabinet, and lots of other things!
N  Clean off outdoor areas to get ready for spring. – I was a little premature with this one and should have saved it for my list for April because the pollen is still rampant so there’s really no reason to clean it off yet.  I skipped this one on purpose.


Y  Start planning content for May and June.
Y  Work ahead on blog posts so I’m not writing a post every single day.
Y  Complete one post for the summer.
Y  Continue working on other post ideas for the summer.
Y  Take 5-6 pictures for Instagram.
Y  Continue sharing all of my cleaning out and decluttering on Instagram Stories.


29 items accomplished
6 items not accomplished

Not too bad!  Now for some pictures of my March successes! 

Mother Son Dance!

Bike Riding
Spring Break fun at Candytopia in Atlanta

Spring Break fun in Stone Mountain
Olivia's new bedding

Master Bedroom Refresh
All of the junk we got rid of from the kids' medicine cabinet

All of the junk we got rid of from our bathroom cabinet clean-out

Alright, time for some April goals… and as a reminder, some of them will be the same from month-to-month as I try to create habits for myself for the year!  And since April and May are INSANE, I'm a little worried I might be setting myself up for failure, but after a lackluster March, I'm ready to kick butt in April!

April Goals


Positivity, worry less, complain less, be kind, patience, relationships.
Celebrate my birthday with my family.
Celebrate my birthday with my girlfriends.
Make the rest of my essential oils rollers and label them.
Set up new essential oils Instagram account.


Drink 4 thermoses of water most days.
Eat an apple most days.
Go to the gym or work out at home at least 2 times per week once cleared by the doc.
Eat less sugar overall.
Moisturize my neck and chest every day.
Follow up with my ENT doctor about my ear ringing and congestion.
See a specialist about my TMJ.  My ENT thinks it could be causing the ringing.
Take a stress test at the cardiologist for my heart and get a clean bill of health.


Continue working on kindness and good manners with the kids. 
Create habits of asking to be excused and taking plates to the sink for the kids.
Finish preparing for Easter.
Celebrate Easter.
Book summer camp and swimming lessons, and look into VBS.
Continue getting outside to let the kids ride bikes.


Upload more clothes to sell on Poshmark.
Put together my new desk for my office.
Sell my old desk.
Sell a few other old items (to make enough for new DVD cabinet that I want)
Set up new DVD cabinet and hang artwork in living room to complete the room.
Complete Olivia’s bedroom makeover.
Clean out my dresser.
Clean out my nightstand.
Clean out wedding keepsakes and move to storage box in office closet.
Clean off outdoor areas to get ready for spring, take two.
Clean out kids’ closets, switch out seasonal clothes, see what they need for summer.
Clean out kids’ candy buckets.
Buy ferns for the front porch.
Develop new pictures for all frames in our house.
Do 20 things on Master To-Do list.


Loosely plan blog content for June and July.
Work ahead on blog posts so I’m not writing a post every single day.
Complete two blog posts for the summer.
Take 5-6 pictures for Instagram.
Pitch to three companies.
Research Tailwind and decide whether or not to join.
Continue sharing all of my cleaning out and decluttering on Instagram Stories.

Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. Happy birthday!!!! For having such a crappy March, you really did do a lot, still - that is awesome! And I know April will be so much better. It is your birthday month after all!

  2. I'm amazed at how much you're able to accomplish goal wise - it's amazing! I hope it's a healthy month for you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Happy birthday beautiful babe! I know you’ve had an awesome week and I hope you continue celebrating right through the weekend! April is your month girl and it’s going to be awesome! BIRTHDAY HUGS!!!

  4. Happy birthday! Even though you had a hard month, you still did great!

  5. I need to take the kids to stone mountain this summer. It has been a while for us since we live on the other side of town now. But always fun to be at the top and look at the view. Candytopia! Need to make plans for that if it is not all booked up, I don't remember how long they are here for!
    Happy birthday!

    1. Yes, you should really look into Candytopia! It was so much fun!

  6. So, tailwind has been wonderful for me because I cannot sit and pin all day. And the tribes are nice because you have built in people to share your content that you pick. I need to spruce up E's bedroom now that she us turning 4. Happy Birthday and have a great day!

  7. I agree with Emily in that you did great in accomplishing things in March--even if it was a terrible month for you! Here's to hoping April is so much better! Love these monthly goal recaps!

  8. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating! And you had a ton of "Y"s going on for the March goals. Way to go! Good luck with the April ones.

  9. I think you did pretty good on March's goals considering how awful March was to you. I hope April is easier and you find out more answers. Have a great weekend!

  10. I think you did an amazing job on your March goals (especially considering everything that was happening!).

    1. Thank you! I could not agree more. Sometimes life happens and you just have a month where you're all off-track. Now to stay the path and get back on track again!

  11. March was a tough month, but you still rocked your goals! I love how you're prepping your blog ahead of time for taking some time off in the summer. Great idea! Hope you have a good weekend!

  12. I am so impressed with how much you accomplish each month. I started a lifestyle/mom blog in December and love the idea of sharing my goals with people that read my posts. It would hold me accountable and help me improve each month. Great post!

    Elizabeth | This Hustle

    1. Thank you so much! I love sharing mine for that very reason. Once they're out there for everyone to see it really makes me want to accomplish them even more! And congratulations on your blog! It's such a fun journey!

  13. Happy Birthday! I love how organized you are with your goals, you definitely have given me some inspiration to do the same. Hoping your April is a better month for you :)

  14. You accomplished so much despite how the month ended! Don't you just love sharing your goals! I love how it keeps me accountable.


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